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Pandemic Free Trips with Funky Tours

Why Travel to Bosnia during the COVID-19

Pandemic Free Trips
Travel Safely and Pandemic Free With Someone You Can Trust

For all of you who are into planning their holidays, we are bringing you some perfect reasons why Bosnia and Herzegovina should be your COVID-19 safe haven. Funky Tours Team has been preparing for this moment patiently and productively. As a result, we are ready to offer valuable and absolutely pandemic free trips to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Trips that will deliver a once in a lifetime experiences.

Pandemic Free Trips to Bosnia and Herzegovina

BiH has managed to act and respond successfully at the very beginning of the pandemic. As a result, the country was able to minimise and reduce the number of those infected as much as possible. Bearing in mind all the measures that have been taken (closing the borders, tourist and service facilities, cultural and other institutions and obligatory curfew hours) BiH has managed to take care of its citizens and ensure minimal risk of spreading the COVID-19. All the measures taken have made BiH as one of the leading countries of the region when it comes to the low number of infected people. We cannot announce the end of pandemic, very few countries have dared to so far and mostly unsuccessfully. However, we can say that BiH have reached the point of  successful fight against Coronavirus spreading. Most importantly, it is finally ready to open its doors while being able to control and maintain the virus spread. As a result, Funky Tours have created perfect and, most importantly, pandemic free trips to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Pandemic Free Trips
Never again take your trips for granted or compromise your health and safety. Travel responsibly with us and discover the abundance of places that will turn your holiday into a once in a lifetime experience.

Travel To Bosnia and Stay Far Away From The Mass Tourism

What will the trips look like after or during the COVID-19 pandemic? Many questions have been brought up. However, the biggest one is definitely the one concerning the general safety. That is to say, how to be sure you will not have to compromise your health nor safety while travelling abroad. The main key is keeping the necessary social distance. As one of the few Balkan countries that is (un)lucky not to be listed as one of the world’s top mass tourism destinations, BiH simply found its way to reach travellers who do not want just a trip but a life experience. If there was a list of alternative tourist countries that provide experience in harmony with the intact nature and complex history, BiH would certainly occupy the list as being one of the top five countries in the world.  BiH will provide a chance to stay as far as possible from the crowded places and let you be on your own. Regardless if alone, or with your family and friends, enjoying some spectacular moments is a promised thing.

Pandemic Free Trips
So close but far enough from the urban settings, discover the origins of civilisation. Soak up the atmosphere of ancient cities and medieval monuments while enjoying the absolute silence of the nature.

Save Your Money And Travel To A Budget Friendly Location

It has been confirmed over many times, BiH is by far one of the most budget friendly countries in the region and generally Europe. Having in mind the pandemic issues, it will most likely become even budget friendlier. The accommodation is at least twice less expensive than some other places such as Croatia or Montenegro Coastline and you can eat like a king for less than 10 Eur per person. Moreover, Funky Tours is keeping the track with the fact that most of the people will, in this period of uncertainty, need as budget friendly trips as possible. Therefor, we will, as always, make sure to offer the lowest possible prices on the market while keeping the quality of our trips intact. When there is a will for mutual understanding there is certainly a way to make everyone pleased.

Pandemic Free Trips
BiH is known as a country of tasty and healthy organic food. At the same time, Bosnians are well known for their hospitality and genuine friendliness. They will make sure you are treated like royalty. At the same time, you will be accepted and feel as one of their own.

Travel With Someone You Trust

In over 15 years of experience and amazing trips we did, we managed to create absolutely safe environment for all of our guests who decided to trust us on their trips. So far we haven’t disappointed anyone and you can easily check our TripAdvisor, TrustPilot and Google reviews. Under no condition would we ever put in danger our guests nor the team. You are in safe hands. From the very beginning of COVID-19 in Balkans, Funky Tours team was keeping the track and working on a daily update for 9 countries of the region. We wanted to make sure that people who are interested in travelling through the Balkans are getting the precise information on a daily basis. Moreover, we made sure to keep our team on disposal for 24/7 for all of you with additional questions or concerns.

Pandemic Free Trips
Travel with someone who cares. Over the years Funky Tours Team was led by an idea of breaking the prejudices about our country and providing perfectly safe and incredibly rich experiences. Most importantly, we are at disposal to all of our guests for 24/7.

Maximum Attention to Safety

Months of preparations brought us to conclusion that, having in mind all of the above, and the fact we had quite enough time to rethink every future move we will make, we need to start assembling our tours and trips by adjusting the itineraries in order to offer a completely pandemic free experiences. Over the months of research and preparation we came up to inevitable conclusion that tourism is certainly not dead. However, travel agencies will have to modify their offer with a purpose of striving for an absolute safety and preventing the spread of the disease. To this end, FT has been working for months on creating the pandemic friendly itineraries that will under no circumstances lose the quality we are known for.

Pandemic Free Trips
Abandoned and stunning Lake Hrast minutes of walk from the charming village and most friendly hosts you will ever meet.

Our team will keep watching the development of the situation and pay attention to further announcements. Most importantly, we will keep you informed as well. While conducting our tours Funky Team will make sure to follow each of the instructions and recommendation made by the National Institute of Public Health and WHO. This of course means that each of our team members will obligatory be tested negative on COVID-19 and that we will take care for bringing you to safe environments. We will abide the  superior hygiene standards and protocols. This also includes provision of the necessary safety equipment such as face masks and hand sanitisers. Our activities will be based on safety and responsibility in order to preserve active and healthy travel destination by paying a special attention to the safer and customised accommodations, itineraries and experiences.

Pandemic Free Trips
The main advantage of staying at local home-stays and small guest houses is that it accommodate fewer people and are a lot budget friendlier. Besides this, the level of service you receive will be more attentive, ensuring that you get the kind of treatment that you really want.

Pandemic Free Trips in a Small Group Tours

From the very beginning, Funky Tours has gained a reputation of an agency that always gives priority to quality over the quantity. While this occasionally used to mean doing a tour for a minimum number of people that does not contribute to the agency’s economic growth, we have always strived not to compromise the initial idea of ​​providing an amazing experience that will be subordinate to nothing. It is for this reason that you can be sure that, especially during this pandemic period, FT will never endanger you and will always take care of maintaining social distance while creating a safe and healthy environment for each of our guests. Moreover, for all of you who are still questioning the safety, we have made sure to adjust our prices for private tours to minimum. This means we will make sure to offer budget friendly costs for all of you couple, family or even single travellers who are into taking a private trips.

Pandemic Free Trips
Tranquility and abundance of water sports possibilities in region of Herzegovina. Ever-since the beginning cynosure of Funky Tours idea was trustworthy organisation of safe and absolutely enjoyable small group trips.

Pandemic Free Trips and Customised Itineraries

BiH is very possibly the smallest country that you will visit with the most potential you will witness. The fact that at every step you can witness an incredible clash of intriguing history, culture and untouched nature make this country a priceless treasure trove of possibilities and potential. For this reason, creating a pandemic free trips to Bosnia was actually not demanding at all. In fact, working on creating such trips has opened up countless possibilities and insights even for ourselves. We have managed to recreate every tour and place while offering you an excellent insight into everything that BiH symbolizes, from history to incredible nature, all in endless connection and in an absolute safe environment. 

Pandemic Free Trips
Meet Vahid, one of the greatest pottery artists in the region. Our team will enable you to stop being just a passive observer and start actively participate in community life. Where ever you find your interests. We will make it happen.

Your trip will support local people and communities in plethora wonderful ways. Finally, it will make you believe that amazing experiences and responsible travel don’t have to be mutually exclusive. As a matter of fact, these two mostly go along and will allow you to immerse yourself in the place, rather than just scratching a surface from it. Trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina will make you a lot more socially and culturally aware. You will be able to understand all the possible effects on the places we visit. Moreover, our pandemic free trips to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and itineraries will allow you to understand your surrounding. It will simply make you want to make a positive change.

Pandemic Free Trips
This is Hava and her beautiful greenhouse. Incredibly warm welcome from local people is truly awe-inspiring and will make your trip full of memorable moments.

No Cancellation Policy

While Funky Tours Team idea was creating reliable agency which people can trust to, our team has also always tend to be as flexible as possible towards the guests needs. Our flexibility surprised many of you very often. Over the years, we haven’t charged a single cancellation as we completely understand that things can change unexpectedly. Bearing in mind the whole world is struggling with the uncertainty in which every travel plan will be subordinated to the new decision from the world experts, Funky Tours will never charge for canceling your reservation. Moreover, we will never require payment in advance. Once you do your tour, and are completely satisfied, you can easily make a payment. This is a time to be as considerate as possible.

Pandemic Free Trips
“Funky Business tells us that difference rules, and the difference comes from the way people think. In this world, we can no longer do “business as usual” – we need funky business”

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