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Funky Tours Magazine – Places

Funky Tours selection of places mostly off the beaten path and those heavily on it, but viewed from different perspective

Drina Canyon

BEST OF EAST BOSNIA: Zepa & Drina Canyon

Explore the East Bosnia in depth by learning about the small village of Zepa in heart of Drina Lake and Drina Canyon nature sanctuary.
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Animal Rescue Bosnia


Meet the A.R.B. (“Animal Rescue Bosnia”) team of amazing people and professionals in charge of the first modern dog sanctuary in Bosnia.
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Bobovac and Kraljeva Sutjeska

BOBOVAC AND KRALJEVA SUTJESKA: Heaven for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Explore the untouched nature in vicinity of Sarajevo and learn about the Medieval Bosnia by visiting Mt. Perun, Bobovac and Kraljeva Sutjeska
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Bridges of Stolac: Architectural Wonders & Graceful Spans

Learn the legends behind Stolac bridges built to carry people over physical but also psychological obstacles for years.
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Travelling from Sarajevo to Belgrade? Explore the East Bosnia Region and visit Gorazde

East Bosnia and Gorazde will provide a once in a life time experience of intact nature, crystal clear waters and mind intruiging history.
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BEST OF EAST BOSNIA: Heavenly green Drina River Canyon

What to see while traveling from Sarajevo to Belgrade via East Bosnia? Discover the amazingness of Drina River and stunning Panorama Resort.
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Jablanicko Lake

Herzegovina Lakes: Neretva River Midstream

Discover the amazing Herzegovina Lakes and try yourselves in numerous water sports options while traveling between Sarajevo and Mostar.
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THE STRONGEST KNOT MADE BY THE THREE MONOTHEISTIC RELIGIONS: Herzegovina’s rural spots of Islamic mysticism, Catholic and Jewish pilgrimages & Orthodox Monasteries

Discover the region of Herzegovina and its beautiful rural spots of Islamic mysticism, Catholic and Jewish pilgrimages & Orthodox Monasteries.
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10 Reasons Why Stolac Should be Your Next Travel Destination

Discover Stolac, treasure trove of organic food, untouched nature, charming architecture and historical and cultural diversity way beyond Imagination.
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Janjske Otoke(Janj streams)

Janjske Otoke (Janj streams): Piece of Heaven in Vicinity of Jajce

Discover a Hidden Gem and Greenery Kingdom - Janj Streams (Janjske Otoke) only 30 km from the Royal and Medieval Town of Jajce.
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Livno: Pearl of the Alternative Tourism in West Bosnia

Most of you who are considering to pay a visit to the unexplored Adriatic hinterland, you will come across West Bosnia. Especially if you're starting your journey from Split as Croatia's second largest city, the town of Livno is inevitable.
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Eco Zone Zelenkovac

Eco Zone Zelenkovac: Bridge between People and Nature

Eco Zone Zelenkovac: Experience a "once in a life time" moments of complete tranquility in an untouched nature in touching distance from urban areas of BiH.
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West Bosnia

West Bosnia region: Cultural and Historical Diversity of West Bosnia

Follow the historical trail left from 550 years of Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian and Yugoslav period and discover an amazing historical heritage of West Bosnia.
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Sarajevo 2day Walking Tour with Map

Self Guided Tour of Sarajevo: 2 Days with Itinerary and a Map

The best way for self guided tour in Sarajevo. Discover the best of the city in two days, on your own.
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Mostar Old Bridge and Old Town with Neretva River

17 Reasons to Visit Mostar & Herzegovina

One of the most interesting regions of this beautiful country, is Herzegovina region – Bosnian Tuscany, and its capital, Mostar. In this article we will give you 17 most important reasons why to visit Mostar and Herzegovina region and how to get most of your visit.
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Sarajevo Olympic Bobsled Graffiti

9 Most Interesting Abandoned Places in Sarajevo

Just by looking on abandoned buildings in Sarajevo, I actually never thought what was there before? Why are they still ruins? What is with reconstruction? On the other hand walls are hiding mystery which calls you to explore it. But fear to go inside is always present. Fear of unknown, what will you see there?
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