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Visit Balkans With Funky Tours

Are you planning to visit naturally beautiful and culturally diverse Balkans? Ever dreamt about Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, and North Macedonia and are interested in exploring our history, culture, stunning scenery, and natural beauty?

Funky Tours is the best answer to all these questions. Our Balkan tours are entirely focused on unique traveler experiences and consistently exceed guest expectations in every possible way.

Balkan Road Trips by Funky Tours


Balkan Multiday Holidays


10 Reasons to Travel Balkans with Funky Tours

We perfectly know that the idea of traveling to the Balkans triggers tons of questions. What is there to see, is it safe, how to get there, and many more?

In the past 15+ years, we have been answering these questions theoretically and practically, and today we know exactly what travelers need and how to deliver it.

1. Breaking prejudice

Sarajevo Funky Tours Team

Funky Tours simply exists with purpose to break the prejudice about the Sarajevo, Bosnia and rest of Balkans.

Our “1st prejudice breaker via travels” philosophy ensures our guests to get amazing, fair, unbiased and “off the search engine” experiences.

2. Real life experiences

We know that travel experiences that only focus on places without proper attention at local people’s real life experiences are not complete.

That is why our trips are are perfectly balanced and aside of visiting amazing places, always offer insight into how locals experience life.

3. Responsibility

Kids at the Sarajevo Zoo

We take every guest equally and for every and each one we provide fully customized travel experience. Our top priority business culture is to be responsible – always think in advance and adjust ourselves to our guests needs.

We never take travelers for granted and never look them as “numbers”. If we make unintentional mistakes, we make sure they are responsibly resolved.

It is just that we don’t make mistakes. Yeah.

4. Stunning value for money

Virtual tours of Sarajevo

Most of the Western Balkan countries (except Croatia and Slovenia) compared to rest of Europe are in the mid-low range income.

It simply means when you travel around here, you don’t have to think about “money” too much.

You can simply relax as in most cases value you receive for your money is amazing. Same is for travel companies. Funky Tours experiences are worth every penny invested.

5. Our leaders, tour guides and drivers are "outta" this world

At Funky Tours we know that local touch is what makes travel experience “bad” or “outta this world”. Our guides are the best on the market, and knowledge they posses is unrivaled.

Either if you have tons of questions, or if you are looking for hidden off the beaten path attractions, galleries, cafes, or else, rest assured, with smile, our guys cover it all.

6. Unbiased stories

Meeting with Hasan Nuhanovic - QA on Srebrenica Genocide

In the Balkans, due to complicated history, everyone have their own understanding of the events from the past.

Being born and raised here, and having survived the 1990ies wars, we can’t allow ourselves to be biased and one sided.

Regardless of who we and you are, our stories are first-hand experiences backed with judicial facts, aiming to help travelers explore Balkans better, and in the same time empower peace and reconciliation.

7. Small group travel

Ever-since Funky Tours philosophy were small groups, maximized experiences. It continues to be so today.

We believe that small group adventure travels enable travelers to easily engage with locals, hassle-freely reach places off the beaten path and in the same time preserve a feeling of traveling independently.

8. Responsible as a business

Sustainable tourism is one of the guiding stars at Funky Tours. Our tours are crafted to give back to the local community.

Either if we are supporting local family businesses in remote parts of Bosnia and Balkans, organize youngsters charity excursions, promote shared tours to kill CO2 emissions and empower climate change awareness, promote gender equality by being woman-led organization, we strive to be as much as possible responsible company, and still are able to create stunning travel experiences for our guests. 

9. High safety standard

We pride ourselves that one of the most important aspects of our business is safety for us, our guests and all stakeholders in travel industry we deal with.

For example: When we organize long day tours or multi-day package tours even for small group size of 2 to 6 travelers, we always arrange driver and a guide. Why do we seriously kill company earnings like that? Simply because there is no compromise in sense of tour quality and safeness.

Balkans are yet to catch up in road development and lower their traffic accidents in compare to rest of the Europe.

That is why Funky Tours makes sure driver watches the road and guide watches our guests, while working as a team.

10. Always exceed expectations

Being blessed to work in an amazing region of Balkans, and being blessed with amazing natural and cultural diversity, we already have great head start.

Later just by adding special “Funky travel sauce” we are creating experiences that always exceed our guests expectations.

Simply by reading tons of Funky Tours reviews online, travelers satisfaction speaks a lot about us.

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Where Do We Go in the Balkans?

Our Balkans tours generally focus on the Western Balkans,  including countries of ex Yugoslavia with a particular focus on Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, and Serbia. Those three countries are so closely connected but, on the other hand, so different, and work best when combined.

Conversely, if you prefer to go more comprehensive, we can pride ourselves as experts in Slovenia, Albania, and Kosovo too. Lastly, Northern Italy, Austria, and Hungary are always easily added.

Balkan Tour Itineraries

Balkans road-wise are pretty well connected, and most of the essential places within a properly planned itinerary are usually within 2-3 hours of driving away. For example if you are traveling between the ex Yugoslavian capitals you never need to spend hours and hours in a car, when you can optimize road very easily and fill up the day with fantastic sightseeing instead of just driving.

Funky Tours is a specialist in connecting tour kind of traveling style. Our trips are always perfectly created to maximize your experience and minimize time on the roads.

Balkan Road Trips by Funky Tours

Best of the Balkan Experiences

Balkans are the unlimited source of amazing places and life-changing experiences.

Old buildings, we have those. Stunning Adriatic sea and great island hopping, no problem. Hedonism at its best, you are welcome. Nature you can’t dream of, all around us.  The following is the list of activities and experiences we suggest you must not miss when traveling to Balkans.



Balkans peninsula is know for variety of hiking options. Bosnia by far has the greatest range of mountains available for amazing outdoor activities. Visit ancient Lukomir village and learn the nomad life. If you prefer easy or hard, Dinaric Alps we have it all.

Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Either if you prefer wild nature horseback riding or you are beginner, we have it all. Imagine a trip to wild and remote ends of Bosnia and Herzegovina where you practice horseback riding with local family.


Balkans are full of amazing plains and mountain regions. Either if you are fan of easy city style of biking or maybe prefer the more amazing mountain biking, Balkans will not disappoint you. Have you ever heard of Ćiro biking trail or ever imagined to bike down the Olympic bobsled?


Yoga Retreats in Balkans

For any study tour anyone does anywhere, Yoga class is a must do. Balkans with its nature and cultural potential is amazing opportunity for great yoga experience.


Jahorina Skiing near Sarajevo

Home of the 1984 Olympic Games, mountains around Sarajevo, Jahorina and Bjelasnica offer some of the most amazing ski slopes in whole of South Eastern Europe. Everything at an increment of price of the West European ski resorts.


Snowshoeing in Bosnia at Bjelašnica near Umoljani

Dinaric Alps offer amazing amount of snowfall during every winter. If you are fan of pleasant walking in the snow and soaking up the beauty of the Balkan mountains, snowshoeing style of outdoor adventure is right thing for you.


Tara River Rafting

National Geographic in 2012 listed Bosnia and Herzegovina as the most amazing destination for white water rafting. Having 5 amazing rivers, your rafting options are limitless.


Most of the Balkans National Parks, Nature Parks or general nature areas have no limit on camping, meaning you get to enjoy the most beautiful nature areas without any jam or hassle at all. Maximum safety and enjoyment at your palm.


Pliva Lake near Jajce

Protected areas, beautiful untouched landscape, freshwater ecosystems and miles of chalk stream limestone rivers make Balkans as one of the European’s greatest fly-fishing destination.


Life Under the Siege

Sarajevo War Tunnel was dug in July 1993 and used to be main supply route to Sarajevo during the Siege

Imagine a 4 years of life spent in the basement. Imagine a place where on average daily, more 330 bombs fall down. Imagine a life priced at only 5 liter of drinkable water. Imagine witnessing loss of your closest friends and family members. You can’t imagine life during the siege, but you can hear it from those who have lived it.

Life After Genocide

Srebrenica Study Tour

By understanding the story of Fall of Yugoslavia, visiting Srebrenica town, Srebrenica Memorial Centre and meeting the Srebrenica Genocide survivors, you get to know the full context of Genocide and life after Genocide. Funky Tours goal is to put these terms into understandable context.

Childhood In War

In this photo taken on April 22, 1996 a young boy plays on a tank in the Sarajevo neighbourhood of Grbavica.

What does childhood in war mean to you? Does it mean going to school everyday? Does it mean playing outside whenever you can? Does it mean you visit your friends whenever you can? Does it mean you have sweets and fruits anytime you want? How fast do you you shift from a child to a man? Our guides and guest speakers will respond to these questions.

Teenage Soldier

Hear the story of the 16 year old boy who participated in resistance during the Siege of Sarajevo, and learn how he deals with life reality today.

Community life

Lukomir Village at Bjelasnica Mountain

Enjoy the benefits of rural tourism and learn about local communities. Experience the cultural and customs diversity by interacting with the local communities who will be happy to welcome you in their homes and daily lives. 

Tradition of winemaking

Fruska Gora Vineyards

Discover the old tradition of winemaking in Balkans. Visit the most charming wine treasuries and taste some of the their finest wines.

Dinner with locals

Enjoy a pleasant atmosphere of Balkan home, taste some super delicious local food made of fresh organic products and indulge endless chats with friendly local family.

Cruise vacations

The amazing Adriatic Sea is sheltered between the east coast of Italy, the coast of the former Yugoslavia and Greece and is a true gem for small ship cruises. Enjoy  your perfect summer vacation, amazing coastline and charming ancient gems. 

Spa resorts

Whether you are into traditional hammams or super modern, fancy spas, Balkan has it all. Spend your vacation absolutely mind free and relax at some of the world’s best spa centres for not even a fraction of the price you would pay in Western Europe.



Bosnian Food Cooking Lessons

If you are fan of Balkans local food, our cooking classes of Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian food will be the highlight of your Balkans journey.


Culture of Balkan Slav people is heavily defined by the music we play. Attend our amazing Bosnian Sevdah music workshop, understand the origin of the traditional sounds and learn to play few notes.


Woodcarving craft is an art deeply rooted in the DNA of the Balkans people. Even though heavily evolved, this art today still finds it’s purpose and survives industrialization till the day. We will teach you how it’s done.


Weaving in Bosnia

Traditional arts and crafts of weaving, embroidery and knitting are still largely represented industries throughout the Balkans. If you are interested to learn or see these centuries old techniques, Balkans are place to be.


Coppersmith Workshop in Sarajevo

Is there better way to bring a souvenir home, then to make it yourself with local technique, present in Balkans over 500 years already now? No there is not, and our coppersmith workshop will help you enjoy that experience.


Pottery Art in Bosnia and Herzegovina

If you would like to understand how old pottery techniques in the Balkans are still today finding its purpose in the modern world, join us for a pottery workshop, make your own pot and learn about entrepreneurship.

Poetry nights

Indulge into Sarajevo poetry nights and enjoy a warm, friendly and inclusive atmosphere with local poets and their eclectic mix of voices and verses representing Balkan art and poetry.


18 reasons to travel to balkans

Travel with people who share your rural interests and connect with the farmers and food producers from all around Balkans. Spend a day or few at local farms, learn about the local communities and have a once in a life time experience.

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