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Books to Everyone – Funky Tours on a Mission of Distributing 60.000 Books to libraries around Bosnia and Herzegovina

Book to Everyone - Stolac

With general members of the Stolac Library, after a donation of 1000 books

In February 2019, Funky Tours had an honor to host on our tours Mr. Matthew Stevenson one of the most inspirational and altruistic travel writers whose passion for helping the National Library of Sarajevo was evident through his great efforts and unwavering dedication to the cause of empowering this institution. 

In 2019 and 2020, Mr. Eugene Schulman and Mr. Peter Levine made an astounding display of goodwill and generosity by donating over 30,000 priceless books to the library. This incredible project was fully supported by Mr. Stevenson, Danny Warner, Michael Horner, their friends, families, and our entire team.

Fast forward to April 2023, and we were overjoyed to receive news of another remarkable book donation. This time, the Library of the United Nations in Geneva donated around 1000 books to support our future project of aiding small local libraries in our country.

Listening to the lecture and appreciation from the general director of the Stolac library

With the help of Mr. Stevenson, Mr. Warner, and Mr. Horner, the books were collected, loaded, and driven to Zurich, where Mr. Zlatko Delic kindly offered free transportation to Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This time, our team decided to support the newly established city library in Stolac by enriching their book collection with over 700 volumes. 

Our amazing friends in Stolac, people who founded and worked hard on empowering the library accepted the books with great enthusiasm and our team was wholeheartedly welcomed. 

Out of the entire 1000 volumes, 300 books were donated by a professor in Switzerland who taught Japanese for many years. His valuable collection was donated by our team to the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Sarajevo.

Looking ahead, our team is committed to continuing our mission of empowering small local libraries in towns and rural areas. Thanks to the generous donations of the people of Switzerland, and the unwavering support of our friends, Mr. Stevenson, Mr. Warner, Mr. Horner, their families, and friends, we will distribute over 60,000 books to those in need.

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