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Explore Sarajevo like a local. Best of the best Sarajevo experiences.
  • Most Popular
    In this photo taken on April 22, 1996 a young boy plays on a tank in the Sarajevo neighbourhood of Grbavica.

    Sarajevo Total Siege Tour (War Tunnel Included) – Half Day Tour

    4 Hours
    Sarajevo Total Siege Tour, with visit to the War Tunnel Museum, Jewish Cemetery, Yellow Bastion, Olympic mountain of Trebević and Olympic Bobsled track, is by far the most interesting half day tour you can conduct when visiting Sarajevo and Bosnia.
    (490 Reviews)
  • Sarajevo War Tunnel was dug in July 1993 and used to be main supply route to Sarajevo during the Siege

    Sarajevo War Tunnel Tour – Tunnel of Hope – Half Day Tour

    4 Hours
    Sarajevo War Tunnel Tour is half day tour, focusing on central Sarajevo city regions. Places like Lav Cemetery, Olympic Stadium, War Tunnel Museum, Sniper Alley, Jewish Cemetery are crucial for better understanding story of life in Sarajevo during the Siege.
    (121 Reviews)
  • Dawid Bowie Mural in Sarajevo and Sarajevo Street Art Scene

    Sarajevo Street Art & Graffiti Workshop – Half Day Tour

    4 Hours
    Enrol yourself into world of Sarajevo Street Art and design your own Graffiti in a stunning funky half day tour of Sarajevo. Learn about the origins of Sarajevo Street Art by visiting set of the most important locations in Sarajevo, […]
    (2 Reviews)
  • Traditional Bosnian coffee pot - Dzezva - Sarajevo - Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Bosnian Coppersmith Handicraft & Artisan Workshop – Half Day Tour in Sarajevo

    2/3 Hours
    Is there better way to bring a souvenir home, then to make it yourself with local technique, present in Sarajevo over 500 years already now? Would you like to create your own Džezva (pot) and use it at home for […]
    (3 Reviews)
  • Sarajevo Funky Tours Group After the Free Walking Tour

    Sarajevo in Depth: Free of Charge Walking Tour of Sarajevo

    3 Hours
    Sarajevo free walking tour will enable you to explore Sarajevo old town - Baščaršija and city centre in depth.
    (57 Reviews)
  • Bosnian Calligraphy

    Bosnian Arts & Crafts (UNESCO): Sarajevo Calligraphy Workshop

    4/5 Hours
    Visit the last existing calligraphy workshop placed in the very heart of Sarajevo. This serene gallery, shop and working place is open for all of our art seeking enthusiast guests. You will have a chance to learn about Bosnian School of […]
  • Jewish community in Bosnia

    Sarajevo Jewish Tour – Half Day Tour

    4 Hours
    4 hour experience will help you to better rationalize the true meaning of the most known Sarajevo nickname: “Little Jerusalem” (Ladino: “Chico Yerushalaim”) and to become more familiar about the Jewish role during the vibrant historic events.
  • The arrest of Gavrilo Princip, assassin of Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary, on June 28, 1914 at Sarajevo

    Assassination of Franz Ferdinand & World War I – Half Day Tour in Sarajevo

    4 Hours
    Sarajevo Total Siege Tour, with visit to the War Tunnel Museum, Jewish Cemetery, Yellow Bastion, Olympic mountain of Trebević and Olympic Bobsled track, is by far the most interesting half day tour you can conduct when visiting Sarajevo and Bosnia.
  • Sarajevo Streets & Food: Private Cultural and Food Tour in Sarajevo

    4-5 Hours
    Imagine a walking tour where you get to learn about amazing historical and cultural diversity of Sarajevo city and, at the same time get to taste the best of it's local food and drinks, ending with Bosnian coffee in traditional […]

Cultural Tours

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Bosnia & Herzegovina's history, culture & scenery in focus.

Connecting Tours

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One-way tours & transfers, from & to Sarajevo. Travel through Balkans in the best way possible.

Outdoor Tours

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Bosnia will make you think: "This beauty can't be real!"

Bosnia and Herzegovina Deals

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Great value, multi-day packages. Explore Bosnian off-the-beaten path places.

Balkans Deals

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With 15 years of "breaking prejudice" style of Balkan travels, we have perfected our "art".

Private Transfers

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Prefer just a private transfer instead of guided tour? No problem, we cover all Balkans.
  • Sarajevo ⇄ Podgorica
    Podgorica Montenegro

    Sarajevo ⇄ Podgorica

    4.30 Hours
    The best route to travel between Sarajevo and Podgorica is via Foča and Nikšić. Border crossing is Šćepan Polje.
  • Sarajevo ⇄ Mostar
    Mostar Old Bridge and Old Town with Neretva River

    Sarajevo ⇄ Mostar

    2.30 Hours
    Usual transfer route between Sarajevo and Mostar is via Konjic and Jablanica. Enjoy the stunning scenery of Jablanicko Lake and travel smoothly.
  • Sarajevo ⇄ Belgrade
    Belgrade Serbia

    Sarajevo ⇄ Belgrade

    5.15 Hours
    Belgrade and Sarajevo are most conveniently connected via Zvornik and Šabac.
  • Sarajevo ⇄ Ljubljana
    Ljubljana Capital of Slovenia

    Sarajevo ⇄ Ljubljana

    6.30 Hours
    The fastest and most convenient way to travel between Sarajevo and Ljubljana in Slovenia is via Zenica and Zagreb. Depending on the time of the year and traffic conditions we might opt for different routes and borders.
  • Sarajevo ⇄ Plitvice Lakes

    Sarajevo ⇄ Plitvice Lakes NP

    5.30 Hours
    The fastest and most convenient route to travel between Plitvice Lakes and Sarajevo is via Travnik, Jajce and Bihać. Border crossing we use, in North Bosnia is called Izačić.
  • Sarajevo ⇄ Split
    Split - Croatia - Pedestrian Area and Diocletian Palace

    Sarajevo ⇄ Split

    4.30 Hours
    Route we usually take, when driving between Sarajevo and Split, is via Mostar and Bijača Border Crossing. Depending on the season and traffic conditions we might take alternative routes.
  • Sarajevo ⇄ Dubrovnik
    Dubrovnik Old Town - Croatia

    Sarajevo ⇄ Dubrovnik

    4.45 Hours
    Usual transfer route between Sarajevo and Dubrovnik is via Mostar and Čepikuće border crossing. In this way we only have one border, so we avoid traffic jams. Alternative routes we take depending on the vehicle we use.
    (4 Reviews)
  • Sarajevo ⇄ Zagreb
    Zagreb Capital of Croatia

    Sarajevo ⇄ Zagreb

    5 Hours
    Travel route between Sarajevo and Zagreb is via Zenica and Banjaluka where border crossing is Gradiška or Jasenovac. Sometime, depending on the border jam we opt for Zenica and Slavonski Brod border crossing.
  • Sarajevo ⇄ Kotor
    Kotor in Montenegro

    Sarajevo ⇄ Kotor

    5 Hours
    The most convenient route between Sarajevo and Kotor is via Mostar and Trebinje. However depending on the traffic conditions and tourist season we can opt for route via Foča and Bileća.
  • Sarajevo ⇄ Lake Bled
    Lake Bled in Slovenia

    Sarajevo ⇄ Lake Bled

    6.55 Hours
    The most convenient and fastest route to travel between Sarajevo and Lake Bled is via Zagreb and Ljubljana.
  • Airport Transfer
    Tuzla International Airport

    Tuzla Airport Transfer (from / to Sarajevo)

    2.30 Hours
    The most reliable transfer service between Sarajevo and Tuzla International Airport. No extra charges in case of fight delay.
  • Sarajevo ⇄ Budapest
    Sarajevo and Budapest Hungary (Private Transfer)

    Sarajevo ⇄ Budapest

    7.30 Hours
    The fastest and most convenient route to travel between Sarajevo and Budapest is via Zenica and Doboj in Bosnia and via Osijek in Croatia.

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