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Sarajevo To Dubrovnik: What Is The Best Way To Travel?

Sarajevo To Dubrovnik: What Is The Best Way To Travel?


 hat is the best way to travel from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik or opposite? Once you decide to visit the Balkans you do not want to skip either one of the two cities. Sarajevo and Dubrovnik have been known as pearls of Balkans and places that should definitely be on your bucket lists. 

Reaching Balkans is quite simple . There are plenty of international flights and most of them will take you either to Sarajevo or Dubrovnik. Transferring between Sarajevo and Dubrovnik is actually even simpler. Depending on how much time do you have, you can either consider a bus or some of the following options that include a car.

At Funky Tours we always tend to maximise the entire experience and avoid the shortcuts as much as possible. Trip from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik or opposite can be an amazing opportunity to make the best of your visit to Balkans. However, we have also considered the fact that some of you still prefer just direct transfers due to time limitation. Therefor, we went through all of the options in order to find a suitable option for anyone while traveling from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik or oposite. 

Remember, Balkan is a unique amalgam of different cultures, religions and history interpretations and it always finds its way to get deeply under the skin and become a true “home away from home”. 

Sarajevo Cable Car
Sarajevo Cable Car: "fly over the city"
Dubrovnik Cable Car
Dubrovnik Cable Car: spectacular view over the city
Sarajevo to Dubrovnik or opposite: Flight

Flying from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik or opposite is not something you should consider at the moment. There are no direct flights that will connect these two cities. However, nothing to worry about. There are so many almost as fast ways to reach your destination and, most importantly, plenty more interesting and budget friendlier. When it comes to flying from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik or opposite,  the only option you can consider is with a stop over in Zagreb. However, given the time this will take you, flying from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik is currently not the best choice you could take. That being said, even the “slowest” option of reaching Dubrovnik from Sarajevo or opposite is going take you less time than flying.

However, if you are still considering a flight, you can take a direct flight to Zagreb and, from there continue towards Dubrovnik by bus. Zagreb is a capital of Croatia and can be an interesting addition to overall Balkan experience.

Pros: Safety and a chance to visit Croatian capital- Zagreb

Cons: Expensive flight rates which come with additional charges of buses and taxi transports. 

Flight rates: From 150 EUR to 300 EUR + bus ticket (cca 30 EUR)

Fly with: Croatia Airlines

Taxi service in Sarajevo: 

Sarajevo Taxi: (+387) 1515

Samir i Emir Taxi: (+387)1516

Taxi service in Dubrovnik: 

Dubrovnik Taxi: +385 20 435 650

Plavi Taxi: +385 20 332 222

Sarajevo to Dubrovnik
Sarajevo International Airport
Sarajevo to Dubrovnik by Bus

Transferring from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik or the opposite by bus is quite simple. This is definitely the favourite way of transferring for locals. However, for a first time visitors, taking a direct bus will mean you will miss all the spectacular places in between. Herzegovina region is something everyone should experience. Unless you have no time, do consider some other way of transportation which will allow you to experience at least a part of Herzegovina. 

If you do decide on taking a bus, getting to the central bus station in Sarajevo is not an issue at all. Bus station is 3 kms away from the old town so you can either take a walk there (Map) or simply take a tram. Tram No.1 will take you directly to the bus and train station. The tram no.1 is not the most frequent  so, if you are not into waiting for cca 15min or longer, you can simply take any other tram and exit in front of the Historical Museum (Zmaja od Bosne, street which is known as the famous Snipers Alley during the times of Siege of Sarajevo) and take a 10-15min walk to the bus station. 

Dubrovnik main bus station is located 3kms from the Old Town just next to the ferry terminal in Gruz. The station has very good local bus connections to Old Town, Lapad, Ploče, Kono or Sveti Jakov. Reaching the station is very simple and you can use one of the following bus lines: Bus 1, 1a, 1b, 3 Pile (Entrance in the Old Town), Bus 7 Lapad, Bus 8 Ploče and Sveti Jakov.

There are at least three bus departures per day and bus ride should take between 7 and 8h. The total amount of drive mostly depends on border controls. In summer months waiting lines at the border can be very long.

 During the high season months bus seats can be sold out. It is recommendable to book your ticket in advance. You can check on Globtour company for online purchase. 


Pros: Affordable trip suitable for anyone’s budget that will allow you to meet local people and see the countryside

Cons: Length of the trip and skipping Herzegovina Region, crowded buses

Bus ticket price: cca 35 EUR one way ticket

Travel with: Globtour

Central Bus Station in Sarajevo

Autobusni Kolodvor in Dubrovnik 

Sarajevo to Dubrovnik by train and a bus 

Here is one of interesting ways to transfer from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik or the opposite direction. Discovering the region of Herzegovina on your way to Dubrovnik or Sarajevo can be an amazing addition to your trip. Herzegovina, known as a Duke’s land, is widely known for its crystal clear waters, sun and amazing cultural diversity.  Taking the train and bus will not allow you to visit everything this region has to offer but you will have a chance to take a glimpse of Herzegovina while traveling from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik.  

Train from Sarajevo (if doing the vice versa trip you should simply take a morning or afternoon train from Mostar) departs at 7.15 AM. There is another train departure (4.15 PM) but you do want to fully enjoy the time during the ride as well as Mostar so the more time the better.  Train station in Sarajevo is conveniently placed just next to the bus station. Once again, you can either take a taxi, tram no.1 or walk. Having in mind the train departs very early, the first tram departs at 6 AM so nothing to worry about there.

Sarajevo to Dubrovnik: What is the best way to travel
The Guardian listed Sarajevo to Mostar train ride as one of the 18 of the worlds best rail journeys.

There is no way of purchasing a ticket online so, if you want to make sure there will be enough seats in the train, you can take a nice walk day before and simply buy a ticket. Usually, even during the busiest months, there is enough seats. It will most likely be OK even in case you arrive 45 min to an hour before the train departs. 

The train ride to Mostar is spectacular and train itself is modern and very well equipped. Although, you do want to bring along some water and snacks as catering facilities are out of the function for most of the time. 

Railway Station in Mostar is 5 min of walk from the bus station so make sure to stop quickly and buy a ticket to Dubrovnik if you haven’t done it already. Buses from Mostar to Dubrovnik can be overbooked oftenly so the best idea might be to simply buy a ticket online couple of days in advance. Both of the stations are  around 20 min of walk from the old town and places you want to explore. The tricky part you will meet, if you are taking a bus to Dubrovnik on the same day is your luggage. The bus station, nor the railway station, have no safe lockers so, if you are traveling with lots of luggage, this might come as a small issue.

A lot better and much more convenient option would be taking a bus to Dubrovnik on the next day. If you have time, this is exactly what you should do in order to fully soak up the atmosphere of this charming BiH gem. One should never skip Mostar if visiting BiH. This charming old town will take you deeply into a romantic postwar feeling of understanding, hope and tolerance.

There is usually only one bus departure to Dubrovnik from Mostar from East Bus station. Bus departs at 4 PM but due to the possible changes depending on the seasons, do make sure to check the timetables at the bus station in Mostar. 

Dubrovnik main bus station is, as we have already mentioned above,located 3kms from the Old Town just next to the ferry terminal in Gruz. The station has a very good local bus connections to Old Town, Lapad, Ploče, or Sveti Jakov. Reaching the station is very simple and you can use one of the following bus lines: Bus 1, 1a, 1b, 3 from Pile (Entrance in the Old Town), Bus 7  from Lapad or Bus 8 from Ploče and Sveti Jakov.

 If you are into adventure and adrenaline you might also consider renting a bike instead taking a bus. Famous Ciro trail is one of the most popular biking trails in the region. It is 90 miles long trail which uses original steam railway built in 1903 and closed in 1976.

Pros: A nice way to explore Mostar and, possibly, some other parts of Herzegovina. Train ride is one of the most spectacular ways to travel from Sarajevo to Mostar.

Cons: Getting your way with heavy luggage, limited train and bus departures, full buses from Mostar

Train ticket price: 15 BAM (cca 8 EUR) in one direction

Bus ticket price: 40 BAM (cca 20 EUR) in one direction

Train Station in Sarajevo

Bus Station in Mostar

Bus Station in Dubrovnik

Ciro Trail Bike Route with Funky Tours

Mostar Old Bridge and Old Town with Neretva River
Mostar Old Bridge and Old Town with Neretva River
Sarajevo to Dubrovnik or opposite: renting a car

So far you have probably realised Sarajevo and Dubrovnik are deeply intertwined and that it is quite a simple thing to travel in between. Renting a car on the way from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik or opposite is one of the convenient options as well. 

When renting a car in Balkan countries, especially BiH, you should keep in mind that prices might vary.  Usual costs of car rental can go from 30-80 EUR per day. If you are automatic type of a driver, do note that most of the cars in Balkan are still manuals. Car rentals do have automatic vehicles but the demand often out-stripes the capacity, especially in summer months. Therefore, make sure to book a car in advance and do it with a reliable company. Some companies will not allow crossing the border unless you are planning a return trip.

Sarajevo To Dubrovnik: What Is The Best Way To Travel?
Cristal clear Neretva river will accompany you for most of the trip through Herzegovina.

Majority of the car rentals will require your credit card details and some will also take a certain amount of deposit. Deposit will serve as an insurance and will be returned shortly after you finish with your trip. Do not book with unregistered companies who are not able to issue an invoice.

There are two routes you can consider when traveling from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik or opposite. Our preference is via Hadžići, Konjic, Jablanica, Mostar and Metković to Dubrovnik by M6 and E73 & M17 routes. This route will take you via Herzegovina region so make sure to make some stops along the way. Another route is via Foca, Gacko, Bileca and Trebinje to Dubrovnik by M20 and M18 roads. This one can be an interesting road trip in case you have already seen most of Herzegovina region.

The fee for dropping a rental car off in a different then pick up country can be very expensive. Drive carefully, watch over the speed limits and be aware of traffic signs. Police patrols and speed radars are all over the way.

Pros: An interesting way of self touring via Herzegovina on the way from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik or opposite, amazing sceneries

Cons: Narrow and mountainous roads, rent a car prices with drop off fee that goes to over 100 EUR

Rent a Car costs: 40-80 EUR per day

Renting a private transfer with a driver

This is another thing that could potentially be an interesting way of traveling from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik or opposite. However, do keep in mind some crucial things during your booking. Tourism in Balkans is the fastest growing branch of the economy. Having in mind the recent events and the fact there was war in most of the countries, tourism is highly helping the region to stay on its feet. That being said, many people are deciding to start their own small transfer companies that are either not registered or only in process of registration. 

When booking a private transfer with a driver you should first check the reliability of the agency you are booking with. Even though it might be the best agency in the world, chances that you will be returned from the border in case it is not valid are very high therefore not worth of risk taking. 

Sarajevo to Dubrovnik
Route from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik via Herzegovina: amazing landscapes

Another thing you will want to confirm is that the company has a proper passenger insurance as well as certified driver. Safety always comes first and there is nothing in the world that could replace a feeling of being in safe hands during your trip. 

When taking a private transfer with driver do check what does the transfer include. While some companies offer just a direct transfer, there are plenty of which will also include some small stops in Mostar or some other places in the region. As long as you do not need a guide, this will be absolutely good replacement for the tour if you confirm the details in advance.

There are many companies offering transfers between these two cities but, based on the experience, renting a company from Sarajevo is a lot budget friendlier. Funky Tours offers private transfers from and to Dubrovnik so do not hesitate to contact us.

Pros: Convenient way of traveling from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik or opposite while making shortstops on the way, no need to concern about driving the narrow roads

Cons: Private transfers can be pricey for budget travellers 

Price of a private transfer with a driver: from 200 EUR per vehicle

Travel with: Funky Tours/ Private Transfers

18 reasons to travel to balkans
Balkan is known for plethora small farms that grow fruits and vegetables without synthetic pesticides and fertilisers. Paradise for foodies who enjoy healthy food.
Full Day Tour from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik or the opposite direction 

This is one of the favourite ways for traveling from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik or opposite. Full day tour will definitely maximise your entire Balkan experience. Moreover, this is a perfect chance to dive into exploring the region of Herzegovina which leaves nobody indifferent.

Over the years, Funky Tours has brought this tour to perfection which testifies numerous TripAdvisor reviews and a fact it has easily become one of our definite departures. Guaranteed departure means that, no matter when or which direction you are traveling, our team will arrange door to door pick up/drop off and will make sure to provide nothing less than an amazing experience.

In a small group (max 8 people) we will take you through the best of Herzegovina and introduce you to small Niagara- Kravica falls, medieval and Ottoman Pocitelj, stunning Blagaj Tekke and its crystal clear Buna river spring, the unique Mostar, historically inevitable Jablanica and charming Konjic with its 17th century Ottoman bridge. 

Funky tours never intentionally comprise high quality standard of the tour. That being said, this is a full day tour that lasts around 12h. Although it might seem a lot, overall experience will pay of.  On the other hand, we have to be honest here and mention there are plenty other Croatian and Bosnian companies offering the similar tour with abbreviated itineraries.

However,  you do need to keep in mind certain things while booking. Since you have taken your time and joining a full day tour, you deserve nothing less than a perfect trip. Remember that your entire trip depends on company you are booking with. Therefore, you should always make a double check and make sure you are booking with a valid and registered company. Although it seems a bit strange, there are numerous non registered agencies that could potentially endanger something that should easily become a highlight of your Balkan trip. 

This is a full day tour so expect nothing less than 11 to 12 hours. If you are in a hurry, for any of the possible reasons, you might reconsider taking a shared tour. Instead, you can contact our team who will do the best to rearrange the tour according to your needs. 

Pros: The best way to soak up the atmosphere of Herzegovina region and see the best of it, no need to worry about driving conditions, licenced guides and professional drivers will make sure everything goes smoothly.

Cons: Tour length, slightly more expensive than some of the options, shared tours

Costs of the tour: 95 EUR per person

Travel with: Funky Tours/ Total Herzegovina Tour OR 2D1N Herzegovina Journey

Sarajevo to Dubrovnik
Bring your swimsuits if traveling in summer (or, if you are brave enough, bring it despite the season)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Should I take a bus or taxi from the airport / bus station to / from my accommodation?

This depends on how willing you are to find your way with public transfer. Public transfer is definitely a budget friendlier option, especially if you are a single traveler but Sarajevo and Belgrade both have very affordable taxi rates.

Tip 1: Ask your taxi driver to turn the meter on or ask someone to call a taxi for you. Overcharging of foreign travelers has become a common practice in the Balkans.
Tip 2: Check with your hosts if they are able to provide a transfer for you. Most of the hotels offer their own transfer which should be no more than regular taxi fare (cca 20 Eur).

I heard that there are two bus stations in Sarajevo. How can I make sure I am at the right one?

Yes, Sarajevo has two separate bus stations- main/central one and the one at the eastern part of the city. The main bus station is in the centre of the city (cca 10 min of tram or taxi ride to the old town). There are no bus departures from the East bus station (Lukavica) to Dubrovnik.

How can I know which car rental allows me to travel from one country to another?

The safest option is going with the bigger car rentals that can be a bit more expensive but will enable you to travel in one way route. Maybe the bigger cost-wise issue is leaving the car in another country, so make sure to check up these fees.

Should I be registering my stay upon arrival to Croatia or Bosnia and Herzegovina?

It depends. Legal obligation of hotels, hostels or apartment hosts is to register you upon your arrival. If by any chance your host can not do so, you should do it on your own by visiting the Foreign Affairs office.

Make sure to bring a proof of accommodation (document issued by accommodation provided stating that you are staying at their place), landlord identification document (copy), your identification document – passport (copy) and payment of 10,00 BAM (KM) for administration taxes.

Why is it necessary to be registered upon arrival and what should I do if my landlord does not want to provide me a document?

One of the reasons for registering, besides the fact it is for your own safety and a standard procedure, is to prevent illegal renting. Many places are offering accommodation illegally meaning they are not registered and do not meet the legal obligations. If your landlord does not want to provide you a document, receipt or register you, you are not compelled to pay.

Tip 1: While crossing the border be sure you carry a document which will serve as a proof that you were registered during your stay in a country. Border control is entitled to ask for it. Simple receipt with a stamp will also do the work.

How can I be sure my travel/transfer agency is credible?

Choose an agency that has an online credibility as well as contact info such as phone number and office address that is open to the public. Ask for their ID or VAT (PDV) number and other business documentation. Always read the reviews online from various sources (Google, Facebook, Tripadvisor etc.)

Is there a minimum number required per tour?

Since this is a very complex trip with many additional costs on the side, most of the agencies do require a minimum of three to confirm the tour. In order to be as reliable as possible towards our single travelers, Funky Tours has decided on a limited number of confirmed departures regardless of the number of participants.

Do I need a passport while traveling from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik?

Yes, you will need a passport for crossing the border between Croatia and BiH.

Is this tour possible in the winter season?

Yes, you can take this tour regardless of the season. As a matter of fact, Herzegovina region has its charm in winter as well.

Is there any discount if I am taking a tour in the winter season?

Having in mind some of the tour attractions are closed during some periods of the winter season, Funky Tours offers discounts. Please see our calendar, select your preferred date of travel and see what discount is applicable.

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