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Balkan Brutalist Architecture Tours by Funky Tours

Why did Yugoslavia choose modernism as an aesthetic architectural expression? Was it for the attribute of neutrality, internationality and its lack of connection to history? Was it deliberate process with a reason to hide architectural history of each of Yugoslavian republic in favor of creating unified country? Country without any significant history other than revolutionary one – one built on the foundation of “brotherhood and unity” and the one vested from the World War II.

Join some of our ex-Yugoslavian Brutalist architecture tours and discover these answers yourself.



Bosnia and Herzegovina Brutalist Architecture Tours & Holidays

After the Second World War, Yugoslavia was a country that invested heavily in administration buildings, housing and memorial architecture.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is home to some of the most famous monuments of the national liberation struggle in the Second World War, and memorials such as the monuments at Tjentište, Kozara and the Partisan Cemetery in Mostar are a must see destinations.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Brutalist Architecture Holidays

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