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Rural and Ecotourism of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Travel responsibly

Rural and eco tourism of BiH
BiH rural areas are all that speak green, adventure, tranquility and eco friendly

Our perception of the world and reality have been dramatically changed overnight due to a COVID-19 pandemic. More than ever, it is absolute time for being socially and culturally aware on the effect we leave on places we visit. Above all, we should try to minimise all the negative social and environmental impacts we make. This is where Bosnia and Herzegovina comes in the fore as perfect haven for eco and rural tourism. Here are the reasons why decide on off the beaten, rural, path of Europe. BiH rural areas will certainly provide a once in a lifetime experience.

1. BiH is far away from mass tourism

Due to the events that took place in early 90s the country was fighting the prejudices for years. Therefor, BiH simply could not find a place on world’s top mass tourism desirable locations.

Consequently and paradoxically, it became one of the favourite destinations for solo, couple and family travellers.

As a result, BiH became a haven for individuals who are into untouched sceneries and lifestyles in touching distance of urban areas. Rural areas of the country easily became everything that speaks alternative, green, responsible and unique. 

2. Travel to rural areas means travel responsibly

Visiting rural areas minimise all the negative impacts. Most importantly, it generates a great economic benefits for local people.

Your visit to one of the village can greatly help in enhancing the wellbeing of communities. Minimising the negative social, economic and environmental impacts is what your next trip should be focused on.

Therefore, in addition to an amazing experience, your journey can also enable you to make some positive changes and impact on society. One small step for tourism but big for small social communities

BiH rural and ecotourism
Janjske Otoke, greenery kingdom of stunning cascades, streams, islets, small waterfalls and amazing local people.

3. Rural tourism of BiH is all inclusive

Rural tourism in BiH offers a chance to learn about local culture and habits in combination with the outdoor activities from those high pumped with adrenaline to those suitable for families.

Charming rural locations will meet all of your needs. You will enjoy amazing hospitality, accommodation, catering and leisure activities while preserving environment. Moreover, it will enable you an authentic experience which allows an interaction and an exchange with surrounding and its inhabitants.

4. Rural areas of BiH are synonym for safety

Although not yet entirely used on foreign travellers, which actually levels up the charm of rural areas in BiH, community life of the country became a synonym of practicing tolerance and respect for differences.

According to UN studies BiH and Balkans in general are safer than most of the parts of Western Europe. That is to say, and having in mind that people of the countrysides of BiH still practise traditional way of living while preserving and maintaining their immortal values, BiH is definitely one of the safest places you could visit.

Rural and eco tourism of BiH
Untouched nature and stunning biodiversity of rural areas in BiH

5. Fascinating and unique natural diversity of rural areas in BiH

According to Climate Change Post BiH, compared to other countries in the Balkans and in Europe has particularly rich biodiversity.

With it’s dominantly karst structure, the nature diversity of BiH is spectacular.

Landscapes of the countrysides are sculpted by mountains, valleys, abundant springs, waterfalls, lakes and forests carpeted with flowers. Simply untouched nature within touching distance.

6. Amazing Cultural Diversity

The fact that BiH is a home to 4 major religions and 3 different nations is a true phenomena by itself. This is to say, compared with rest of the Europe, cultural and historical complexity of the country is unrivalled. The best areas to explore and learn about these differences are the rural sides.

Rural areas of BiH will teach you about the importance of the majority and tolerance towards the minority. It will introduce you to the phenomenon of mixed marriage and the ways in which religions and nationalities have become so intertwined over time that, consequently, they have begun to complement each other.

Rural and eco tourism of BiH
Small producers in rural areas still use old production tools dating back to the time of the Roman Empire.

7. Preserving the traditional rural activities

Around 60% of BiH’s territory is of rural type. Therefore, the majority of population is involved in agriculture and rural based activities.

Landscapes and amazing vegetation have perfectly corresponded to the “ideal” rural scenery. This is very rare for most of the European countries. For example, the fact that agriculture hasn’t been much modified and is still keeping its traditional way which is far from agrochemical productivity methods helps preserving a very diversified and balanced natural environment and tradition.

Farmers are still working with plough horses, hand seedling and offer so many amazing home-made products.

8. Outstanding variety of outdoor activities at BiH countryside

The fact that rural tourism of BiH is easily subsuming many subdivisions of tourism is certainly fascinating. Therefore, should not be overlooked as it offers a countless number of outdoor activities.

Whether you are interested in adrenaline activities such as mountaineering, rafting, paragliding, skiing, snowshoeing or activities that will help you being active and productive in a nice and easy pace, you are definitely at the right place.

Countryside of BiH with its stunning water abundance, high mountain peaks and stunning forests will simply amaze you. Your options are limitless and you will certainly be having a once in a life time experiences at every moment of your trip.

Rural and eco tourism of BiH
Spend a night in countryside and experience an amazing hospitality and friendliness of local people

9. Budget friendly accommodation

Homogeneous architecture of traditional buildings and vernacular heritage of rural areas are as charming as could be. Forget the overpriced places in shackles of stars. For cca 10 Eur per night you can get a deluxe treatment in a charming household and enjoy amazing hospitality that will meet all of your needs.

Rural places are havens for people who are genuinely interested in finding accommodation in traditional buildings giving the priority to widely known Bosnian hospitality and traditional activities.

10. Rural tourism of BiH offers a “once in a life time” hospitality

Traveling to BiH and its countrysides means you will be coming home with new experiences but also some new friendships.

Although community life can be a backbreaking, rest assured you will be pleasantly surprised with the hospitality you will receive. The amazing warmth and smiles you will get from locals will definitely level up the entire experience during your trip.

Locals from the countryside areas are some of the most modest yet happiest people you will find in the entire region. They will make sure to threat you properly and meet all of your needs in a very easy going, subtile way.  

18 reasons to visit Balkans
Bosnian food is known for its healthy hearty meals.

11. Rural areas are organic food paradise

Food has always been an inevitable part of fundamental beliefs about gastronomy in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In other words, rural areas in BiH are heart of production of healthy and organic food.

The villages are still resisting the modern time and practice “slow food”. As a result, the connection between people and nature is still preserved. Involving in rural tourism will provide a once in a life time experience and interactions with the local people and their customs.

You will return home healthier than ever as most of the food products villagers use are those they grow themselves.

12. Indulge in a World of Arts and Crafts

Explore the amazing natural resources of countryside and learn about amazing mixture of cultural heritage, the arts and crafts, the village traditions and everything that illustrates the regional identities.

As a result, you will be introduced to the amazing world of traditional arts and crafts of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Although the art of crafts is mostly left to oblivion in the rest of Europe, the rural areas of BiH will amaze you with their intense attempt to preserve the tradition and pass it to the next generations.

Richness of local costumes and fabrics, famous production of leather and shoes, pottery, engraving, stone carving, blacksmiths who are using the same techniques for over 4 centuries, religious and modern arts are just the top of an iceberg.

rural and eco tourism of BiH
Rural areas will make you an honour member of its wildlife surroundings

13. Rural tourism of BiH mind no season of the year

It does not matter which season or time of the year you are booking your trip. BiH rural areas are places that offer perfect settings for any time of the year.

Enjoy amazing ski slopes of Olympic Mountains in winter, indulge in endless hikes any time of the year or simply use a chance to enjoy varied landscapes and raging rivers by indulging in plethora of water sports. To sum up, BiH villages will easily full-fill every travel dream you had. Therefor, you will never ever have to make another compromise or sacrifice your travel dreams.

14. Dive into exploring the numerous wineries, craft and microbreweries

Only 3% of the world wine production is done in the biodynamic way. This is to say, the extreme way of ecological production, starting with the vineyard all the up to the wine production itself. 

Herzegovina region, amongst everything else it offers, is a heaven for wine production. On the other hand, western parts take a proud role in production of famous Balkan liquor – rakija. It is wide known fact that rakija connects people and rural areas of BiH will enable you to meet and actively participate in production which will definitely level up the entire experience.

Regardless what your drink of choice is, and whether it is wine, beer or rakija, rural sides will introduce you to a world of small local production, high quality and friendly local producers.

rural and ecco tourism of BiH
Rural areas will help you reconnect with the nature and help you find yourself away from a city hustle and everyday life

15. BiH is a treasure trove of rural areas lurking over at each corner

The best way to get into the country is by flying by one of European budget airlines. Once in BiH, no worries, it is easy to get around. Whether you are considering a bus, tour or simply renting a car, you will easily find your way.

Don’t get frustrated in case you can’t find proper information right away. In the first place, amazingly friendly local people will help you with any directions or information you might need.

On the other hand, local experience you get by using a public transportation is priceless. Most importantly, the country is so rich with amazing landscapes so you will be at desired location in blink of an eye while still having a chance to discover some places you weren’t even plan to.

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