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Regional Products of West Bosnia

Forgotten Oasis of Unique Manufacture

West Bosnia Regional Products
“Livanjski sir” (Eng. “Livno cheese”) is always good with glass of white vine or dried meat.

West Bosnia is Mecca for production of organic food. It’s important to know that in this part of Bosnia industry was never the main branch of income. Regional Products of West Bosnia are world wide known. Most importantly, West Bosnia is a pollution free zone! Another reason and most important one is, of course, nature’s potential. West Bosnia is known for its domed mountains, platforms and karst fields, which are perfect for cattle breeding. Weather is characteristic for strong winters and cool summers.

Regional Products of West Bosnia: Something for anyone’s taste

Beauty of this region is the cuisine, as a result of diversity. Never-mind if you are a meat lover or vegetarian you will find something tasty for yourself! This region is most well known for products like cheese, but also beef, veal and lamb. If you tried somewhere else those types of meat trust us here is much different and more tasty. Best proof is when tourists from all around the world say: “oh it’s like I try this type of meat for the first time”. The meat is so good because it’s outdoor cattle that eats fresh non-polluted grass and drinks clear water. Also you should try rakija (alcohol drink), liquors, different types of jams, honey, butter and many others. West Bosnia is rich with plums, cornel cherries, quinces, cherries, apples, pears and elderberries. Honey quality is special because you have grass and flower diversity. 

Split and Croatian coastline are very close! Therefore you can reach West Bosnia in a maximum of 1 hour and 30 minutes drive. As a result of proximity lots of these products are served in Dalmatia. 
Some of them are: Livno cheese (bos. Livanjski sir), Kupres cheese (bos. Kupreški sir), Livanjac cheese (bos. Livanjac sir), Cincar cheese (bos. Cincar sir). 

Franz Joseph an Emperor with a Good Taste for Cheese

“Livanjski sir” (Eng. Livno cheese) has a European story from the times of Austro – Hungarian empire. After Bosnia & Herzegovina was annexed in 1878. by Austro – Hungarian empire, Franz Joseph decided for more joy on his table. He knew about the Bosnian natural potential so he sent the French agronomist Cyprian Jaillet from Lorena to experiment with cheese. Franz Joseph also made a trade gymnasium and agricultural station. In other words the emperor had a good taste!  

In 1900. Jaillet was already producing really quality and well known cheese such as: roquefort, liptauer, trappist. Most importantly Livno was discovered as a huge potential for cheese production. Therefore you need to know the fact! Original “Livanjski sir” is made only by milk from the Livno area and of course with the standard recipe procedure. Jaillet was experimenting with swiss recipes and in addition to that he made the “Formaggio Svizzero”. After WWI that cheese became known as “Livanjski sir”.  Endemic European sheeps, climate and vegetation of nearby mountains made the cheese unique. Jaillet recipe is still in use, meanwhile with very small possibilities of deviation. 

Regional Products of West Bosnia
Mountain Cincar – Where it all began 100 years ago

“Livanjski sir” is mostly made with 70% sheep milk and 30 % cow milk and it’s a full – fat cheese. Cheese ripening takes about 60 days minimum, while traditionally is stored beneath soil  in special rooms for that. At the beginning you need to flip the cheese every day for better quality. Natural environment beneath the soil is best for him because cheese needs moisture and sun protection. Cheese production is limited to 6 months due to the sheep milk period. It can be made just with cow milk but again original is with minimum 60 % sheep milk. Most important is what kind of grass and flowers cows and sheeps eat.

Agriculture “EcoLife” Livno proudly presenting 100 years of tradition

Poljoprivreda “Ecolife” (Eng. Agriculture “Ecolife”) is based in Livno, village Guber, about 10 minutes drive from the town. Address of  Agriculture “Ecolife” is Livno, Mali Guber b.b. 80101. To be more precise it’s based on the main road to Split.

Poljoprivreda “Ecolife” has 100 years of tradition! In other words it’s the third generation of the Burkić family that runs this eco production. Nedžad (Eng. Nejad) Burkić and his wife Irma are now the most active members. Irma learned the techniques from her mother in law and she was proudly representing them to us. Nedžad is more on the field with the shepherd taking care of sheeps and cows. It was amazing to see the sheeps eating the grass in harmony in the fabulous karst field of Livno. Nedžad and his shephard are milking the sheeps and cows by hand and it’s astonishing how they do that faster than the machine. Even more unbelievable is how the sheeps know when it’s milking time and they only trust two of them!

Regional Products of West Bosnia
Poljoprivreda “EcoLife” – 100 years of family tradition

They have about 350 sheeps and 15 cows. It is outdoor cattle, therefore the milk is better but also the meat as well. The cattle eats in the best area of Livno karst field, while it’s moving all day long. The production of one year period is about 6 tons maximum and it’s mostly original “Livanjski sir”. The rest is mostly cow milk cheese, because the sheeps are not giving any milk in the winter period. Poljoprivreda “EcoLife” in one year period produces about 400 kg of dried meat, cow and sheep. Available for sale in winter time! “Ecolife” main market is Dalmatia.

As you can see everything that they produce is organic and 100 % handmade, don’t hesitate, come and try “EcoLife” products!

Regional Products of West Bosnia: Poljoprivreda “EcoLife”
Bosnia & Herzegovina, Livno, Mali Guber b.b. 80101
Nedžad Burkić
+387 63 831 877

Regional Products of West Bosnia: Kupres Milch

West Bosnia is like a fairytale for cheese stories that are marked with love, passion and dedication. Mister Smail Žilić is a fabulous example of how strong will and passion can move all barriers! Above all, this impressive story is a perfect example that an ordinary man can do something for his community. German organisation was helping Bosnia & Herzegovina in the development of milk industrie, therefore Mr. Žilić took his chance. The help that he got was a good injection for a start.

To sum up it became one of the best cheese dairies in the country! This story is even more amazing if we say that Mr. Žilić is from Sarajevo and he was highly ranked in the Federal institute for food. It’s not so often that someone changes the capital for a town like Kupres that has about 5 000 inhabitants. He managed to convince his wife to move to Kupres, after what everything started. For the future of this lovely story is important that his son Vedad and daughter Vildana are also in business.  

Kupres plateau is another example that West Bosnia is an eco oasis! Of course Mr. Žilić knew this potential and that was his main path for success. Kupres plateau and other places from where “Kupres Milch” gets the milk are similar by biodiversity.  Other areas where they get milk are Central Bosnian mountains and other karst fields of West Bosnia.

Area of Kupres plateau is surrounded by mountains like Stožer (1758 m), Ljubuša (1797 m), Malovan (1828 m), Vitorog (1906 m) and more. Kupres plateau is on the elevation level of 1130 meters, therefore you can make a conclusion. Climate, biodiversity and landscape combined with the strong will of people made a magnificent cheese.  

Regional Products of West Bosnia
Smail Žilić as the best example that passion, love and dedication pays off

“Kupres Milch” Cheese as Passion, Love and Dedication

“KupresMilch” in such a short time managed to travel to a big part of the world. “KupresMilch” won the first prize at the Balkan “Cheese Festival 2019”! The company also was at the cheese festival in Shanghai, Istanbul and many other places. Main export is based to Turkey and Arab countries. They process about 400 000 l of cow milk mostly, which is enough for about 30 t of cheese.

“KupresMilch” has few types of cheese and some of them are goat cheese, Kupres cheese regular, Kupres cheese with flavours like chokeberry or pepper, smoked Kupres cheese and many others. “Kupreški sir” (Eng. “Kupres Cheese”) is full – fat cheese and we can say it’s “Livanjski sir” younger brother.  For the future “KupresMilch” is thinking about tourism, therefore Mr. Žilić is planning to make a restaurant, cheese movie room and apartments.

Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kupres, Put Ljekovitog Bilja b.b. 80320
Smail Žilić
+387 61 299 141

Regional Products of West Bosnia
O.P.G. Đikić orchard waiting for fruit picking

“O.P.G. Đikić” Livno as a family example of successes

O.P.G. Đikić (Bos. Obiteljsko Poljoprivredno Gazdinstvo : Eng. Family Agricultural Holding) was founded in 2010. but serious production started in 2012. This is another family example in West Bosnia how it is possible to be innovative. Zoran Đikić had the idea, but also the support and that was his wife Ljiljana. Zoran said that he wanted to invest something in Bosna, therefore he earned some money in Germany. After what he invested in family agriculture! Nowadays Zoran has 7 O.P.G. in Livno Canton and one in Bugojno with whom he cooperates. Moreover he also has his own orchard. 

O.P.G. Đikić production is 100 % eco and handmade. Zoran is very proud of his work and he proudly represented his diverse products. Zoran produces roasted red pepper sauce, sour salad, liquors, rakija and jam. You name it O.P.G Đikić has it! Zoran produces 8 types of jams like eglantine jam, raspberry jam, chokeberry jam, blackberry jam, plum jam, etc. He also has different types of liquors like chocolate, cherry, blackberry, scarlet runner, raspberry, lemon, etc. When it’s about rakija again there is lots of diversity like plum, quince, apple, herbal, pear, grape, etc. 

O.P.G. Đikić produces 5 t of crystal rakija, 2 t of apple rakija, 1 t of grape rakija, etc. Drinks are 10 to 15 euros mostly.  

Regional Products of West Bosnia: O.P.G. Đikić 
Bosnia & Herzegovina, Livno, Svetog Ive 9, 80101
Zoran Đikić
+ 387 63 412 540

Regional Products of West Bosnia
Zoran is proud of his work – Blackberry liquor

“O.P.G. Šperac” Livno will make you more beautiful and healthy

You heard it, more beautiful and healthy! O.P.G. (Bos. Obiteljsko Poljoprivredno Gazdinstvo : Eng. Family Agricultural Holding) Šperac has a honey tradition over 20 years. But the Šperac family has more than 100 years of honey tradition. You already  learned that there is no success without passion and dedication, therefore O.P.G. Šperac is a perfect example.

Regional Products of West Bosnia
Slavica proudly presenting ”Šperac” honey products

The family business is divided into honey production and cosmetic production. You can guess that for the honey business Mirando is in charge and for cosmetics his wife Slavica. Their charming family will fill your hearts with love and joy while they present  the products. Some of the most interesting things that they like to show is honey extraction. That will for sure bring you closer to old good days of manufacture. The honey extraction is done from June till September. Mirando manages to produce about 1 ton of honey in one year, therefore manufacture is mostly dependable on weather conditions. Forage for bees is the beautiful landscape of West Bosnia. Mirando mostly takes his bees for forage to plateau Krug or Livno karst field.

When we speak about cosmetics Slavica is a professional and she is very proud of her work. She even quit the job of market manager, as a result of passion and devotion towards honey and cosmetic manufacture. Slavica started the cosmetic manufacture 5 years ago and it’s impressive what kind of products she has. She produces salve and balsams from bee wax, also body butter, hair shampoos, creams, essential oils and serums for face. Soaps are also handmade products, you have different aromas, like lavender, rose, dried herb mix and many others.

Regional Products of West Bosnia
Charming shop: “Pčelinjaci Šperac”

Served comb honey and rakija made of honey will wait for you as a welcoming! Do not hesitate, pack your stuff and come to West Bosnia. 

Regional Products of West Bosnia: O.P.G. Šperac
Bosnia & Herzegovina, Livno, Kneza Višeslava b.b. 80101
Mirando Šperac
+ 387 63 428 412 

“Farma Podhum” Livno as a new home for  Salers cattle

Salers is a breed of  cattle that is originally from Cantal, France. Cantal is a Massif Central of France, therefore this breed of cattle prefers higher elevation levels. Salers is about 1.4 meters high and weighs about 750 kg. They have a thick, mahogany red or black coat and long lyre – shaped horns.

This is also a story of moving from big cities to small peaceful eco – zones. Mate Omazić moved back from Zagreb to Livno, like his friend Thomas Halm that came from Nebraska. Two of them are owners of the farm and they are  a school example for motivation speeches. 

Regional Products of West Bosnia
West Bosnia is a paradise for production of healthy and organic products

West Bosnia generally has pretty high elevation, therefore the Salers cattle could find their home in this part of Balkans. Area where the Salers are on open is about 700 to 1000 meters above sea level. “Farma Podhum” Livno (Bos. Farna Podhum : Eng. Farm Podhum) stretches over 300 ha of space. The farm got the first halal certificate for Salers cattle in Bosnia & Herzegovina. “Farma Podhum” Livno also got the first EU certificate for this branch of cattle in the country as well. The milk quality from Salers cattle is really good and in France is well known for “Salers cheese” & “Cantal cheese”. Farm bases the income mostly on breeding and in that way spreading all around the country this kind of cattle. Smaller percentage of cattle goes for slothering, for meat purposes. 

Agrotourism is their next step, to round out the story of the first Salers farm in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Owners of the farm Mate Omazić and Thomas Patrick Halm can be definitely proud of their work and will. They also do actions of cleaning wild dumps, only what we can say is thank you !

Regional Products of West Bosnia: Farma Podhum Bosnia & Herzegovina,  Livno, Podhum b.b. 80101
Mate Omazić & Thomas Patrick Halm 
+387 63 080 941

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