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Ema Konakovic
Split in the evenings

Split’s Unique Discoveries: A Guide to the City’s Most Unique Spots

Discover the hidden gems of Split and forge deep connections with the city and its people through unique experiences often overlooked by travelers.
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Split in Dalmatia - Croatia

Discovering Dalmatia: 10 Reasons That Make Split Shine

Pondering if Split deserves a spot on your travel itinerary? From ancient history to pristine beaches & nature, here is why Split should be on your bucket list.
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Why Everyone’s Talking About Dubrovnik: Reasons Dubrovnik Captivates Travelers

Ready to discover why Dubrovnik is the darling of adventurers and culture buffs alike? Let's dive into the top 10 reasons that make Dubrovnik a must-visit. Get your sunglasses and cameras ready – it's going to be a dazzling ride!
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FunkyTours' 2024 Vision: Exciting New Journeys, Unchanged Quality Commitment

Funky Tours’ 2024 Vision: Exciting New Journeys, Unchanged Quality Commitment

As we unveil our 2024 Balkan tours with fresh and exciting elements to our journeys, rest assured our enduring commitment remains the same: ensuring the absolute quality of your experience in the Balkans, just as we have proudly done in the past.
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