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Balkan Food Tours & Experiences by Funky Tours

The food in the Balkans is extremely diverse and it is NOT just about ćevapi, burek and sarma, (even those are finger-licking dishes), it is so much more.

It is a fact to say that Balkan cuisine is actually a combination of several cuisines (Mediterranean, Oriental and African) where different flavors, intense aromas and a great variety of colors have been adopted by local communities and evolved with them.

On our travels across the Balkans, we place a serious focus on Balkan home-made food, with the aim of showing our guests the original “taste” of the Balkans.



Montenegro Food Tours

The coastal part of Montenegro predominantly loves Mediterranean food. Good fish or seafood prepared in all possible ways are always a great choice, especially if you are visiting the Bay of Kotor, Budva or Ulcinj.

If you decide to explore the continental part of Montenegro, Njegusi prosciutto, a large selection of cheeses, lamb, kačamak or dolma of all kinds will absolutely leave you speechless.

Our tours that visit the most interesting destinations in Montenegro, excellent local food is an indispensable part of our offer.


Bosnia and Herzegovina Food Tours

The origin of one of the most famous specialties of the Balkans is in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is considered to be home to “pita” (eng.pie) and “ćevapi” (eng.meat fingers).

Although these two specialties are generally considered to be Bosnian fast food, Bosnians of all ethnicities are most in love with cooked food, or Bosnian slow food.

Our tours of Bosnia and Herzegovina bring you the best of Bosnian cuisine.

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