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The Midstream of Neretva River

Jablanicko, Salakovac and Grabovicko Lake

Herzegovina Lakes
Midstream of Neretva River is known for the three amazing artificial lakes (Grabovicko, Jablanicko and Salakovac Lake) nested on a route from Konjic to Mostar.

Middstream of Neretva River is located between Konjic and Mostar.

This water paradise contains three artificial lakes: Salakovac Lake, Jablanicko Lake and Grabovicko Lake.

√ Over the years, and due to its off the beaten path locations but still close to the civilisation, these lakes have been on a list of favourite fishing spots in the country.

√ Besides recreational fishing, midstream of Neretva river with 3 lakes are perfect for water sports enthusiasts.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is definitely like a box of the finest chocolates from, possibly, some completely unknown manufacturer. Now, we do understand the scepticism but, once you open this box, be ready for the surprise of your life. When you finally dare to explore this off the beaten path European jewel rest assure that the whole world of uncountable options will explode in front of your eyes.

Located between the two not to be missed towns in Herzegovina, Konjic and Mostar, Midstream of Neretva River is truly a paradise for all of the people who would like to try themselves in recreational fishing, or the numerous water sports possibilities. Although so far this area has been very often and absolutely unjustifiably neglected and left out of the many tourist potentials of Herzegovina, FT team promises that if you decide to visit this small water paradise, you will experience an orgasmically identical experience of absolutely untouched nature in the silence of a rural community. Whether you are planning a short stop or a slightly longer vacation, these lakes will surely give you an exceptional experience.

How to reach the lakes? Reaching midstream of Neretva river will be a piece of cake for all of you who are into exploring BiH. As a matter of fact, if you are traveling from Sarajevo to Mostar, or vice versa, it will be absolutely impossible to miss and look away from the beautiful water expanse stretching over right in front of your eyes. Moreover, midstream of Neretva river is located between the high peaks of Mt. Prenj (2103 m) to the left, and Mt. Bitovnja (1700 m), Mt. Čvrsnica (2226 m) and Mt. Čabulja (1786 m) to the right. If you are a passionate hiker or mountaineer, you will understand how much of an importance, in hot summer days, the incredible Herzegovinian water abundance is.

Midstream of Neretva River, nested between Konjic and Mostar, is known for the three man-made and absolutely lovely lakes: Jablaničko, Grabovica and Salakovac lake. Between the explosion of culture, religion and history of Herzegovina cities, you will find these lakes as a leisure piece of heaven within easy reach either by train, bus, your own car or simply one of the day tours that are being offered on a daily basis.

Herzegovina Lakes
Salakovac Lake, ideal place to rest your eyes and soul in a complete serenity of rural areas. Imagine spending a night here and waking up to a complete silence disturbed only by sounds of nature.

The most interesting way to reach the lakes and traveling through Herzegovina region is most likely taking a train. Regardless if you are in Sarajevo or anywhere in the country and wanting to explore the region of Herzegovina, or simply taking a famous route from Sarajevo to the Croatian Coastline, you will not be able to miss this small recreational fishing paradise in Herzegovina. Best way on how to travel through Herzegovina you can check here and simply decide on what would be your best choice. One thing is for sure, all roads lead through these three lakes merging into a perfect refugee from everyday hustle and bustle.

Herzegovina lakes
Meeting some German tourists and an incredible feeling when they are actually explaining to you where are the best spots for surf boarding. There are not a lot of foreign travellers around but those who do stumble upon this amazing area immediately decide to stay longer than they intended to.

Outdoor Activities

Did you know that angling as a sport dates back from the ancient times? As a matter of fact, you can find it in Egyptian times dating back from 2000 BCE and also ancient Greek, Assyrian, Roman and Jewish writings. Very few things bring on the sense of being alive as the thrill of pursuing and catching the fish, and protected areas, beautiful untouched landscape, freshwater ecosystems and over 1800 miles of chalk stream limestone river make Bosnia and Herzegovina as one of the European’s greatest fishing destinations.

Unobtrusively and unpretentiously placed in rural side of Herzegovina, the Midstream of Neretva River will amaze you with the silent but powerful waters. Regardless if you are alone, or in a good company, feeling of freedom while reeling in fish and a quiet solitude of still waters overcoming your being will bring a completely new dimension of inner peace.

Herzegovina Lakes
This is Fuko , local fisherman and one of the best ones. When fishing in lakes of midstream of Jablanica, he is your guy and will show you all the tricks. Photo he is holding in his hands is showing his first monster catch-Adriatic trout.
Herzegovina Lakes
Fuko has kept his trofey of Adriatic trout also known as Salmo obtusirostris. Adriatic trout is, unfortunately, endemic. This species is distinguished by its elongated snout and can still be found in Salakovac lake.
Herzegovina Lakes
Despite having a brand new car, Fuko still swears in his old Yugoslavian Jugo 45. With this car, he says, he discovered the best places in Herzegovina. Along with the car, Fuko goes nowhere without an old fishing boat that has served as a faithful friend and companion in many fishing experiences.

Season of fishing in Neretva Midstream starts in late March and ends in early October. Although angling is more common in this area, you can find fly fishing territory in a very centre of Konjic which, despite being an incredible treasure trove of historical and cultural heritage, will also surprise you with the charming silent banks perfect for a catch of your life, or simple relaxation.

The powerful river Neretva is very suitable for the habitat of various species of fish. The most famous you can find in the lakes are: Adriatic trouts, Salmo Marmoratus, grayling, Eurasian minnow and freshwater crab. Although the river is frequently spawn, Adriatic trout and Salmo Marmoratus are unfortunately close to extinction.

Legend, or rather a fisherman’s tale, says that at the foot of the lake Salakovac, just next to the dam, there are to be find catfish of majestic sizes. However, only the chosen ones can spot them.

Herzegovina Lakes
Once we are done with pleasant chat over a coffee with the locals who provided us with some great instructions, it’s time to start our boat and explore the crystal clear waters of Herzegovinian Lakes.
Herzegovina Lakes
Boys are working hard preparing the boat to set our first sail. By the time this blog is published, they have already became professionals.

Never mind the legend which certainly makes things a bit more intriguing, if you are into some more adrenaline pumped activities, nothing to worry about. There are countless of options of water sports you can enjoy at.

Whether you are interested in kayaking, canoeing, boat rides or even pedal boats, you will be amazed with the options. One of the most charming things you will encounter is the lack of intrusiveness typical for developed tourist locations. The constant subtlety of the colourful offer that unobtrusively erupts at each corner will make you actually get to know the locals and possibly make some new friends. Although this area is still preserved from mass tourism (same as the entire country actually) locals are generally eager to talk, help and offer their services.

With its purity and spaciousness, but also with the nature that surrounds it Midstream of Neretva easily became a yet to be explored heaven for water-sports activities. There are numerous beaches on the shores of this lake that are recognisable as weekend resorts, and some of them have a volleyball and beach soccer field.

Herzegovina Lakes
Off we go! Emerald green, ruffled lake water means we are ready for some exploring, fishing and swimming. Surrounded by untouched nature and occasional meetings with curious faces of locals at small hidden shores, there was nothing in this world that could level up this day’s experience. (Make sure to say “Bistro” when meeting local fishermen, it’s a custom and means “good luck”)

As for Funky Team, we have tried ourselves in an inflatable boat ride. The high-speed turns and smooth driving while admiring a perfectly untouched nature and the spectacular views over the villages is something we absolutely recommend. Moreover, the lakes are known for their small and hardly approachable hidden shores and islets lurking over and erupting in front of your eyes. Discovering these small hidden gems will make you feel like you are in a search for treasure.

In the end, what bigger treasure will you need after a day spent interacting with nature, feeling the sun and cool breeze while the sound of water takes command of your ears? This, we assure you, can hardly be replaced by anything and it will surely help you to release from stressful environment.

Where to Stay

Is there anything better but the silent morning and enjoying the rocking views over the calm lake while the only sound you hear is fish leap out of the water? Region of Herzegovina is full od small private lodges where you can find your peace but also a bit of hedonism too. Since the midstream od Herzegovina region is mostly rural, if you’d like to enjoy the lakes completely, you should most likely choose one of the private lodges. Even though, in order to visit any of the three lakes, you actually do not need to spend a night there, and can easily spend a night either in Sarajevo, Konjic or Mostar, you will find a number of lodges and accommodations that are incredibly budget friendly.

Most popular are those at Jablanicko Lake which is most touristy developed out of the three. On the other hand, this area is still not recognised on the list of tourist locations, so do expect a more modest offer than the one you would find in the urban areas. That is actually the charm, but if you are used on hotel commodity, do consider only a day visit. On the other hand, with a little bit of online checking, you will certainly be able to find suitable accommodation/lodge.

Herzegovina Lakes
Charming lake huts and lodges revealing themselves with each shore we came across. Perfect for making stops for home cooked food and taking some amazing photos.
Herzegovina Lakes
Locals here highly value their own and other people’s privacy. Be sure that, if you decide to spend the night at one of the lakes, this area will provide you with some of the most serene days and nights you had in your life.

Feel free to contact us if you are considering visiting the region of Herzegovina. Whether you are interested in trying yourselves in fishing, kayaking, canoeing, boat rides or simply finding your peace of heaven and staying for overnight, do feel free to contact our team. Regardless if you are in search for more information, or simply need a help of local experts in organising your trip, as always, we are there for you and will be happy to assist your way of discovering our amazing country!

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