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Visit Serbia with Funky Tours

Serbia, situated in the heart of the Balkans, is an enchanting destination waiting to be discovered, and with Funky Tours, you can experience the best it has to offer.

Serbia’s allure lies in its diverse landscapes, rich history, and warm hospitality. The country is a treasure trove of cultural gems, with ancient monasteries, medieval fortresses, and Ottoman architecture scattered across its towns and cities. Belgrade, the vibrant capital, pulsates with energy, offering a mix of modern nightlife and historic charm.

Nature enthusiasts will be captivated by Serbia’s natural beauty. From the scenic gorges of the Drina River to the rolling hills of Fruska Gora National Park, the landscapes are as diverse as they are breathtaking. The famed Iron Gate, a dramatic gorge along the Danube River, adds to Serbia’s allure.

Serbia’s cultural tapestry is woven with traditions, folklore, and a lively arts scene. Novi Sad, with its charming Petrovaradin Fortress, hosts the renowned EXIT Festival, while Niš boasts a blend of Roman, Ottoman, and Byzantine influences.

Funky Tours ensures you experience Serbia’s highlights. Whether it’s exploring the historic streets of Belgrade, discovering the spiritual ambiance of Studenica Monastery, or savoring the flavors of Serbian cuisine, your journey with Funky Tours promises an authentic and memorable Serbian adventure.

Serbia Travel Guide

Must See Top Destinations in Serbia

Serbia beckons travelers with a rich tapestry of destinations.

Belgrade, the dynamic capital, seamlessly merges history and modern vibrancy along the Danube. Novi Sad, a cultural hub, captivates with Petrovaradin Fortress and the renowned EXIT Festival. Niš, a historical crossroads, unveils centuries of influences through landmarks like Niš Fortress and the haunting Skull Tower. Drvengrad, or Kustendorf, nestled in the Tara Mountains, offers a quaint ethno-village experience designed by filmmaker Emir Kusturica.

Nature enthusiasts find solace in Fruška Gora, where rolling hills, monasteries, and vineyards create a serene retreat. Each destination unfolds a unique chapter, making Serbia a compelling and diverse travel experience.

Best Multiday Itineraries of Serbia

Multi-day arrangements throughout Serbia are something we have developed over the years and are expert in. If you plan to stay 2 or more days in Serbia and want to optimize your holiday, then we suggest you consider our predefined multi-day packages.

Either start and end in Serbia, or do one-way multi-day package connecting Budapest and Athens via Serbia.

How to Travel To & From Serbia?

The most convenient way to arrive in Serbia is through Belgrade (Beg) or Niš (INI) International Airports, which are serving multiple direct flights from all over the World, especially Belgrade.

However, if you are more interested in “ground” arrival to Serbia from neighboring countries, then set of our daily door-to-door transfer tours, connecting Serbia with other Balkan countries such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Hungary, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Romani or Bulgaria.

Aside from daily connecting tours, we arrange multi-day connecting tours too, which focus on an in-depth exploration of Balkan regions.

Why Visit Serbia?

Discovering Serbia is an immersive journey into a land where history, culture, and natural beauty converge. From the vibrant energy of Belgrade’s streets to the cultural richness of Novi Sad, Serbia offers a tapestry of experiences.

The historical significance of Niš, with its ancient fortresses and intriguing landmarks, adds depth to the exploration. Drvengrad’s unique ethno-village charm and Fruška Gora’s tranquil landscapes provide distinctive retreats.

Serbian hospitality and a culinary scene blending tradition and innovation add flavor to the adventure. Whether exploring historical gems, enjoying cultural festivals, or basking in nature’s serenity, Serbia promises an authentic and captivating travel experience.

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