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Kayaking in Bosnia

Piece and Serenity of River Sturba

The gleaming emerald region of West Bosnia is tenderly gaining its certificate for a dream travel destination. Its amazingly beautiful rural landscapes and unmatched hospitality are all that speak a fantasy escape to an ecofriendly environment. So, in this post, we will be sharing with you a perfect outdoor activity, kayaking in Bosnia. For all of you who are into untouched nature and wildlife surrounding this activity is simply a “must”.

West Bosnia: Dodging a Bullet of Modern Civilisation

Enclosed in fifty dazzling shades of green, West Bosnia became a synonym for outdoor activities and healthy rural lifestyle.  Its awe-inspiring crystal clear rivers tucked away at foots of majestically massive and gigantic mountains make this region a must when travelling through Bosnia and Herzegovina. Although tourism is yet to gain ground, it is’s little wonder why this region is considered to be one of the most desirable destinations for the upcoming period. 

The region is far from any mass tourism impact. Therefore, it will let you be on your own with the nature. At the same time, you will have a chance to experience the most charming crash of cultures, nationalities and religions. This destination will simultaneously provide a perfect escape from the modern civilisation and offer an experience of  unique perception of a human.

Whether you are into nature or cultural and historical heritage, West Bosnia and Livno will surely meet your expectations. Opportunities this region is offering are limitless. As a result, you will never be so close to the both – human and nature, no matter how far from civilisation you were.

Livno, Scream of Thousand Streams

Taking into account the strictest world criteria, West Bosnia is famous for its water abundance. The general physical and geographical characteristics of its territory, especially the climate, relief, geological structure and vegetation, contribute to the richness of inland waters, especially river waters. As a result, rivers are the most important source in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is used for water supply of settlements, industry and amazing outdoor activities. 

Livno itself is a charming city that has been left to oblivion for many years. BiH has unfortunately struggled with the epithets of war, suffering and mass destruction for a long time. As a result, it ended up losing an enormous gain in the form of tourism benefit. Therefor, Livno and West Bosnia, despite it boasts enormous potential, has remained out of the list of priorities for a long time.

Kayaking in Bosnia

The tourism potential of Livno and Western Bosnia is astonishing. It definitely deserves all the most beautiful epithets of the most attractive tourist locations. However, the fact that the tourism potential is still insufficiently recognised, many young people are deciding to leave the country. In the absence of job opportunities, young people are deciding to try their luck in one of the promised Utopias of Western Europe.

Kayaking in Bosnia: When There is a Will…

Kayaking in Bosnia is relatively a new thing. However, the fascinating offer throughout the entire country made this activity extremely popular among people from all walks of life. Regardless if you are in for a heart-stopping exhilaration or the peace and serenity of getting lost in the moment, kayaking in Bosnia will never disappoint you. Moreover, it will surprise you more than you could ever expect.

A proof that West Bosnia is becoming more and more recognisable are the three young men who decided to taste their happiness by staying in their hometown and honour it with their innovative ideas.

Growing up in a beautiful village, in the valley of the River Sturba, near Livno, these three students spent their childhood building their friendship and dreams. As a result, the idea arose to share with the rest of the world all the beauties offered by this region. The young minds have decided to try and make their dreams come true exactly where their heart is. That is to say, they decided to bravely step into new ideas and realisations.

Ivo Kaselj, Ivo Konta and Luka Vukovic, three young students, came up with the idea to do something for their city, region and country. In this way, says Ivo Kaselj, CEO of Kayak Sturba agency, they wanted to motivate young people. They decided to prove that “when there is a will, there is a way”.

Kayaking in Bosnia: Spectacular Insight into Community life

The Kayak Sturba team currently has five three – people kayaks, and they certainly don’t plan to stop at this. The crew has great plans for the future including a wider offer of various water sports and intensive promotion of ​​rural tourism in general. Together with his family, Ivo Kaselj is also engaged in growing chickens, various vegetables and grains. In their stunningly beautiful and diverse infield, you will also find a small nurse pond. This young student hopes that his team will soon be able to develop rural tourism and offer guests an insight into charming community life.

Once you decide for kayaking in Bosnia with Kayak Sturba, rest assured that, in addition to amazing kayak experience, you will also have a chance to get a bit of personal touch, meet the local community and discover this amazingly tranquil and friendly village. Therefore, this is activity is never about kayaking only, it is a learning about village life at its fullest potential.

Kayak Sturba currently has several half-day / daily offers. The Funky crew tried their hand at half-day kayaking down the Sturba River. In addition to the beautiful river Sturba, they also offers kayaking on Mandek and Busko Lake

Kayaking in Bosnia

Besides the idyllic views and an incredibly homely environment, you will also have a chance to enjoy some tasty local barbecue and refreshments for lunch. The goal is to pay a maximum attention to every guest. In addition to the amazingly safe and well-organised trip you will certainly have a chance to enjoy a captivating energy of these young people.

Why decide on Kayaking in Bosnia

This matchless activity will provide great fun and lots of laugh. Most importantly, it doesn’t really matter if this is your first time kayaking or not. A once in a lifetime experience is absolutely guaranteed.  Besides some good fun, this is definitely one of the activities that will make you feel absolutely embraced by nature. While silently floating or gently paddling over the crystal clear river you will simply feel welcomed as a member of its amazing wildlife surrounding. 

To sum up, kayaking will certainly enable you a chance to get closer to the nature that you ever were. The interaction with the environment you will have while kayaking is simply fascinating. Further more, you will have a chance to access the sights and enjoy the spectacular views and sceneries. That is to say, you will experience the places that are hardly accessible by most of the other outdoor activities. The serenity that recreational kayaking is offering is absolutely priceless. Far away from everyday noise of urban settings, you will have a chance to work on your physical and mental condition.

For example, according the research by Leanna Fines and Dough Nicholas paddling benefits emotional and mental health. Moreover, it is great for aerobic exercise and, actually you can burn up to 300 caloriesjust by one hour of kayaking.

rural and eco tourism of BiH

In other words, whether you want to hang out, have some fun, or go out on a competitive streak, kayaking is for you.  Above all, kayaking is certainly qualified as one of the outdoor activities which allows you engaging with your close ones. Most importantly, creating long lasting sensational memories.

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