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Tent Camping & Stargazing 2 Day Hiking Tour at Durmitor National Park and Škrka Lakes Valley

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2 Days
Availability : June to October
Žabljak | Kotor | Podgorica
Žabljak | Kotor | Podgorica
Min Age : 5+
Max People : 8 persons
Tour Overview

Probably the most beautiful part of the Durmitor massif is the Škrčka Jezera (eng. Škrka lakes) region. While being an ideal location for tent camping, swimming during the summer months, watching wild mountain goats and deer, Škrčka Lakes are the ultimate outdoor hub for exploring the unlimited number of peaks and trails of the Durmitor National Park.

Aside from hiking and tent camping, the speciality of this region is the stunning stargazing experience.

Our two-day package (with possible extension to three days) with tent camping at Škrka Lakes, and two full days of hiking adventures including visits to the stunning Durmitor peaks of Prutaš and Bobotov Kuk is simply the best the Durmitor National Park has to offer.

Keep in mind that this region offers a huge hiking potential that can be adjusted for all levels of fitness, starting with children from at least 5 years of age and up.


What's Included

  • English speaking and a Durmitor region local-expert mountain guide.
  • Full camping gear: tents and sleeping gear (sleeping bag, inflatable mattress, head lamp, etc.).
  • Meals included – 1 breakfast, 2 lunches, 1 dinner – total of 4 meals.
  • All tour transfers.
  • No hidden costs. All government taxes & entrance fees.
  • Cancellation Flexibility. Cancel 24hrs before departure or change dates.
  • Tour is available from June to October.
  • Pay safely online with a credit card. We accept payments for all types of credit cards.
  • Personal travel insurance is not included. Please buy it at home country.
  • Tips are not included in the tour costs. If you receive excellent service, please consider tipping.

Getting There

  • Žabljak (Montenegro) This original itinerary is scheduled to start from Žabljak.
  • Kotor Bay or Podgorica (Montenegro) If you prefer to start this tour from Kotor bay or Podgorica please let us know in advance.
  • Arrival The pickup on the 1st day is 8 AM.
  • Departure Tour ends on the afternoon of Day 2.


DAY 1: Hiking the Prutaš peak and tent camping at Škrka valley

Destination: Škrka Lakes, Montenegro
Accommodation: Tent Camping
Meals Included: L – D

Skrka lakes valley - Durmitor National Park - Montenegro
❐ Škrka Lakes valley with Great and Small Škrčko Lakes – Durmitor National Park. This is where we plan to set up our tents and enjoy the stargazing experience.

Itinerary Note:The wider Škrka region of Durmitor National Park offers an amazing variety of stunning hiking trails, meaning this two day tent camping tour can be perfectly adjusted to almost any fitness level, including children of age 5+.

The original itinerary is adjusted to anyone of normal fitness level, and requires no climbing skills or experience.

Morning:The regular tour pickup is at Žabljak. If you prefer to start this tour from elsewhere in Montenegro, please let us know in advance. 

The short but stunning ride from Žabljak to Sedlo pass and Šarban (Dobri Do valley) will immediately give us an amazing opportunity to see and understand what a beautiful place Durmitor National Park really is.

The climb to Prutaš peak is not too difficult, and is suitable for most people with normal physical fitness. The track does not require any technical skills and is absolutely safe, even for young children.

During the ascent to the top of Prutaš itself, there is a constant opportunity to enjoy the superb panoramas of the numerous Durmitor peaks. In the first part of the trail we shall be rewarded with stunning views of the peaks such as “Sedlena greda” (2,227masl), “Štit” (2,248 masl) and “Đevojka – Soa” (2,440 masl), while the 2nd part of the ascent will offer even more. The views of “Bobotov kuk” (2,522 masl), “Bezimeni vrh” (2,487 masl), “Planinica” (2,330 masl) and others wonders of Durmitor, including interesting geomorphological wonder of “Šareni pasovi” and the valley between the peaks of Bobotov Kuk and Prutaš definitely make this hiking trail one of the most amazing in the Durmitor region.

Stunning Durmitor Peaks
❐ The views from Prutaš trail of the most famous Durmitor peaks such as Bobotov Kuk, Soa Nebeska, Bezimeni Vrh and other. Words simply can not describe the stunning beauty of the Durmitor scenery.

After about 3 to 4 hours (4 kilometers) of moderate hiking, we shall reach the top of Prutaš itself at 2393 meters above sea level. At the top, we are greeted by even more beautiful 360-degree panoramas that now open up views of other regions beyond Durmitor itself.

From the very top of Prutaš, in addition to the above-mentioned peaks of Durmitor, we can additionally see the canyons of the Sušica and Tara rivers, the beautiful Montenegrin villages of Nedajno and Mala Crna Gora, the highest peak of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the beautiful Maglić (part of BH National Park Sutjeska), and many other Montenegrin mountain regions such as are Moračke Planine and Sinjavina.

Prutas peak - Durmitor National Park
❐ The Prutaš peak as seen from its west side. With its peak at 2393m, and beautifully adorned with gentle ridge lines, green mountain sides, miraculous oblique layers called “prutovi” (eng.wands or rods) after which it was named, Prutaš is one of the most beautiful massifs in the whole region of Durmitor National Park.

Although it is not the highest peak of Durmitor, Prutaš is one of the most beautiful peaks of Montenegro, which offers an unforgettable hiking experience.

Lunch:At the very top, we will organize the most delicious picnic lunch with many choices of local food (including vegetarian), and leave about 45 minutes to an hour to enjoy the beautiful views of the wider Durmitor region.

Lunch time at Prutast peak - Durmitor National Park
❐ Once at the Prutaš peak we organise tasty picnic lunch. The green pastures of the west side of Prutaš peak are great place for sitting down, eating well deserved food and enjoying your time.

After a “delicious” psycho-physical break, we continue our trail in the direction of the east and our final destination, the beautiful Škrčka Jezera.

Afternoon:Only about 15 minutes later, on the descent from the top of Prutaš peak, the fantastic views of the Škrčka lakes valley will open up in front of us.

The beautiful turquoise green lakes nestled under the highest peaks of Durmitor are the absolute biggest highlight of our two-day hiking and tent camping tour. Small Škrčko lake, which is about 5 times smaller than Big Škrčko lake, is located at an altitude of 1711 meters and has a maximum depth of about 6 meters, while Big Škrčko Lake is located at an altitude of 1686 meters and has a maximum depth of about 17 meters.

The view of Skrka valley from Prutas peak - Durmitor National Park
❐  Beautiful views of the Škrčka lakes from the Prutaš peak. The green turquoise color of the lakes will be one of the highlights of your whole visit to Montenegro.

Descending from the top of Prutaš peak at approx. 2,400m will be a bit challenging for the knees, so the use of hiking poles is recommended.

Descending down to Skrka Lakes from Prutas peak - Durmitor National Park
❐ Descending down from Prutaš towards Škrka lakes. The terrain on the way down is bit rocky so sturdy shoes or hiking boots are recommended to wear.

We expect to arrive at the beautiful Škrčka Jezera in the afternoon. Upon arrival, we recommend a decent rest for acclimatization and a relaxing swim in one of the lakes. During the summer months the water in the lakes is ideal for swimming, so make sure to bring swimsuits.

Usually small lake is bit warmer due to its smaller size, but the big lake has much better almost full sandy beaches. Definitely we recommend to try both of them.

We will use the rest of the daylight to gather local herbs, make tea or coffee and gather dry wood and prepare to light the campfire. Until the daylight is there, we still have to set up our tents. It is usually a simple process, but can still be very interesting equally for adults and for young kids.

Early sunrise while tent camping at Durmitor National Park
❐ Setting up a tent with views like this is very inspirational experience. Doing an evening star gazing with early morning wake ups for sunrise, makes Durmitor National Park a stunning adventure.

Dinner: Dinner is made according to a predefined menu with the guests, and is cooked on the spot. In addition to standard camping equipment, we also carry a cooking set making the overall ambiance of the tent camping a top notch experience.

Campfire at Skrka Valley - Durmitor National Park
❐ While awaiting for the stars to appear we will enjoy the beautiful setting of Škrka valley with campfire.

Stargazing:The sunset over the Durmitor peaks is a special experience, followed by an even more special experience of the perfect starry sky. If we are lucky to have a cloudless sky, the evening stargazing experience is probably the most beautiful “journey” one can experience.

In the late hours it is time for a sleep.


As we have mentioned several times, this two-day Durmitor tour is an ideal adventure for children and teenagers. Here we list a few things that will make this experience unforgettable for children.

  • Setting up a camp

Finding a suitable location for setting up camp and setting up the tent itself is always an interesting experience. Collecting dry wood and making a campfire always offers an interesting charm. Preparing and cooking food, and using some of the local herbs teaches us about usefulness and coexistence with nature. Washing dishes with the use of biodegradable detergents and collecting our own, but also sometimes other people’s garbage, gives us a dimension of responsibility towards nature. Staying in nature with children is always an activity that creates a sense of responsibility for themselves and nature too.

  • Stargazing and learning about the constellations

With your guide, observe the starry sky and learn the basics of astronomy using interactive methods and tools. If the sky is clear, enjoy the fantastic views of the moon rising over the peaks of Durmitor. In the early morning hours, enjoy beautiful sunrises as well.

  • Learn about Durmitor wild life

The region of the Durmitor National Park is too rich with wild life. If we are lucky, we can easily happen to see some of the local wild animals such as wild goats or deer.

With over a thousand wild animals, 160 species of birds, 40 species of fungi, 1500 other species and 1000 species of insects, the Durmitor region is heaven on earth for exploring the flora and fauna.

DAY 2: Return hike via Škrčko Ždrijelo or Bobotov Kuk (2525masl)

Destination: Žabljak, Montenegro
Meals Included: B – L

Big Skrka Lake - Durmitor National Park
❐ Spending an easy morning to explore the Big Škrka lake is always a good idea. Doing 1.30hrs challenging hike around the lake is also an option too.

Itinerary Note: Use the Funky Tours benefits of your optional day and decide what kind of activity you would like to engage with on Day 2. Škrka Lakes are a great hub for stunning hiking adventures offering easy, medium and very challenging hiking trail options. 

For maximum flexibility, we offer our guests few hiking options for the second day of the adventure.

OPTION 1: Return via Škrčko Ždrijelo at 2114m

Morning: The regular and easy option on the second day, after a good night’s sleep, is an easy morning wake up, followed by a delicious breakfast, and free morning for further exploration of the beautiful Škrka lakes. As mentioned earlier, summertime swimming or just easy walks around the lakes make this an amazing outdoor experience.

Swimming at small Skrka lakes - Durmitor National Park
❐ For daring ones, some swimming time at Small Skrka lake is always a good idea. Water during the summer months regularly goes above 20 degrees, making it ideal swimming adventure.

Afternoon:Around midday, after we packed up our tents and the rest of the gear, we are ready to go back. On the return we still have about 3 hours of medium hiking, with our return point being the Šarban, the spot where we started this stunning adventure.

HIking at Durmitor National Park
❐ The returning hike will be via Škrčko Ždrijelo pass at 2114 masl and the “Duško valje” valley.

Lunch:At the end of the day, we take you to a local traditional restaurant on Durmitor for a well-deserved tasting of local Montenegrin specialties. Trying local specialties such as Kačamak, Cicvara or Durmitor famous lamb is simply a must.

The day ends with drop off at the desired location in Žabljak.

This option is ideal for people and children who do not want to burden themselves with difficult hiking and want to enjoy a relaxed day exploring Durmitors hidden treasures.

If you prefer that this tour starts or ends somewhere else in Montenegro, especially in the Kotor or Budva region, please let us know in advance.

OPTION 2: Return via Bobotov Kuk peak at 2525m

Itinerary Note:The more challenging return option on the second day is the return hike over the highest peak of Durmitor massif, the stunning Bobotov Kuk peak at an altitude of 2525 meters. This option is ideal for people of slightly advanced fitness level, who preferably have some experience with via ferrata, and are not afraid of heights.

Morning:After waking up early, it’s time for a delicious breakfast. Early mornings at Durmitor offer us fantastic views of the sunrise over the peaks of Durmitor. Before we start our returning hike, a few moments to enjoy the beauty of Škrka lakes in the early mornings is heavily recommended.

On the way to Bobotov Kuk overlooking stunning Skrcka Lakes - Durmitor National Park
❐ The beautiful viewpoint of the Škrka lakes from the trail towards Bobotov Kuk.

When conducting a hike to Bobotov Kuk, we recommend starting early, because if we want to climb Bobotov Kuk from Škrka lakes, with approximately of 700 to 800 meters of vertical gain, and with return to Sedlo pass or Žabljak, we have to count in approximately about 5 to 6, or even 7+ hours of quite a challenging hiking.

At the last meters of ascent to Bobotov Kuk or the first meters of descent you have to bypass other mountaineers - Durmitor National Park
❐ On the last few meters before reaching the peak of Bobotov Kuk at 2525 masl, you have to use cables to reach the very top of the Durmitor National Park.

The hiking trail over the Samar pass and the Zeleni Vir valley to the top of Botov Kuk offers fantastic scenery and views on all sides of Durmitor. Getting to the top of Bobotov Kuk requires a basic experience in alpine climbing and use of cables, and it is not recommended for people who are afraid of heights.

Afternoon:After climbing up and descending from Bobotov Kuk, the last part of the returning trail can be shorter (approx. 2.3hrs) that goes directly across the Zeleni Vir valley to the Sedlo pass, or a bit longer one that ends at Black Lake, near Žabljak (approx. 3.30hrs).

Lunch:As in the first option, the day ends with a late lunch and a tasting of local Montenegrin specialties, as well as drop-off at the desired location (Žabljak region).

If you prefer that this tour starts or ends somewhere else in Montenegro, especially in the Kotor or Budva region, please let us know in advance.


  • What to wear?

If possible opt for hiking boots, or sturdy hiking shoes that will protect your ankle in case of twist or if you accidentally hit the rock. Try to wear layered clothing and as less as possible cotton and, replace it by quick-drying high performance fabric. Bring protective hat and suncream. Have spare shirts. Make sure to have appropriate socks and long legged hiking trousers.

  • What food to bring?

General rule of thumb is 1/2 l of water for every 2 hrs of hiking. Bring food rich in carbohydrates that will give you energy through the day. Include protein bars, nuts, seeds and dried fruits.

  • Know your limits, be in focus! Always follow your guide and marked trails!

Always make sure to follow your guide and marked trails. Never wonder off the marked trail unless it feels completely safe. Be aware of your physical and mental limits and, always make sure not to loose focus.

What to Bring

What Do I Need to Bring?

  • Hiking boost or sturdy comfortable hiking shoes
  • Waterproof jacket/raincoat in case of rains
  • Warm jacket in case of announced cold temperatures
  • Light-weight, breathable walking shirts and trousers
  • Warm hat and light gloves (during the winter period)
  • Sun protection (hat, sunglasses, sun block)
  • Water bottle up to 2l. This tour has fresh drinking water on the trail.
  • Personal snacks

What Are You Additionally Expected to Carry?

  • Tent for two persons sharing
  • Sleeping mat and sleeping bag
  • Few items of food and additional gear for camping

Total additional carryon amount should not exceed approx. 5kg.

Trip Photos

Start of the hike - The beautiful Sedlo Viewpoint from Sarban - Durmitor National Park
❐ The beginning of the tent camping Durmitor adventure has to start with one beautiful photo with Sedlo pass in the background. Kids are really looking forward to explore the wonders of Skrka lakes valley.
Ascending towards Skrcko Zdrijelo pass - Durmitor National Park
❐ The first part the ascent to Prutaš will take us through beautiful green pastures of Durmitor National Park
The Prutas peak trail - Durmitor National Park
❐ Walking on the ridge while climbing Prutaš is a unique experience.
The view towards the Sedlo and othe beautiful peaks of Durmitor
❐ During the hiking breaks, let’s use it to get to know the other peaks of Durmitor with beautiful views that extend to all sides of this mountain.
Closing up the Prutas peak - Durmitor National Park
❐ Usually pictures cannot convey all the beauty of Durmitor, but sometimes it is quite possible to get a glimpse of what awaits you when you visit this part of Montenegro.
Time for deserved lunch at Prutas peak - Durmitor National Park
❐ It’s time for a picnic lunch at the very top of Prutaš and more fun for the kids.
Family at the peak Prutas at 2393 masl - Durmitor National Park
❐ Family at the peak Prutš at 2393 masl – Durmitor National Park
Stunning view of Durmitors highest peaks as seen from Prutas peak
❐ Stunning views of Durmitors highest peaks as seen from Prutas peak – Durmitor National Park
Views of Skrka valley from Prutas - Durmitor National Park
❐ Stunning views of Škrka valley from Prutaš – Durmitor National Park
Descending towards Skrka Valley from Prutas - Durmitor National Park
❐ Descending towards Škrka valley 
Beautiful scenery on the way down to Skrka valley - Durmitor National Park
❐ During the decent the scenery will change from green pastures to rocky terrain
Swimming at small Skrka lakes - Durmitor National Park
❐ During the summer time, swimming at Škrka lakes is by far the most amazing experience
Setting up a tent nearby the abandoned mountain hut at Skrka valley - Durmitor National Park
❐ Time to set up a tents nearby the old mountain hut. We choose this location since the source of drinkable water is very nearby.
Wild animals are visiting us at Skrka valley - Durmitor National Park
❐ During the afternoon hours some wildlife is appearing in front of our eyes. Durmitor region will always have a way to blow your mind.
Gathering the dry wood for camp fire - job done - Skrka valley - Durmitor National Park
❐ During later evening hours, after we have set up our tents, it is time to gather the firewood for camp fire.
Early sunrise while tent camping at Durmitor National Park
❐ Tents are ready and sun is slowly disappearing. The Škrka valley is soon to be pitch black.
Campfire at Skrka Valley - Durmitor National Park
❐ At the nightfall, it is time to light up a campfire and enjoy the evening hours watching the sky full of stars – Durmitor National Park
Early morning sunrise over the peaks of Durmitor - Skrka valley - Durmitor National Park
❐ Early morning sunrise at Škrka valley – Waking up early to catch up the first sun rays above the Durmitor peaks is definitely worth it.
Big Skrka Lake - Durmitor National Park
❐ Time to explore the beautiful Šrka Biga lake.
Picking up the wild strawberries at Skrka valley - Durmitor National Park
❐ Picking up wild strawberries at Šrka valley is great experience for children.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is this tour for me/us?
    This tour requires normal level of fitness and no technical experience. Tour can be done even with children of age 5+.
  2. Wha equipment is provided for this trip?
    Funky Tours will provide the full equipment for this tent camping trip. We shall provide tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, head light and all other necessities for great experience.
  3. Is the food provided during the tour?
    Yes, total of 4 full meals are provided during the tour (2x lunch, 1x dinner, 1x breakfast).
  4. How much hiking is included on each day?
    On the first day total hiking time is around 5 hours. On the 2nd day, depending on your trail choice hiking duration can be anywhere between 3 and 6 hours.
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