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Giving Back in 2022 - Srebrenica Gifts for Children

California State University students with their gifts waiting for the kids at the school in Srebrenica

In the month of January 2022, we organized the donation of New Year’s gifts for socially disadvantaged and low income families and children in the wider region of Eastern Bosnia.

Together with our partners, donors and students of California State University, we donated over 50 children and their families.

In cooperation with professors and local schools in Srebrenica, we identified socially vulnerable categories, and created custom-made packages for each child, member of such a family, and thus fulfilled the children’s wishes.

Students added their packets and helped us distribute them.

What a beautiful day it was.

California State University students giving away their gifts

Families with children picking up their gifts

Some of the kids we had to reach at their addresses, as for some coming to the school in winter days was a challenge

Video of the Amazing Day

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