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10 Reasons Why Stolac Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

When you finally make, probably the best decision in a lifetime, and pay a visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina, you will know some or very little information about your travelling destination. Most people, who made a decision to travel to the Balkans are experienced, world travelers. Those who made a decision to visit Bosnia are even more experienced. They seek comprehensive adventure and are open to any sort of surprise a new destination can offer.

Convenient Location – go ”Anywhere” You want within an Hour

 The town of Stolac is unfairly neglected among touristy spots in the region of Herzegovina. Geographically and territorially lies in the middle of Bosnian California (i.e. Herzegovina). Tourists shall find Stolac as a handy place to reside while exploring charming surroundings.

The new state road, which is about to finish at the end of 2021, will undoubtedly improve the infrastructure. Therefore, 30 min of a comfortable ride will take to reach only the Bosnian coastal town of Neum. As a handy starting point, you shall need a bit more than 30 min to reach popular nearby touristy sites. Mostar, Blagaj, Počitelj walled town, Kravice waterfall, and Međugorje shrine are just “behind the corner”.

Counting on a new state road, journey towards Dubrovnik, pearl of the Croatian coast, will be just one hour away. 

One of the unavoidable places once in Bosnia is the Herzegovina region. The name of the region is even included in the country’s name. Hence, we can draw a conclusion about the region’s importance through historical events.  

Historical and Cultural Diversity Way Beyond Imagination

When bragging with authentic multiculturality, most of a local Bosnians usually do think on major cities. Sarajevo and Mostar will pop-up there as a commonly known and popular places. 

Well, Stolac will definitely blow your mind when it comes to cultural diversity. The town holds the epithet of a miniature representation of the Bosnian nature. Within the urban town limits, you’ll be able to witness a credible trail of four religions. 

Mosques, Catholic and Orthodox churches, and one Jewish pilgrimage site are standing as silent reminders of the past. Anyone who misses the knowledge about one of these civilizations can learn it in Stolac. If they forgot, they can relearn. But, most importantly, they shall learn about coexistence in diversity. Diversity gave the most recognisable trademark to Stolac. It is in a town’s ID.


But, most importantly, they shall learn about coexistence in diversity. Diversity gave the most recognisable trademark to Stolac. It is in a town’s ID.

Stolac is the Capital of Organic Food

You shall get lost in an abundance of vineyards, plowed lands, and orchards. Locals selling their products are easily found on every single stop and corner.

A tradition of agriculture, and general cultivation, go back all the way ‘till the 1830s and 1840s. Ali-bey Rizvanbegović, the ruler of the region and captain of Stolac, decided to utilize God-given bliss and develop the local economy. That was a period when Stolac and “local California” experienced large-scale planting enterprise. Cultivation of olives, rice, grapes, potatoes, peaches were helping people to experience wealthiness and to acknowledge the possibility of self-sustaining.

Herzegovina is generally known as the residence of tasty food and drinks. Crop, fruit, and vegetable harvesting sometimes take place twice or thrice per season, all depending on the species. 

Fruit and Veg Picking Safe Refuge

Fruit and veg picking lovers shall witness lifetime experience. A plethora of locations is providing organic food haven, therefore, good enough reason to back to healthy gastronomic basics. 

Imagine you’re preparing the food in the afternoon, that you’ve just picked in the morning. You’ll just have to choose between potatoes, tomatoes, paprikas, kiwis, grapes, apples, peaches, figs, etc. 

For those who are not fans of it, visit a local weekly food market, stays as an option. The market is organized every week on Friday. Locals do offer organic stuff, besides aforementioned, you’ll find milk and cured meat products.

Istup River Canyoning

Even though Stolac exemplifies a convenient starting point to go anywhere in Herzegovina, town environs do offer a lot. With no need to go far from the town center, you’ll be in a position to experience one of a kind Istup river canyoning.

An abundance of crystal clear water, with specific emerald-green nuance, will provide a dose of the adrenalin that everybody needs. Besides that, this canyon shall spark the most positive kind of a thrill. 

It takes roughly an hour (20 min car ride + 45 min light hike) to the place from where you will start your canyoning journey. Every single spot and a place here deserves attention. Most importantly, location is still very unknown, there’s a very little chance to bump into anybody. So, prepare your swimming gear and dive into the most beautiful and untouched piece of Mother nature.


Canyon of Radimlja is a green hidden oasis in the middle of a dry rocky area and is known for its amazing untouched nature.

Stolac is still exempted from the Mass Tourism, and perfect for the Individual Explorers

Regardless of its location, the town hasn’t found a distinguished place for itself within the tourist market. Hence, it is perfect for anyone interested to get to know truly, at first hand with Stolac. 

Local tourist workers have a goal to bring more of the guests. At the same time, preservation of the authenticity of the town stands as imperative. Combining these two is often a very difficult task. Therefore, Stolac will help you to find a middle way between the two options.


The beautiful Bregava River flows through Stolac for the most of its part. The river creates two stunning large natural waterfalls known as Pjena and Provalije. From the Middle Ages until today, 15 amazing bridges have been built in Stolac out of which at least 10 represent a true historical heritage.While the Spite bridge was built to praise an inseparable part of the Bosnian and wider Balkan mentality, Sara’s bridge was built as a beautiful ode to love.



Outdoor Activities

Stolac surroundings offer a plethora of options and possibilities for outdoor activities. Most importantly, these locations are just “behind the corner”. If you’re hiking or trekking lover, Velež mountain is nearby. At the same mountain zip-line and ferata stands as an option.

The bicycle route that leads the ancient town of Daorson is quite popular. But, that wouldn’t be the only one. Since 2017, the recreational-cycling manifestation is been organised by the Public Institution Radimlja. Participants do follow the route long 14 km in one way, which leads them to the Boljuni necropolis. Once there, everyone shall witness the wealthy medieval legacy of Stolac region. 

If you’re not interested to go for extreme options, and you want to enjoy much closer to the Stolac, don’t worry. The town is “occupied” by the hills with the specific karst terrain. These hills are an option for those who prefer a light version of the hiking.

The Marvelous Architecture of Stolac

We mentioned Stolac could be taken as a miniature of both Bosnia and Herzegovina. Being on a crossroads of the different civilizations had left its remarkable trail. Starting with Ancient times, through the Middle Ages, Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian, Yugoslav and modern period, Stolac embodies it all.

A town since the 18th century represented one of the most crucial spots of the development of all kinds. Therefore, the local ruling family of Rizvanbegović invested a lot of time and effort into the urban progress of Stolac. 


Residential ensembles of the town, sacral objects, fortifications (from Antiquity to the early 20th century) prove the richness of life here. Stolac stands as a museum under the open sky, and you won’t need an entry ticket. Honest candidness is something every guest of Stolac needs to carry on with himself/herself.

Options for Leisure

Stolac is a place to catch a breath, before continuing with travelling adventure. Those travelers who make a decision to do it here shall have a plethora of options. 

Bregava river is a place that will cool and refresh both your body and soul. That is the river, with its tributaries, providing a life source for the people living here. Once you are close to Bregava, or swimming in the river you will inevitably witness the immense value of it. 

On the way to Pjene beach, you will hike along and upstream of Bregava river, witnessing the beautiful sceneries. Bridges, sacral objects, millhouses (one of these is the best restaurant in Stolac), residential houses will amaze you. Once on Pjene beach, cleanness of water will astonish you. When your body is accustomed to the water temperature, you can indulge in the crystal clear Bregava.

Affordability and Budget-Friendly Summer Destination

Bosnia and Herzegovina, generally, is the place perfect for anybody’s budget. The price of the services doesn’t affect quality. Generally, Herzegovina, and especially Stolac is the place offering a money-saving option, while doing your trip at the same time. Stolac misses hotel accommodation, nevertheless offers numerous lodging options. Mehmedbašića kuća is the place turned into a hostel 3 years ago.


We can abstract this place as a traditionally national monument, which is under the protection of the State. At the same time, the hostel in the house is organised and decorated in the style of the old Bosnian residential houses. The honor of spending the night here will cost you 15 € per person.

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