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Funky Tours Leads the Way: Our Certified Incentive Specialists Transform the Balkans!

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
November 2023.

In a groundbreaking achievement for our team and the entire Balkan tourism industry, Funky Tours proudly announces our newly secured title of Certified Incentive Specialist (CIS).

This significant milestone not only establishes us as a premier player in incentive travel in Bosnia and Herzegovina but also positions our agency as a trailblazer across the broader Balkan region.

Incentive Travel

Ready to lead the way in transforming the Balkans into a top-tier destination for incentive travel.

Backed by steadfast support from USAID Turizam and the Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH, we, Funky Tours, proudly join a select group of twenty-eight tourism professionals who have earned the Certified Incentive Specialist title awarded by SITE Global. SITE Global, a globally recognized business events association with 2,500 members across 90 countries, has acknowledged our commitment to excellence in incentive travel. 

Bosnia and Herzegovina, now boasting the highest number of certified incentive specialists in the region, is poised to tap into the lucrative market that rewards business achievements with extraordinary travel experiences.

This recognition not only enhances our professional expertise but also solidifies the entire Balkan region, marking us as key players in the global incentive travel market.

 Dynamic training program led by industry experts Michael Dalton and Kim.

This achievement seamlessly aligns with the vision of actively promoting the growth of the tourism industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the broader Balkans. The strategic support aims to position the Balkans as one of the most sought-after and vibrant tourism destinations internationally, with objectives including increasing visitor numbers, reducing seasonality, and enhancing the overall value of the tourism experience.

In our journey so far, becoming Certified Incentive Specialists is a big win not just for us but for the whole Balkan region.We are ready to sprinkle our expertise across the entire Balkans, creating unforgettable incentive travel experiences.

Our certifications, coupled with our strong commitment to excellence, put us in a prime position to lead the transformation of the Balkans into a top-notch destination for incentive travel. This is more than just a certification; it’s our pledge to make the Balkans a go-to place for unique and rewarding travel.

Pioneering a new era in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the inaugural CIS program was made possible through the invaluable support of USAID Turizam in collaboration with the Foreign Trade Chamber of B&H and SITE Global.

Imagine the Balkans as your next destination, not just for its beauty but for the promise of something different. Our commitment to sustainable tourism ensures that your journey not only leaves you with incredible memories but also contributes positively to the local communities and the environment.

So, get ready for a new era in the Balkans – a region where incentive travel becomes an adventure!

❐  Capturing the moment of achievement as our dedicated participants proudly receive their certificates, marking the successful completion of the first CIS program in Bosnia.

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