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Herzegovina Pilgrimage in Footsteps of Ancient Civilisations – Full Day Experience from Sarajevo

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12 Hours
Availability : Every Day
Min Age : 0 (suitable for anyone)
Max People : 8 persons
Tour Overview

Traveling to holy sites of Herzegovina can provide an absolutely moving, cultural and religiously – significant experiences. From beautiful cathedral and apparition hill in Medjugorje, to majestic Orthodox and Muslim temples in Southern Herzegovina and Blagaj, all the way through the ancient towns and religions, Herzegovina Region is filled with sacred places that are important to the religions of the world.

Whether you are traveling because you have a personal religious interests or because you would like to delve into the historical and cultural influence of the religious sites, this full day trip will be an excellent way of experiencing religious sites in all their greatness and immortal beauty while absorbing their history and cultural importance and taking time for sightseeing, contemplation, understanding and finding the inner peace in serene religious gardens of Herzegovina Region. 


  • Learn about the cultural and historical impact of the amazing religion diversity in Herzegovina.
  • Discover the way religions found their way of reconciliation and coexistence from ancient times.
  • Search for a deeper meaning by experiencing Medjugorje – one of the European most visited Catholic Pilgrimages.
  • Take a short hike to controversial Apparition Hill of Medjugorje and find your inner peace.
  • Take a path of ancient civilisations and walk the walls of Roman villa Rustica Mogorjelo.
  • Discover the paradox and celebrate life in stunningly colourful Orthodox church while finding the truth about the off the beaten path Prebilovci village which went through the largest scale village massacre that happened during the WWII.
  • Have lunch by the Europe’s most beautiful and most powerful karst river spring of Buna.
  • Indulge into the world of mysticism, explore the remarkable Blagaj Tekke and learn about Dervish Life.
  • Take an afternoon stroll in mazelike cobllestone streets of Mostar and admire the sunset over a turquoise Neretva River.
  • Understand the complex and mind-bending present day political system and learn the story behind the Breakup of Yugoslavia, War in Mostar and why Mostar Old Bridge was destroyed in 1993.
  • Experience the best of story telling provided by a local expert.

What's Included


English speaking local-expert guide and driver. Guide in different language available on request.
Free pickup on request
If you are staying in the old town of Sarajevo meet us at our office. If you are bit away from us, please let us know and we can organise advance pickup.
All Transfers
All tour transfers are provided by Funky Tours.
Entrance Fees, Taxes & Flexible Cancellation Policy
No hidden costs. VAT 17% included in the price. Cancel 1 day prior for full refund or change dates anytime.
Tour is available throughout the year.
Group Discounts
For bigger group bookings, discounts are available.
Online Payments
Pay safely online with a credit card. We accept payments for all types of credit cards.


Travel insurance is not included. Please buy it at home country.
Guide Tipping
Tips are not included in the tour costs. If you receive excellent service, please consider tipping.
Shared Tour
All tours are shared, unless specifically booked as private.
Typical lunch cost is around 8-10 EUR per person.

Starting Point & Departure Times


  • Tour departs from Funky Tours office. If you need pickup please let us know in advance.
  • Departure Times: Daily at 7 AM. We aim to reach Medjugorje by 10 AM for the morning English language mass.


  • STOP 1: Medjugorje (1h)

Medjugorje St. James Church Saint James Church evening Mass at Medjugorje – Bosnia and Herzegovina

First part of the trip will be a scenic ride through suburbs of Sarajevo and after one hour, we will enter Herzegovina, beautiful mediterranean climate region of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

On the way we shall go through Konjic, Jablanica, Neretva valley together with Jablaničko Lake, and lastly through Mostar, which will be our stop in the afternoon on the return to Sarajevo.

Once we arrive to Medjugorje we will take a walk around the town and visit the St. James Church. 

  • Apparition Hill (1-1.30h)

Medjugorje Apparition Hill - Bosnia and Herzegovina Medjugorje Apparition Hill – Bosnia and Herzegovina

In the end of the June 1981, from 24th until 26th, at the hill called Crnica, near the place called Podbrdo, six children have witnessed apparitions of Virgin Mary. They prayed and spoke with Our Lady.

With the messages: “I have chosen this parish in a special way and I wish to lead it.”, “Peace, peace, peace – and only peace! Peace must reign between God and man and between men!”, the hill Crnica, today called Apparition Hill has become the most important pilgrimage site for Catholics in this part of the World.

Those who are interested will have a chance to do 20/30min hike up the hill, to the Virgin Mary statue and enjoy the serene moments on their own.

  • STOP 2: Capljina & Roman Villa Rustica Mogorjelo (30 min)

Mogorjelo, Ancient Villa Rustica Mogorjelo, Ancient Villa Rustica

Our next destination will be Capljina and Mogorjelo. Mogorjelo is a unique archaeological monument from Roman times located near Capljina. This cultural monument is one of the most beautiful buildings of late ancient architecture in the entire country.

Archaeological excavations have shown that the construction complex consists of several phases with the oldest buildings dating from the 1st century when the site served as an agricultural center (villa rustica fructuaria). Roman Fortress (castrum) was built on the ruins of this building, which burned down in a fire in the 4th century.We will take stroll through complex of ancient corridors, admire the constructions and colect the fracutres of past times.

  • STOP 3: Prebilovci Village & Church of the Synaxis of Serbian Saints and Martyrs (35min)

Church of the Synaxis of Serbian Saints and Martyrs Church of the Synaxis of Serbian Saints and Martyrs

Prebilovci is a small village near Capljina which was first mentioned in 15th century. Before the World War II this village had over 1000 inhabitants while, nowadays, it count no more than 50. During the Second World War, on 6 August 1941, around 800 civilians among which 650 were women and children were taken away from their homes and thrown into natural pits around that area. Their bones were taken out of the pit and placed in the crypt of the church that was built in 1991 just a year before the War in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

According to a research done by the Japanese Asahi Shimbun paper, Prebilovci is a village that suffered the most in Europe during the WWII.

We will meet the local priest and learn more about this charming Orthodox church which is the only one in the country with a grandiose amphitheatre and whose beautifully colourful design is meant to celebrate life not death.

  • STOP 4: Blagaj Tekke and Buna River Spring (1.5h)

Blagaj River Spring and Dervish House Blagaj River Spring and Dervish House

Blagaj town is home to Buna river spring – Europe’s most beautiful, most powerful, clean and drinkable karst river spring, settled beneath few hundred meters high rock. Water comes out of quite large but stunningly deep cave, which springs amazing 43 cubic meters of water per second. Can you imagine this?

Just next to the spring, under the rock, is home to Blagaj Tekke – Dervish house, dating most likely pre or early Ottoman era from early 16th century, as unique sacral-residential example of Islamic architecture in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Visiting this complex and learning more about Dervish life in Herzegovina as important part of our history is, MUST DO.

Due to famousness and cleanliness of Buna river the most important thing to taste in Blagaj today is local trout. That is why we usually enjoy a lunch break here while enjoying amazing scenery of Buna river spring and Dervish house next to it.

  • STOP 5: Mostar (2h)

BMostar Old bridge during the sunset Mostar Old bridge during the sunset

It will be an afternoon when we arrive to Mostar which is the most beautiful time of a day to take a leisure stroll in cobblestone streets and admire the sunset over the Old Bridge. We will do our 1.30h walking tour, which will focus on Mostar’s Old Bridge, Old Bazaar and Old Town, but offer stories of Mostar’s uniqueness, in regard to historical and cultural diversity.

Story of Mostar will be about the Bridge, it’s rise and fall, and how it had risen again. You will learn about Siege of Mostar, about why it is called Mostar, about “Mostarians”. We recreate Mostar for you and with you.

Sunsets are amazing time in Mostar, so we can consider to have drink at place overlooking the bridge panorama and discuss more about everything we did today. When Mostar is done, it is time to go back to Sarajevo, and it will be two hours journey before we are “home”.

What to Bring

What Do I Need to Bring?

  • Comfortable walking shoes (climbing to Apparition hill requires good shoes)
  • Water bottle
  • Sun cream (summer time)

Optional Extras

  • 2 Day tour with overnight in Medjugorje or Mostar

If you feel you need more then few hours in Medjugorje, perhaps you can consider our 2 Day tour from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik (Kotor or Split) with overnight either in Mostar or Medjugorje.

  • Stay in Mostar instead going back to Sarajevo

If you are travelling from Sarajevo to Mostar without intention to come back to Sarajevo, this tour is ideal way to replace bus and explore places in between and in the end of the day being dropped off at your address in Mostar without extra costs apart the tour itself.

If you need this service, please note that in your booking form.

  • Kravice Waterfalls

Visit to the Kravice Waterfalls is not included in the itinerary but can be easily added. Additional costs: 10 EUR per person.

  • Citluk Wine Tasting

Those of you who are into discovering and tasting the exceptional and worldwide known Herzegovinian wine please feel free to contact us so we could include the wine tasting in your itinerary. Additional costs: 15 EUR per person.


Trip Photos

Saint James Church evening Mass at Medjugorje - Bosnia and Herzegovina
Saint James Church evening Mass at Medjugorje – Bosnia and Herzegovina
Apparition Hill and Statue of Virgin Mary - Medjugroje - Bosnia and Herzegovina
Apparition Hill and Statue of Virgin Mary – Medjugroje – Bosnia and Herzegovina

Herzegovina is a home to over 40 different winemakers. Herzegovina is a home to over 40 different winemakers

Mogorjelo, Ancient Villa Rustica Mogorjelo, Ancient Villa Rustica

Church of the Synaxis of Serbian Saints and Martyrs Church of the Synaxis of Serbian Saints and Martyrs

Blagaj River Spring and Dervish House Blagaj River Spring and Dervish House

BMostar Old bridge during the sunset Mostar Old bridge during the sunset

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does this tour include visit to Kravice Waterfalls?
    No, it does not. Adding Kravice Waterfalls is possible, but please note that it will extend this itinerary for 2 additional hours.
  2. Is lunch included in costs of the tour?
    Lunch is not included in costs. Costs of a really good and tasty lunch is usually between 7-10 EUR. 
  3. Is this tour for me?
    This tour is suitable for anyone regardless on their age or fitness level.
  4. Can I book as a solo traveller?
    Yes you can. Significant number of our fellow travelers are solo.
  5. How much should I tip?
    Tips are not included in the tour costs, nor they are heavily expected in Bosnian culture. However when you receive excellent service, we recommend tipping.
  6. Can I book this tour in other than English language?
    Tours are possible to book in other than English languages in private option. Do contact our team for further information.
  7. How much in advance do I need to book this tour?
    It is recommended to book at least 15 days in advance but our team will go above and beyond to confirm the trips even 24h before the supposed departure.
  8. Can I pay for the tour with credit card?
    Yes, we accept VISA and Maestro. Please note that, in case you would like to make a credit card payment, you will need to do it at our office or by prepayment via credit card authorisation form. Our guides can NOT accept credit cards. 
  9. Which currency is accepted for cash payment?
    We are fans of our local currency (BAM), but you can also pay in EUR, HRK, USD, GBP or even combined.
  10. Can I book a private trip and customise my own itinerary? 
    Yes, tailor-made itineraries are our speciality so please feel free to contact our team with your suggestions and we will make sure to offer the best options there are.
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