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Visit Durmitor National Park with Funky Tours

Known as arguably the best and most diverse national park in Montenegro, Durmitor National Park is a must see destination if you are visiting Montenegro.

In a relatively small geographical area, tectonic movements from the past, along with soil and rock erosion, created a world of ideal natural conditions that attracts lovers of untouched nature from all around the world.

As an experienced Durmitor lover, Funky Tours has created a set of daily tours and multi-day itineraries which are the best way to explore this gem of northern Montenegro.

Durmitor National Park Travel Guide

Durmitor National Park Multi-day Itineraries

When exploring Durmitor we warmly recommend a stay of at least one, but preferably two or even three nights.

For example, a two-night stay in Žabljak ideally allows you to optimize the time and destinations you visit. In this kind of stay, around three days (2 nights), you can include a full day hiking tour to Prutaš or Bobotov Kuk peaks, amazing rafting on Tara river and a visit to Djujrdjevica Tara Bridge (optionally do Zip Line), ending with phenomenal Jeep Safari + home hosted lunch tour across the Durmitor massif.

Ideal scenario.

Hiking & Rafting Tours in Durmitor National Park

Durmitor with its 48 peaks over 2000m above sea level, 18 beautiful glacial lakes, 5 canyons, and over 500 kilometers of marked trails is one of the most attractive destinations for hikers. Additionally, the magical Tara river with its 2nd deepest canyon in the world is a paradise for water sports, and especially white water rafting.

In our portfolio of outdoor tours on Durmitor, we have created several tours that will simply show you what to expect when visiting Durmitor. You can expect only the best.

Cultural Trips Around Durmitor National Park

Apart from the natural beauties, the area of Durmitor massif has been richly inhabited since ancient times. By living in harmony with nature, the generations of mountain highlanders who inhabited these areas have left a huge mark throughout the history of their existence.

Through our cultural set tours around Durmitor National Park, our aim is to focus on the cultural heritage of these areas, where we meet the locals, hear their stories, and help you understand what the life once was and what is it today.

Our vision of sustainable tourism believes that giving back and boosting the development of local communities, is the best of contribution travel industry can do.

Why Visit Durmitor?

Whether you want to hike some of the most beautiful Dinaric Alps trails, or explore glacial lakes, or get to know locals highlanders, their culture, or taste their traditional cuisine, or anything else, where nature and tradition are in the main focus, then you are in the right place. Durmitor will provide it all, and even much more.

On our blog, read more about reasons Why you should visit Durmitor National Park right now.

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