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The Unrevealed Canyon of Radimlja

Stolac is a charming  old town between Trebinje and Mostar. From Dubrovnik to Stolac you would need about 1 hour and 40 minutes drive. If you are staying in Mostar, you can reach Stolac in approximately 40 minutes.

Stolac has a great history that dates from Ancient Greece, towards the Slavic times from the 7th century. Even though it has such an old history, most of the architecture dates from the Ottoman times (15th century).

Besides some mind intriguing history vicinity of Stolac is known for its amazing untouched nature which is perfect for canyoning, hiking, fishing, kayaking etc.

Funky Team has tried out the Istup Canyoning. Truly a once in a life time experience.

Stolac Lifetime Nature Adventure: Off the beaten path in the middle of everything

Stolac offers an amazing number of outdoor activities, depending on how much time do you have. We are glad to suggest you two amazing routes that you will enjoy: Stolac – Daorson – Radimlja Canyon (Istup) and Stolac – Boljuni – Hutovo Blato.

On these two adventures routes you will have magnificent guides from Stolacx team who will lead you throughout the untouched nature.


This time we have tried ourselves in Istup Canyoning. The route can take all day long, but it can be arranged for a shorter time. Adventure starts from Stolac and goes further to the old Ilirian settlement called Daorson (300 BC). After the visit of Daorson, the route goes to the village Berane. From Stolac to Berane you need about 1 hour drive with the bicycle.

After Berane goes the downhill part, into the Radimlja river canyon. With the bicycle you would need a maximum 30 minutes drive to the part where you continue by foot. The short fruit picking stop comes after you place the bicycle to safety and cool yourself in freshwater. Peaches are a perfect solution for body fluid recovery.

Fruits are the tasty announcement that the best part of the route is coming. Adventure throughout “Istup” is a lifetime experience.

Exploring this absolutely stunning piece of nature can be a bit tricky for a first time explorers. However, with a little help from friendly locals, our Funky Team had a life-time experience and we are definitely planning to show this hidden gem to our guests in the future.
Istup Canyoning
Have you ever seen an agency with cuter team? No matter how childishly happy they seem on this photo, rest assured this team will do the above and beyond to make sure you are in absolutely safe hands no matter where you end up in Bosnia and Balkans.
Istup Canyoning
The bravest of us all, and the youngest one actually was Faris who was sceptic at the very beginning but thrilled as soon as we stepped into the first pool. Neither of us wanted to end this day and actually stayed a lot longer than we originally planned to.
Istup Canyoning
Our Funky boys, full of energy and adrenaline, forgot all of their troubles while canyoning and had some unforgettable time. They swam, they sang, they laugh… Can’t wait for the next summer Istup Adventure!

Canyoning can take about 4 hours with resting, swimming and jumping in canyon pools. Jumping into the pools of the canyon from the small beautiful waterfalls while the frogs are cheering is a jaw – dropping adventure. Prepare some sneakers for the canyoning because it’s not possible to go barefooted. Dense shrubs around the water are giving another green dimension of the canyon. It’s dense enough to make the experience more worthed, so don’t hesitate! The canyon is a green hidden oasis in the middle of a dry rocky area. Therefore, the feeling is like you are in some forgotten world, where nature runs the main word. 

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