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Let’s embark you on a life-altering voyage to Prizren.

For two decades, our company and team of talented local professionals have been on a mission of pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo by blowing away preconceptions and taking out travelers to unfamiliar and thrilling destinations. Places that are familiar only to the locals, those that will transform your trip from an ordinary holiday to a life-changing journey.

We strive to create experiences that are both meaningful and eye-opening, and provide a unique chance to anyone willing to uncover the quirks and complexities, and go above and beyond the surface.

We are passionate about giving you an insightful and meaningful understanding of each destination, from its awe-inspiring architecture to its people and customs.

Why Visit Prizren

Nestled in the picturesque Sharr Mountains and along the banks of the Prizren Bistrica, this spectacular city is the cultural and political hub of the Kosovar Albanians and definitely worth a visit.

Often referred to as the “Open Air Museum” with its mixture of Ottoman, Byzantine and Romanesque architecture and array of surrounding nature, cultural sites, vibrant nightlife, and traditional markets, Prizren is sure to provide a transformative and meaningful experience for all its visitors.

Whether you’re looking for a cultural experience, a historical visit, or a nature getaway, Prizren has something for everyone.

Everything you wanted to know about Prizren. Discover why Prizren should be your next travel destination.
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Prizren's Must-See Top Destinations and Experiences

From the old cobbled streets to the charming churches and monasteries, this alluring city will take you back in time.

Discover its hidden gems as you meander through the colorful markets, where you can find unique souvenirs and local products. Take a break in one of the many restaurants, bars, and cafes to sample the delicious local cuisine. Get your adrenaline pumping with outdoor activities such as hiking in the breathtaking Sharr Mountains, kayaking and rafting in the nearby rivers.

Whether you’re looking for a taste of the old world, discovering the amazing UNESCO sites, taking a hike or learning about the local way of life, Prizren is just a perfect city that deserves and is yet to be discovered.

Our team is devoted to going the extra mile to help you uncover the magic and all the hidden gems lurking over at every corner of this alluring city in the very heart of Kosovo.

Prizreni (Prizren) - Kosovo
Explore in depth the Kosovo's "Open Air Museum" and discover the best places to visit and experiences to seek for while in Prizren.
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Best Multiday Itineraries of Prizren

Our team has carefully planned and designed multi-day travel packages that cover Prizren, from its essence to its most important surrounding areas.

If you are still wavering on how to arrange your trip that will include Prizren as well, please make sure to check between our selection of the best locations / experiences in predefined multi-day packages.

On the other hand, please keep in mind that each of the itineraries can simply mean a good starting point. If you have any other suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact our team; we’d be thrilled to work on any of your amazing ideas.  

Best One-day Tours in and around Prizren

It is quite impossible not to fall in love with Prizren, regardless of your interests and whether they be in outdoor recreation and environment, culture and tradition, or a very rich history and legacy.

Along with our multi-day package offerings, we have chosen to provide a list of the top one-day trips that we believe are a straightforward “must” while touring the city and its surrounds.

On the other hand, if you are into something different, we are open to your ideas, and our team of local experts will be happy to offer any kind of assistance.

How to Travel To & From Prizren?

If Prizren is your first destination of the Balkan trip, the easiest way might be to reach Kosovo by landing to Pristina airport – Airport Adem Jashari ❐.  Given the distance from Prizren (cca 75kms) you might need to take a bus or arrange a private transfer to Prizren.

However, if you are more interested into “ground” arrival to Prizren from the Balkan countries then set of our daily door-to-door transfer tours, connecting Prizren with cities such as: Belgrade/Novi Sad (Serbia), or Budva/Kotor/Podgorica (Montenegro), are worth considering and most convenient options too.

Aside of daily connecting tours we can arrange multi-day connecting tours too, which are focusing on in-depth exploration of Balkan regions in between.

Please contact our team with any requests for tailor-made trips. We will make sure that all of the stunning and off the beaten path places which you might miss in case you are using some other mode of transportation are easily accessible.

Tailor - Made Trip to Prizren

The Funky Tours team comprises professionals who have been leaders in sustainable tourism of the Balkan region.

We strive to provide unique experiences that cannot be, by any means, delivered by an outdated conventional way of traveling. That is to say, creating customized trips by following our guests amazing ideas is our specialty and something we highly enjoy.

We will never lose a track of constant prioritizing quality over quantity and breaking the prejudices by providing meaningful experiences that will be beneficial for establishing a new, sustainable from of traveling through the Balkan region.

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