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Visit Montenegro with Funky Tours

There are not many countries in the world that combine the beautiful sea and beaches with even more beautiful mountains, lakes and rivers, as Montenegro does.

If you want a dream summer vacation on the beautiful Adriatic Sea? Choose Montenegro! If you want untouched nature, mountains, rivers and lakes? Choose Montenegro! If you want amazing national parks, as many as five? Choose Montenegro!

Finally, if you want to have amazing travel experiences in Montenegro, covering locations off the beaten path, getting to know the local people and their culture, choose Funky Tours!

Montenegro Travel Guide

Must See Top Destinations in Montenegro

When you visit Montenegro there are many locations that are a must see and that most visitors know and are happy to visit. Also, there are a huge number of locations that are off the beaten path in Montenegro and which require a little more research and effort to visit.

Funky Tours knows Montenegro perfectly well, and in our Montenegrin guide we single out the following regions and experiences that you must see and experience in Montenegro.

Multi-day Itineraries of Montenegro

Multi-day arrangements throughout Montenegro are something we have developed over the years and are expert in. If you plan to stay 3 or more days in Montenegro and want to optimize your holiday, then we suggest you consider our couple of predefined multi-day packages.

If you plan to spend a few days exploring the beautiful outdoor locations of Montenegro, and visit destinations such as Durmitor or Biogradska Gora National Park, our multi-day outdoor package itineraries are an ideal fit for such requirements.

You can also create custom made packages by looking at our sets of day tours or simply telling us what you want, and we will be happy to offer you great ideas and solutions for your requests.

Culture & Scenery Day Tours Around Montenegro

In addition to multi-day package deals, we at Funky Tours are aware that sometimes you want to take advantage of simple day tours.

For that purpose, we have developed a wide range of tours focused on exploring the cultural heritage of Montenegro, combined with the beautiful landscapes of this unique destination.

Hiking Tours Around Montenegro

If you love hiking and want to enrich your Montenegrin holiday with top experiences of exploring some of the most beautiful Montenegrin mountains, we have developed several individual hiking tours for you.

We wholeheartedly recommend hiking in the Durmitor massif or Bjelasica mountain.

Rafting Day Tours of Montenegro

You probably know that one of the most beautiful rivers in the world, so called “tear of Europe”, the Tara River with its deepest canyon in Europe, are hidden in Montenegro.

If you want to experience the beauties of this European pearl, our experiences that include rafting on the Tara River are the ideal fit for your needs.

Off-road Safari Day Tours of Montenegro

For exploring some of the most hidden parts of the mountain massifs of Montenegro, it is sometimes best to use off-road vehicles. The regions that offer the most potential for these experiences are the Bjelasica mountain in the Biogradska Gora National Park, and of course the Durmitor National Park.

Funky Tours strives to be an environmentally conscious, and of course we will do everything to protect Mother Nature through our activities, give back more then we can ever take.

Boat Tours of Montenegro

We consider the Adriatic Sea to be one of the most beautiful seas. To explore it the way it should be, you definitely have to let the waves carry you.

In addition, you can’t experience Skadar Lake if you don’t taste the trails between water lilies and swimming at the hidden beaches.

Wine Journeys in Montenegro

Wine culture in Montenegro is one of the most developed in the Balkans. Experiencing Montenegro is almost impossible if you do not get acquainted in detail with its offer of top wines from top local wineries.

Our excursions that include visits to some of the best wineries in Montenegro are the real thing you need to see and taste.

How to Travel To & From Montenegro?

The most convenient way to arrive to capital of Montenegro, Podgorica, is through Podgorica International Airport , which is serving multiple direct flights from all over the Europe.

During the summer season Tivat International Airport ❐, is probably your best choice if you prefer to stay at the coastline 

However, if you are more interested into “ground” arrival to Montenegro from neighboring countries, then set of our daily door-to-door transfer tours, connecting Montenegro with other Balkan countries such as: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia or Albania, are really options worth considering too.

Aside of daily connecting tours we arrange multi-day connecting tours too, which are focusing on in-depth exploration of Balkan regions in between.

Why Visit Montenegro?

Montenegro is the one of the countries that boasts the largest number of UNESCO protected areas per square meter. It is home to 5 National Parks, the famous Tara River, the deepest canyon in Europe and the second in the world after the Grand Canyon. The longest sandy beach of the Old Continent, Velika Plaža in Ulcinj, and the largest vineyard in one piece are all located in the Montenegro.

If you’ve heard of the European famous fjords, you’ve probably heard of the southernmost fjord in Europe and one of the most beautiful bays in the world – the Bay of Kotor.

The unique city hotel, Sveti Stefan, by whose beauties today’s Montenegro is recognizable, is something of the most impressive that the Balkans has to offer.

Funky Tours Magazine brings you some of the most interesting reasons and places to visit in Montenegro.

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