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Croatian 10-Day Adriatic Summer Dream: Explore Dubrovnik & Split, and Sail Croatia to Kornati NP, Zlarin, and Šibenik Archipelago in 6+4 Days

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10 Days
Availability : May to Oct
Dubrovnik | Split | Kornati NP
Tour Overview

Discover the Adriatic Summer Dream, a 10 days package crafted to let your inner explorer thrive and go beyond the usual Croatia experience. Our expert team has hand-picked the must-see spots of Dubrovnik, Split and its surroundings, blending them with distinctive 4-days sailing journey into the undiscovered beauty of Croatian islands and stunning Kornati National Park.

Over the first six days, you will have the chance to luxuriate in Croatia’s favorites, Dubrovnik and Split, while residing in carefully selected 4-star hotels. You will delve into the local culture and encounter numerous surprises which will take you beyond the surface.

To offer a distinct contrast to the vibrant energy of Dalmatia’s favorites, we have crafted a unique sailing getaway which will infuse your holiday with a touch of serenity and a distinctive experience.

You will have the chance to revel in the pristine waters of Kornati National Park, explore the hidden treasures of Zlarin, Kaprije, and Tijat islands, hike the breathtaking trails of Krka National Park, and immerse yourself in the captivating settings of Šibenik and Skradin.

With a maximum capacity of only 8+2 adventurers, our luxury catamaran provides air-conditioned private en-suite cabins, along with international breakfast and DIY lunch options.

In a nutshell, we’ve ensured that each day unfolds as a truly unique and captivating journey, offering an exceptional way to discover the beauty of Croatia in an intimate experience.


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What's Included

  • English speaking local-expert guide and driver for 6 days
  • Accommodation at 4* hotel (twin / double rooms) for 6 nights.
  • Meals included – 10 breakfasts; 2 dinners; 1 oyster tasting
  • Airport transfer and all tour overland transfers.
  • English speaking catamaran skipper-captain for 4 days.
  • Accommodation in double, air-con, en-suite cabins for 3 nights.
  • Bringing your own food and drinks to catamaran is just fine.
  • Free transfer on Day 10 to Split, Zagreb and Zadar.
  • All government taxes & VAT.
  • Logistic costs of fuel, mooring and marinas.
  • WiFi on board, dinghy, SUP, snorkeling gear.
  • Cancellation Flexibility.
  • No hidden costs. All government taxes & entrance fees.
  • Pay safely online with a credit card. We accept payments for all types of credit cards.
  • Personal travel insurance is not included. Please buy it in home country.
  • All tours are shared unless specifically booked as private.
  • Tips are not included in the tour costs. If you receive excellent service, please consider tipping.

Getting There

  • DubrovnikMost convenient arrival point is Dubrovnik International Airport (DBV), but you are free to require this package to start from Sarajevo (SJJ), Tivat (TIV) or Podgorica (TGD) as well.
  • ArrivalYour arrival on Day 1 can be anytime.
  • DepartureTour ends in the afternoon of Day 10. You can schedule your departure or possibly consider a post-trip tour extension.


DAY 1: Welcome to Dubrovnik

Destination:Dubrovnik, Croatia
Accommodation:4* Hotel
Meals Included:D
Driving Time:0.30hrs

Dubrovnik view from the cable cars
Explore Dubrovnik’s charm as history and coastal allure intertwine in its timeless beauty.

Arrival Note:Upon your arrival in Dubrovnik, we extend a heartfelt welcome and ensure the beginning of your journey is as seamless and delightful as the city itself. Your 4-star accommodation awaits, promising a haven for relaxation and preparation for the enchanting exploration.

After a well-deserved rest, our dedicated team will meet you at the hotel to commence your Dubrovnik experience. The evening unfolds with a special touch – a complimentary welcome dinner to immerse you in the local culture. This intimate gathering serves as a perfect opportunity to connect with your knowledgeable guide and fellow travelers while savoring the delightful nuances of authentic local cuisine.

As the sun sets over the Adriatic, you’ll find yourself in the midst of a relaxed evening, surrounded by the rich flavors and convivial atmosphere of Dubrovnik. The complimentary welcome dinner introduces you to the city’s vibrant culinary scene and cultivates connections with fellow explorers. Share travel tales, exchange insider tips, and revel in the camaraderie that transforms every journey into a collection of cherished memories.


  • No cars allowed: The limestone-paved main street in the Old Town, known as the Stradun or Placa, was constructed after the 1667 earthquake. The Old Town of Dubrovnik is famously car-free. The narrow, winding streets and historic architecture make it inaccessible to cars, creating a unique and pedestrian-friendly environment.
  • World’s oldest pharmacy: The Franciscan Monastery in Dubrovnik houses one of the oldest pharmacies in Europe, dating back to 1317. The pharmacy is still operational and showcases historical medicinal artifacts.
  • City Gates: Dubrovnik has three main city gates: Pile Gate, Ploče Gate, and Buža Gate. Each gate has its own historical significance and offers a picturesque entry point into the Old Town.
  • City Walls as filming location: In addition to being a Game of Thrones filming location, the city walls of Dubrovnik have been featured in various films and TV shows, including Star Wars: The Last Jedi and the TV series Knightfall.
  • Quarantine island: The nearby island of Lokrum served as a quarantine site during the 19th century. Visitors to Dubrovnik had to spend some time on Lokrum before entering the city to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

DAY 2: Pearl of the Adriatic: Discovering Dubrovnik

Destination:Dubrovnik, Croatia
Accommodation:4* Hotel
Meals Included:B, D
Driving Time:0.20hrs

Dubrovnik view from the cable cars
The must-see attraction of Dubrovnik is the cable cars taking you to the Srđ hill. Enjoy the beautiful views or stunning sunsets of Dubrovnik.

Activity Note:Today’s itinerary includes walking on uneven terrain. Make sure to have some water with you, and always pay attention to the present-day weather forecast.

After breakfast, we will engage in an exploration that will transform the city into a living, breathing entity with a story to tell.

Our adventure begins with a visit to the historic Old Town of Dubrovnik, a UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for its medieval charm and stunning architecture. The city walls, fortresses, and well-preserved buildings transport you back in time, offering a captivating glimpse into Dubrovnik’s rich history.

A locally guided walking tour will take you through the labyrinthine streets of the Old Town, where you’ll discover iconic landmarks such as the Rector’s Palace, Sponza Palace, and the Franciscan Monastery.

During our walks we will make sure to go beyond the conventional tourist trails and offer you the opportunity to truly meet Dubrovnik in all its historical and cultural depth, rather than merely scratching the surface.

As the afternoon unfolds, we bid farewell to the bustling rhythms of the city and venture into the serene embrace of rural landscapes, arriving at a quintessential family homestead near Dubrovnik.

Upon arrival, you’ll step into a world where time-honored culinary practices have been handed down through generations. The gracious hosts, embodying the warmth of Dubrovnik’s hospitality, will welcome you with a refreshing drink. Equipped with all the necessary tools, they will guide you through the intricate steps of Dubrovnik cuisine, turning this culinary escapade into a delightful education.

After dinner, we will get back to your hotel, but the night is still long, so make sure to enjoy some walks and the vibrant nightlife of Dubrovnik.


Adriatic Culinary Art & Delights: Escape the city to a charming family homestead. Experience generations-old culinary traditions with warm hosts, enjoy a refreshing welcome drink and dive into the art of Dubrovnik cuisine.

This isn’t just a cooking class; it’s an immersion into local life, far from the bustling rhythms of the city, that will enable you to savor the authentic flavors of Dubrovnik and connect with the soul of the region. Picture yourself handpicking fresh ingredients from the garden for a flavorful meal.

DAY 3: Decisions on the Adriatic: Dubrovnik or Kotor

Destination:Split, Croatia
Accommodation:4* Hotel
Meals Included:B
Driving Time:2.45hrs

Dubrovnik view from the cable cars
Perast islets of Our Lady of the Rock and St.George

Activity Note:Use the Funky Tours benefits of your optional day and decide what kind of activity you would like to engage with on Day 3. Our recommended plan for the day is to visit Montenegro and Kotor Bay. On the other hand, you can opt for a free day or use help from our team to indulge in some amazing activities in and around Dubrovnik.

If you opt for Montenegro, prepare yourself for an incredible journey with breathtaking sights and unforgettable moments. Our first stop will take us to the famous Perast village in the picturesque Kotor Bay area. We will enjoy leisurely walks, delve into the fascinating history of the islet of Our Lady of The Rocks, and do a short and serene boat ride to the enchanting Church of Our Lady of the Rocks.

Moving on, we’ll explore Kotor, a UNESCO heritage site steeped in 2,500 years of history. We will wander through its narrow, maze-like streets, absorbing captivating stories and legends lurking over each corner. Take in the city’s charm and make sure to navigate both the main and hidden streets and squares.

We will leave Kotor after the lunch break but make sure to keep some space for the local treat.

Our final destination is the renowned Lustica Peninsula, where we’ll venture into a local olive garden and an old olive mill. Delight in the flavors of local treats as our hosts guide us through the processes of growing, harvesting, and crafting olive oil. This day promises an exquisite blend of history, culture, and culinary delights, ensuring each moment is as remarkable as the last.

We should reach Dubrovnik late in the afternoon and it is your time to make the most of the atmosphere of Dubrovnik. Take in the sights, indulge in some delicious local meals, savor the local wines, and immerse yourself in the vibrant music scene.


  • Rector’s Palace: Discover the rich history of Dubrovnik at the Rector’s Palace, a meticulously preserved symbol of the city’s past. Marvel at its intricate architecture, showcasing a blend of Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque styles. Step inside to explore the palace’s chambers, which house a captivating collection of artifacts and exhibits, offering a fascinating journey through the cultural heritage of Dubrovnik.
  • Dubrovnik Cable Car: Experience the famous Dubrovnik cable car ride to the summit of Mount Srđ. You can soak in breathtaking panoramic views and the mesmerizing Adriatic Sea from this elevated vantage point. Besides some amazing vistas, you will also find the Museum of Homeland War, which provides a comprehensive look into the Croatian War of Independence (1991-1995) and the defense of Dubrovnik during the conflict. For active travelers, consider hiking up Mount Srđ instead of taking the cable car.
  • Kupari: Explore the hauntingly beautiful ruins of Kupari, a former Yugoslav military resort. Once a vibrant vacation destination for the Yugoslav military, Kupari now stands as a poignant testament to the passage of time. The dilapidated hotels and crumbling infrastructure tell a silent story of the region’s complex history, making it an evocative place for those seeking a glimpse into the remnants of an era that has long faded away..
  • Banje Beach: Relax and unwind at Banje Beach, located just steps away from the historic Old Town. With its crystal-clear waters and stunning views of the city walls, Banje Beach is the perfect spot to soak up the sun and enjoy the Adriatic coastline.
  • Lokrum island: The nearby island of Lokrum served as a quarantine site during the 19th century. Visit Lokrum Island, just a short boat ride from Dubrovnik. Walk through beautiful gardens, see old buildings, and enjoy the calm away from the busy city. Don’t be surprised if you meet some friendly peacocks along the way!

DAY 4: Ston Delights & Split Sojourn

Destination:Split, Croatia
Accommodation:Hotel 4*
Meals Included:B
Driving Time:3.30hrs

Dubrovnik view from the cable cars
Welcome to Split, a city of ancient wonders and modern vibrancy.

For the next two days, we are exploring the amazing city of Split, but before we reach it, we will make sure to introduce you to the world of medieval walls and fascinating seafood.

Get set for a delightful day brimming with exploration in Ston! As we journey to this historical gem, you’ll be transported back in time by the impressive medieval walls that surround the town, each brick echoing stories of a bygone era. But that’s just the beginning of the adventure – get your taste buds ready for a unique experience as we delve into an oyster-tasting extravaganza. Picture yourself enjoying these delectable treats, freshly harvested from the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic.

After savoring the flavors of Ston, we’ll bid adieu to this charming coastal town, setting our course for the vibrant city of Split. Over the next two days, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich culture, history, and lively atmosphere that Split has to offer. So, buckle up for a journey filled with tales from the past, culinary delights, and the excitement of exploring Split’s lively streets.

Upon our arrival, we’ll swiftly check into our fantastic hotel. Equipped with maps and insider tips for the best dinner spots, you’ll have the freedom to explore the city at your own pace.


Oyster Tasting; Delights: Get ready for a treat and prepare for a delightful surprise as we delve into the tender, succulent world of oysters in Ston, Croatia.

Freshly harvested from the Adriatic waters by local fishermen, these oysters boast remarkably tender meat, promising a mouthwatering experience in every bite.Their smooth and delicate texture adds a special touch, making the oyster tasting in Ston an unforgettable adventure into the rich flavors of the sea.

DAY 5: In the Heart of Dalmatia: Discovering Split

Destination:Split, Croatia
Accommodation:Hotel 4*
Meals Included:B
Driving Time:0.30hrs

Sail Croatia
Split is famous for its beautiful beaches and rich history, creating a perfect destination where sun, sea, and the past come together in harmony.

Welcome to Dalmatia, where your mornings are serenaded by gentle sunlight and the refreshing scent of the stunning Adriatic Sea. Your centrally located hotel in Split promises a delightful start with a buffet breakfast featuring the best of Dalmatian and International cuisines. Take your time to savor the flavors and enjoy the atmosphere, and when you’re ready to explore, we’ll be there to pick you up.

Today’s adventure will enable you to discover one of the most enchanting Mediterranean destinations. Split is more than just a city; it is a captivating experience. They say that loving Split is not a choice but a certainty.

Early in the morning, we’ll embark on an extensive walking tour, delving deep into the heart of Split. We’ll journey through the ages, tracing the city’s origins back to Roman times, and marvel at the layers of history, architectural wonders, and the vibrant urban spirit that defines this fantastic destination.

The grandeur of the 4th-century Diocletian’s Palace, the essence of the city’s urban life, sets the stage for a journey through time. Protected and maintained by UNESCO, this historic center offers a glimpse into the rich tapestry of ancient civilizations.

In the afternoon and evening, we will let you be on your own and immerse yourself in the local ambiance at your own pace. Explore the lively markets, perhaps sampling some local delicacies, or take a leisurely stroll along the scenic waterfront promenade known as the Riva.


  • Roman Roots: Did you know that Split’s history dates back over 1,700 years to when the Roman Emperor Diocletian built his palace here? In fact, the city developed around this palace, making it one of the best-preserved Roman structures in the world.
  • Living in an entire palace: People still live within the Diocletian palace walls today. The ancient palace is not just a historical site but a vibrant part of Split’s living city center, with shops, cafes, and residences.
  • Game of Thrones: Several scenes from the popular TV series Game of Thrones were actually filmed in Split. Diocletian’s Palace served as the backdrop for some of the show’s iconic moments.
  • Egyptian Sphynx: Diocletian brought it from Egypt and placed it at the entrance of his palace. It’s one of the few sphinxes outside of Egypt that is still in its original location.
  • Ultra Europe Festival: Split hosts one of the largest electronic music festivals in the world, Ultra Europe. This annual event attracts music enthusiasts from around the globe, transforming the city into a pulsating hub of beats and excitement.

DAY 6: Soulful Split or Plitvice's Timeless Beauty – Your Choice

Destination:Split, Croatia
Accommodation:Hotel 4*
Meals Included:B
Driving Time:4.30hrs

Plitvice Lakes
Plitvice is celebrated for its stunning waterfalls and lush landscapes, weaving a natural tapestry that captivates with its beauty.

Activity Note:We take joy and pride in showcasing the captivating beauty of the region and Croatia to our amazing guests and providing immersive experiences. However, we also understand the allure of independent adventures. As a suggestion, we recommend exploring the captivating Plitvice Lakes, our special of the day.

Setting out on a day of discovery, we bid farewell to the charm of Split and directed our path toward the breathtaking Plitvice National Park. The scenic journey, unfolding over approximately 2 hours, will guide us through the picturesque Croatian countryside.

Beyond its stunning landscapes, Plitvice National Park boasts a narrative steeped in history. Established as a national park in 1949 and graced with UNESCO World Heritage status in 1979, it preserves both natural beauty and cultural significance.

Nestled in the heart of Croatia, Plitvice National Park unveils an amazingly rich tapestry of waterfalls, lakes, and hiking trails. The park stands as one of the favorite Croatian destinations and draws nature enthusiasts worldwide.

For the next four hours, we will do some nice, easy hikes and spectacular and serene boat rides. Whether you’re an avid trekker or seeking a tranquil stroll amidst the woodland, Plitvice National Park is surely your safe haven.

After we explore this bewitching area, we will have a lunch break and enjoy tasty local dishes, which the Lika region is so known for.


  • Hike the Marjan Hill: Dominating the cityscape, Marjan Hill stands as a serene low mountain surrounded by the sea and the city. A pristine natural preserve, it offers an ideal setting for enjoyable and leisurely hikes. The ascent of Marjan Hill takes approximately 2 hours, promising a rewarding experience with breathtaking views that stretch over Split and the surrounding towns and villages.
  • Beach Bliss: Beyond the enchanting center of Split, the city’s beaches emerge as its most prized asset, cherished not only during the vibrant summer season but also in the quieter winter months. Among the renowned beaches are Bačvice, Kasjuni, Bene, Firule, Žnjan, and Kaštelet. Bačvice Beach, the city’s most popular, takes the spotlight with picigin, a lively game recognized as UNESCO intangible cultural heritage. Spot locals engaging in picigin as you stroll along the beach
  • Savour local delicacies: Immerse yourself in the diverse local cuisine of the region, a culinary adventure not to be missed. Given Split’s coastal location, Mediterranean influences dominate, complemented by an excellent selection of traditional Dalmatian dishes.
  • Pub Crawl: Enjoy the lively atmosphere of Split’s nightlife with the popular Pub Crawl experience. Navigate drinking games, engage in pong and flip cup, mingle with locals, and explore multiple bars in one exhilarating night. Running seven days a week, Pub Crawl offers an all-inclusive package for 25 EUR per person, treating you to an open bar from 9 PM to 11.30 PM. The night continues with “all you can drink” festivities, often culminating in dancing until the early morning at one of Split’s renowned nightclubs.

Day 7: Into the Blue - Setting Sail

Destination:Tribunj Marina | Kornati National Park
Inclusions:DIY Lunch | Swim stops | Relax time
Sailing Time:1.30 – 2.00hrs
Optional:Hike to Opat Peak to witness out-of-this-world sunsets overlooking the Kornati archipelago | Dinner at one of amazing Opat restaurant

Dubrovnik view from the cable cars
Set sail on a nautical escapade, where the sea becomes our playground, and each wave carries us toward new destinations and moments of both adventure and serenity.

Activity Note:Now that we are completely familiar with Dubrovnik, Split, and all the treasures in and around, we are ready to set sail. Our team will pick you up from your hotel after breakfast and drive to the marina, where we will meet our captain.

We will start our adventure by meeting the captain, a seasoned local expert intimately acquainted with every corner of the region. More than just a skilled navigator, our captain is a repository of local knowledge. With every nautical mile, rest assured you’re in capable hands, ensuring a secure and personalized experience throughout the journey.

As the sun graces the horizon, embark from the captivating Marina Tribunj on our luxurious catamaran, following a comprehensive itinerary and safety briefing. Feel the caress of the Adriatic breeze and let the voyage to Kornati National Park unfold.

Don’t forget to keep your camera close – the “nautical paradise” of Kornati Islands, a haven for sailing enthusiasts, unfolds with its 149 islands, islets, and reefs in the azure sea.

We will spend the afternoon navigating to the secluded gems of the southern Kornati National Park, where azure waters meet rugged landscapes and drop an anchor in a tranquil bay. Immerse yourself in a refreshing swim in crystal-clear waters, setting the stage for relaxation.

Indulge in various activities – from paddleboarding and sunbathing on the deck to unwinding with a good book or simply contemplating life. There’s a space for every mood as you soak in the beauty of the surroundings.

As daylight transforms, you can savor a dinner experience at one of the region’s finest local restaurants. Relish fresh seafood and Dalmatian delicacies against the backdrop of a sun setting below the horizon.

Your captain will unveil hidden gems for meticulously prepared dinners, homemade wines, and herbal aperitifs crafted from age-old recipes.

Over the nightfall, as stars illuminate the sky, gather on the catamaran’s deck. Share stories and laughter under the celestial tapestry, creating memories that shimmer like constellations. This sailor’s haven is where the sea whispers tales, and camaraderie echoes in the sea breeze.

Day 8: Islands of Kaprije and Kakan, Krka Canyon, Skradin & Krka National Park

Destination:Kakan and Kaprije Islands | Krka NP | Skradin
Inclusions:Breakfast | DIY Lunch | Swim stops
Sailing Time:3.30 – 3.45hrs
Optional:Krka National Park | Dinner at Skradin

Sail Croatia
We will explore the remote islands and the well-known iconic destinations, discovering a diverse tapestry of experiences ranging from secluded tranquility to bustling energy.

As the sun spills its golden hues across the horizon, savor a delightful continental breakfast aboard the catamaran in the morning.

With the ascending sun, we will journey to the captivating Islands of Kaprije and Kakan, where a canvas of tranquility awaits you.

We will arrive at Borovnjak Lagoon, nestled between Kakan and Kaprije in the mid-day and relish some free time. Dip into the azure waters, paddle beneath the Mediterranean sun, and let the serene deck become your sanctuary. Here, time isn’t a taskmaster but a companion to be savored at your own pace.

Post a communal onboard lunch, we will chart a course and glide through Adriatic toward the Krka National Park and the quaint town of Skradin.

As the anchor finds its place in the village of Skradin, immerse yourself in its ancient embrace, a Croatian haven favored even by global celebrities like Bill Gates, as Forbes notes. The scenic hills adorned with olive trees and vineyards form a captivating backdrop, setting the stage for a unique exploration and an opportunity to savor the rich tapestry of local flavors.

Before venturing into Skradin, consider an optional activity: a local boat ride from Skradin to Skradinski Buk (waterfall) to explore the stunning Krka National Park on foot.

The trail at Krka National Park, a charming wooden pathway, meanders through the natural landscape. Crafted from warm, weathered wood, the trail offers a rustic, immersive experience, allowing you to connect with nature while preserving the park’s delicate ecosystem.

As the sun bids adieu in the evening, choose your evening escapade. Immerse yourself in the charm of Skradin, wandering its historic streets and tasting the regional flavors. Allow the night to unfold, be it a riverside stroll or a tranquil night beneath the stars at your catamaran.

Day 9: Šibenik & Zlarin Island

Destination:Šibenik | Zlarin Island
Inclusions:Breakfast | DIY Lunch | Swim stops
Sailing Time:1.15 – 1.30hrs
Optional:Explore Town of Sibenik | Visit Zlarin Coral Mueum | Dinner at Zlarin

Sibenik fort
Enjoy the vibrant Sibenik and take the time to bask in the tranquil beauty of Zlarin

You will kickstart your day again with a delightful breakfast on the catamaran and say goodbye to serene Skradin as the catamaran elegantly sets sail toward the historic town of Sibenik.

After a sumptuous breakfast and a leisurely sail marked by gentle breezes and picturesque vistas, we will dock in Šibenik, where you will have three hours for exploration at your own pace. This coastal haven, home to two UNESCO-designated treasures, will reveal itself as a hidden gem—often overlooked in Croatian exploration.

As the oldest native Croatian city on the Adriatic, tracing its origins back to 1066, Šibenik will immerse you in the maze of its rich history. It will invite you to savor its tranquil vibrancy, engage with friendly locals, and relish delectable local cuisine.

Meander through ancient streets, marvel at historical landmarks and absorb the rich tapestry of Sibenik’s culture. Enjoy a leisurely lunch at a local eatery and have a taste of Dalmatian delights.

Our stay in Šibenik will extend to at least three hours, a mere glimpse of the time this captivating place truly deserves.

We will set a course for the radiant Zlarin island in the afternoon. As the catamaran glides through the Adriatic, Zlarin will emerge on the horizon—a gem-adorned with sandy and pebble shores and vibrant waters. We will spend hours swimming, reveling in the island’s beauty, and relishing the simple pleasures of Zlarin.

Zlarin, a place so protected and cherished that not a single car disrupts its serenity, is renowned for its red corals. If fortune favors us, we might witness a unique ceremony for sailors venturing into the night sea to seek these precious treasures.

The island boasts myriad fig, cypress trees, and other native flora. Its inner sanctuaries remain uninhabited, cloaked in a thick forest that adds to the island’s natural allure.

Spend time swimming, basking in the island’s beauty, or embark on the exciting challenge of catching a trophy fish or, at the very least, securing a delicious lunch.

In the evening, as the day gracefully transitions into night, your catamaran will become a cozy haven for the night, promising a serene experience under the twinkling stars. Besides the magical starlit moments, you will relish the option of board games, engaging conversations, a good book, or other boat activities that add to the memorable atmosphere.

Day 10: Tijat and Prvić Island & Check-out

Sailing Time:0.45hrs

Sail Croatia
Fair winds and following seas. Until our paths cross again!

After the last breakfast aboard our catamaran, enjoy a visit to the enchanting Zlarin Coral Museum. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of coral craftsmanship, discovering the unique treasures that make Zlarin famous. This final experience adds a touch of cultural richness to your unforgettable journey along the Adriatic.

We will will take our final journey navigating the azure waters and discovering the unique charm of the hidden gems of Prvic and Tijat islands. Whether it’s a leisurely stroll, a dip in the pristine waters, or simply absorbing the serenity, these islands offer a farewell embrace to the wonders of the Adriatic.

Around noon, we shall return to the marina in Tribunj and say goodbye to our captain and fellow sailors while carrying the memories of secluded bays, historic towns, and the rhythmic melody of the Adriatic.

Our team will drop you off in Split, Zagreb, or any other location in Croatia.

Until we meet again!


Complimentary transfer: We’re here to make your journey perfect from start to finish!

Our team is ready to give you a free ride to Zagreb, Split, or the surrounding areas. When it’s time to say goodbye, you can expect the same warmth and friendliness you felt when you first arrived.

What to Bring

What Do I Need to Bring?

  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Swimming gear for the summer period (usually June to October)
  • Light-weight, breathable walking shirts, and trousers
  • Warm hat and light gloves (during the winter period)
  • Sun protection (hat, sunglasses, sunblock)
  • Food and drinks you plan to make and drink on your own at catamaran
  • Deck shoes with closed toes and non-marking rubber soles
  • It’s wise to have a light jacket or sweater for cooler evenings and rain jacket
  • Shampoos, shower gels and toothpaste for catamaran
  • Insect repellent
  • Ear plugs if you mind small waves and catamaran movements
  • Reusable water bottle
  • If you’re prone to seasickness, consider bringing motion sickness remedies

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  2. Is this tour for me?
    This tour requires an average fitness level and is doable for anyone with an average fitness level.
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    Yes, this is a shared tour, meaning we need a minimum number of people to confirm the departure.
  4. Are the “last minute” bookings accepted?
    The tour sales officially close at least seven days before departure. However, if we do have available spots, we will be more than happy to take you with us.
  5. How much should I tip?
    Tips are not included in the tour costs, nor are they heavily expected in Balkan culture. However, when you receive excellent service, we recommend tipping.
  6. Is EUR accepted in Croatia?
    EUR is accepted, as well as credit cards, but pocket money is recommended. Your tour leader will assist you all the way.
  7. Will there be one guide through a trip?
    Local guidance and first-hand stories are a valuable addition to the overall experience. Besides a full-time tour leader/guide and driver who will be both at your disposal 24/7, you will also meet local experts for each country we visit.
  8. Can I join the group from a location other than the starting point location? 
    Yes, if you find a more convenient arrival destination, please get in touch with our team so we can find the best way for you to join our departure.
  9. Can I book a private customized trip based on this one? 
    Yes, you can. Custom-tailored trips are our specialty. Please get in touch with our team with your preferences; we will be happy to work on it accordingly and suggest some fantastic options.
  10. How much pocket money should I have for personal expenses?
    In general, the Balkans are much more affordable than other European countries. Depending on the country, you should have between 25 and 50 EUR per day for personal expenses such as food and small shopping.
  11. What is included in a sailing trip?
    Your journey encompasses comfortable accommodation in private, en-suite cabins. With a catamaran skipper, international breakfast, DIY lunch, and all-inclusive logistics (fuel, mooring, marina costs, SUP, motor dinghy, swim stops, snorkeling gear), every detail is covered.
  12. What are the cabin arrangements?
    Find comfort in our catamaran’s four private cabins—2 in the bow (2+1 persons) and 2 in the stern (2 persons). Cabins are equipped with air-con, private bathrooms with showers, and flexible sleeping arrangements.
  13. What kitchen amenities are on the boat?
    Delight in the fully equipped kitchen, complete with a freezer and fridge. Feel free to indulge in DIY meals or explore regional restaurants for dinner.
  14. How are meals arranged, and can I bring my food?
    Mornings begin with an international breakfast prepared by your catamaran skipper. Lunch is a do-it-yourself affair, while evenings are perfect for discovering local cuisine. Yes, bringing your food is welcome.
  15. Can I bring my drinks to the catamaran, including the alcohol?
    Absolutely! Could you pack your preferred beverages, including alcohol? For shared trips, responsible consumption is encouraged.
  16. Should I buy travel insurance?
    Yes, it’s highly recommended. Ensure comprehensive coverage for cancellation, personal injury, medical expenses, personal liability, and property loss.
  17. How do I transfer back to Split, Zagreb, after the sailing ends?
    Enjoy the convenience of complimentary transfers to Zagreb, Split, or Zadar from Tribunj Marina when you book your trip with us.
  18. Can this be booked as a private experience?
    Yes, this adventure can be a private trip, solely a sailing experience. Due to low availability during the season, please let us know long in advance about this query.

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