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London WTM, 2023: Funky Tours Pioneering Sustainable Tourism in BiH and the Balkans

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
November 2023.

In the vibrant landscape of the global travel industry, where novelty often takes center stage, Funky Tours is setting a new standard for travel experiences and sustainability.

ExCeL London, the annual host of WTM, is where the world’s travel industry converges to connect & inspire.

Together with our friends from Visit Sarajevo we visited WTM London. In a world where everyone had heard about the Balkans and Bosnia, we aimed to show more.

Our mission was to shatter stereotypes and unveil the absolute mind-blowing awesomeness of our region! We are cranking up the exaggeration for a reason. For all you wanderers who have dipped your toes in the Balkans, you know regular won’t do justice when it comes to flaunting the magic of our slice of the world!

With a commitment to sustainability, we poured our hearts into introducing you to the hidden gems of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Balkans. Unique experiences? We have got those in spades!

Few photos, endless memories. Sometimes, being too busy making moments is the best kind of busy

WTM London was our playground, and we didn’t just showcase; we connected. From heart-to-heart chats with global partners to spilling travel tea, we shared the experiences and ideas. By cultivating relationships with potential partners and clients, we gained a profound insights into our travelers’ preferences.

Our team was always committed to crafting the trips that transcend superficial exploration, seeking to immerse people in the true essence of each destination. However, the essence of our commitment extends beyond the travel experience itself. When it comes to acknowledging the necessity for improvements, we strive to foster a culture of active listening and continuous feedback.

The awareness of the importance of improvements is deeply ingrained in our approach. We don’t just craft trips; we co-create them with our partners and travelers, valuing their perspectives to ensure that every journey with us becomes an evolving, tailored adventure that reflects the desires and expectations of our diverse community of explorers.

Collaborating with fellow travel agencies and our esteemed partners, we proudly showcased Bosnia and Herzegovina as The Most Exciting Destination in the World.

While WTM London boasts a global platform, we seized our chance to understand UK travelers as well.  Despite having direct flights and a trove of connections, Bosnia and Herzegovina is the hidden gem that the UK hasn’t fully discovered – yet. Our time in London? It was also about cooking up innovative ways to lure you into the magic of our not-so-secret paradise.

Sure, it is a long journey but we are making strides with every trip. The Balkans and Bosnia are our canvas, and each adventure is a stroke of brilliance that paints a picture of the rich, untold stories waiting to be explored. The best is yet to come!

❐  Our take on London? It’s not one for subtleties; it does bold, cheeky, and a little bit sassy. It is a city with an attitude. You guessed it, we have a lot in common.

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