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Visit Dubrovnik with Funky Tours

Get ready to be swept off your feet by Dubrovnik’s everlasting charm, where the magic of ancient architecture dances alongside the glittering Adriatic Sea.

With Funky Tours, dive into the heart of this UNESCO World Heritage gem and wander through its enchanting streets, majestic fortresses, and pulsating culture.

From the legendary city walls that tell tales of yore to the cozy nooks and crannies of the Old Town brimming with secrets, our specially curated experiences are your ticket to an adventure you’ll never forget.

Dubrovnik Travel Guide


Dubrovnik Multi-day Tours & Holidays

Our multi-day packages are more than just trips; they are gateways to experiences, memories, and connections. Each trip is meticulously crafted to not only showcase the iconic beauty of destinations but to delve deeply into the heart of the city we are visiting.

With our carefully curated itineraries, you’ll do more than just see Dubrovnik; you’ll live it. From the ancient city walls that whisper tales of the past and wandering the vibrant streets bustling with contemporary culture to discovering remote islands and delving into the local way of life—be it through traditional crafts, cuisine, or the unique rhythm of daily living, our packages are designed to ensure you meet Dubrovnik in depth.

Spend multiple days uncovering the hidden gems of the Balkans and Dubrovnik, allowing the city’s stories, flavors, and traditions to unfold at a leisurely pace.


Tailor-Made Tours & Experiences

Discover Dubrovnik like never before with our custom-made tours & experiences! With an unmatched network of local insiders across the Balkans, we ensure your journey is packed with unique, authentic experiences.

Explore everything from the vibrant heart of Dubrovnik to its hidden gems, ensuring a rich, full exploration of the city. Our eco-friendly adventures are not just fun; they support local businesses and communities, making your travel impactful.

Go beyond the typical tourist spots and dive deep into Dubrovnik’s local culture. Start your personalized adventure today and see why our tailor-made experiences are a traveler’s dream come true.


Launchpad to Amazing Journeys

Dubrovnik isn’t just your dream Adriatic escape; it’s your launchpad to the wildest, most breathtaking adventures in the Balkans and Croatia!

Picture this: setting sail from Dubrovnik’s ancient harbors into the sparkling embrace of the Adriatic, where the Kornati Islands await with their untouched splendor. Or how about hopping between secluded Croatian isles, each a hidden paradise?

But there’s more! Venture beyond to feel the pulse of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s rich history and Montenegro’s jaw-dropping landscapes. From Dubrovnik, every direction leads to discovery: ancient towns, crystal-clear waters, and tales as old as time.


How to Get To and From Dubrovnik?

Visiting Dubrovnik offers various convenient options due to its strategic location and well-connected transport links. Here’s how you can make your way to this stunning coastal city:

Dubrovnik Airport, also known as Čilipi Airport, is the city’s gateway to the world, offering numerous international and domestic flights. For travelers coming from regions not directly served by Dubrovnik Airport, alternatives include arriving via Split Airport or Zagreb International Airport in Croatia, which provide additional flight options and are connected to Dubrovnik by domestic flights, bus services, and rental car options.

For those who prefer the scenic route, consider the coastal drive to Dubrovnik from neighboring countries. The city is well-linked by road, with bus services from cities like Sarajevo and Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Podgorica (Montenegro), and Split (Croatia).

Alternatively, explore our bespoke door-to-door transfer tours for a hassle-free journey. These tours connect Dubrovnik with key destinations across the region.

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Why Visit Dubrovnik?

Because sipping coffee on ancient steps, surrounded by breathtaking architecture, makes every moment feel like a scene from a movie.

Dive into the hidden gems of Dubrovnik with Funky Tours, where we tackle the buzz of crowds head-on by guiding you off the beaten path. This Adriatic gem is more than its stunning vistas and sparkling waters; it’s a city pulsing with life, ready to share its secrets with those eager to explore.

Beyond the usual sights, we invite you to connect deeply with Dubrovnik’s soul, its people, and stories that don’t make the usual guidebooks. Grab your camera and your sense of adventure as we promise you a Dubrovnik journey filled with unique, fun discoveries.

Let’s explore Dubrovnik beyond the crowds, making your trip a truly unforgettable experience.

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