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The Best of Northern Bosnia (Krajina region) 2day Round Trip from Banja Luka (including National Parks Kozara & Una)

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2 Days
Availability : Jan-Dec
Min Age : 0+
Max People : 8 persons
Tour Overview

Krajina (eng. Furthest frontier) is the Bosnian most-northern geographical region. With yet unseen and unrivalled natural beauty, diverse cultural heritage and completely off the beaten path trails, Krajina region is a must visit for anyone travelling the Balkans and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Funky Tours two day round trip, starting and ending in Banja Luka, combining in-depth explorations of two National Parks (Una and Kozara) and places such as Bosanska Krupa, Krušnica river, Ostrožac castle, Bihać, Martin Brod, Drvar, Šipovo and Jajce, and so many more other  beautiful and interesting places, is surely the best way to fully understand and explore the Krajina region.

Instead starting and ending in Banja Luka, this tour can be combined to start/end in Banja Luka with start/end in Sarajevo or even Zagreb and Ljubljana.


What's Included

  • English speaking local-expert guide and driver.
  • Hotel in Krajina 1 night (Choose via Booking Form: 3*, 4* or 5* hotels).
  • Breakfast and lunch.
  • Ground transfers.
  • All Entrance Fees, Taxes & Flexible Cancellation Policy.
  • No hidden costs. VAT 17% included in the price. Cancel 14 days prior for full refund or change dates anytime.
  • Tour is available throughout the year.
  • Pay safely online with a credit card. We accept payments for all types of credit cards.
  • Personal travel insurance is not included. Please buy it at home country.
  • Tips are not included in the tour costs. If you receive excellent service, please consider tipping.
  • All tours are shared, unless specifically booked as private.

Getting There

  • Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina) This original itinerary is scheduled to start and end in Banja Luka.
  • Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) If you prefer to start this tour from Sarajevo please let us know in advance.
  • Zagreb or Split (Croatia) If you prefer to start this tour from Zagreb or Split please let us know in advance.
  • Departure Tour depart at 7.30 am. 


DAY 1: Banja Luka to Bihać via National Park Kozara, Bosanska Krupa, and Ostrožac na Uni

Destination: Bihać, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Accommodation: Hotel 3*, 4* or 5*
Meals Included: B – L

Morning:In the early morning, as soon as we leave Banja Luka, after a short 1hour drive we will arrive in the region of Kozara National Park. Kozara National Park with its remarkable WW2 memorial to Krajina fighters is today one of the most important monuments of Yugoslavian brutalist architecture.

> Concrete monument to the revolution to World War II at Mrakovica – Kozara National Park

Originally designed by Dušan Džamonja and built in 1972, Mrakovica memorial is dedicated to fallen Partisan fighters, fallen soldiers and all other civilian victims who died during the Kozara Offensive in 1942.

During the tour, we shall give a dedicated explanation on the Kozara monument’s importance during the era of Yugoslavia, story of Yugoslavia itself and its final breakdown during the period of 1990s.

After we have experienced the mind-blowing Kozara monument and enjoyed natural diversity of the Kozara National Park, we move on.

Bosanska Krajina
> Located just next to Banja Luka, Kozara National Park is a true treasure trove of nature and architecture. It is prefect combination of wonderful nature and art of Yugoslavian brutalist sculpture.

Afternoon: One hour later we shall arrive at Bosanska Krupa, one of the most picturesque towns in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Nested at the most beautiful Bosnian river Una, at its delta with Krušnica river, Bosanska Krupa is truly the pearl of Krajina region.

Once at Krupa, we shall climb the medieval Bosnian fortress overlooking the town, understand its historical value and explore the numerous islets on Una and Krušnica river, famously called “ade”.

Bosanska Krupa
> Bosanska Krupa – beautiful town in Northern Bosnia nested on the confluence of Una and Krušnica river, which have formed numerous small islets which are ideal summer time destination

The highlight of Bosanska Krupa is a relaxing hike to the spring of river Krušnica. With a total length of 7 km and constant temperature of 10ºC, stunning Krušnica river with its spring capacity up to 80 m3/s and tons of opportunities for fly fishing, is a must see for anyone visiting Bosanska Krupa and Krajina region.

Overlooking the beautiful Una river, a lunch break is planned at Bosanska Krupa.

After the delicious local lunch, we move on and continue our ride by the beautiful Una river canyon, until we arrive at Ostrožac na Uni.

Spring of Krusnica river near Bosanska Krupa
> The mighty spring of Krusnica river near Bosanska Krupa. It is ideal place for a relaxed hiking adventure enjoying the true wonder of mother nature.

Late afternoon:Ostrožac is a famous medieval fort located on the hill overlooking the Una river. It represents a unique synthesis of different architectural styles, which in its present form and dimensions, was built in four epochs. Ancient documents mention this place in 1286.

However, in the mid-16th century, it was conquered by the Ottomans, who massively upgraded the fort, due to the fact that the Ostrožac captaincy was the most northern captaincy of the Ottoman Empire towards the Habsburg monarchy.

With the arrival of the Austria-Hungarian empire the fort was home to the ruler of Bihać cunty, Lothar von Berks, who furthermore restored and upgraded the town by constructing a fairy tale-like castle to be his family home.

Since 1969, the fort has been a homeplace of the sculpture colony, which today hosts hundreds of sculptures donated to the colony by various artists of ex-Yugoslavian and wider global art space.

> Ostrožac castle standing above canyon of Una river and successfully defying harshness of time

Evening: Last stop of day one is Kostelski Buk waterfall, followed by dinner and overnight.

The overnight location depends on your choice of accommodation. Please see accommodation options at our Booking form and choose 2*, 3* or 4* style of stay.

DAY 2:Bihać to Banja Luka via Una National Park, Drvar, Šipovo, Jajce, and Krupa na Uni

Destination: Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Accommodation: Not included
Meals Included: L

Morning: After a delicious local breakfast, we continue our journey. The first stop of the day is Una National Park, probably the most beautiful national park of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Its most famous spot is Štrbački Buk waterfall, which is the most powerful waterfall in the whole region of the Balkans. With its height of 25m and width of more than 40m this pearl of Krajina region is truly the highlight of the day.

Strbacki buk waterfall near Bihac
> Štrbački buk waterfall at Una National Park is one of the most beautiful stops on Funky Tours 2day round trip from Banja Luka

The National Park Una today is still home to the traditional lifestyle of local Bosnian families. One of them, we usually meet up for a morning Bosnian coffee, sweets and discussions about life then and today. Most of these families make a living from agriculture and farming, making the food they bring in front of us, a food of “extraterrestrial” taste and deliciousness.

Second most famous spot at Una National Park is the small town of Martin Brod. Located on the confluence of Unac and Una river, Martin Brod is home to the largest complex of stunning waterfalls at Una National Park. Unique Rmanj monastery, numerous watermills, waterfalls, Unac and Una river with great fly fishing and rafting opportunities, definitely make Martin Brod a must see part of the Una National Park.

Martin Brod Waterfalls at Una National Park
> Martin Brod Waterfalls at Una National Park. According to the legend the town got the name upon Marta, a girl who drowned in Una river trying to reach the love of her life on the other side.

Afternoon: After just a short drive away from Martin Brod, we arrive at Drvar and visit Tito’s famous Drvar cave. During the May of 1944, when liberated Drvar was a home to the Supreme Headquarters of Tito’s Yugoslavian partisan fighters, Germans conducted Operation Rösselsprung (eng. Knights Move) or famously called “Raid on Drvar”, a combined airborne and ground assault that aimed at capturing or killing the Partisan leader Marshal Josip Broz Tito. 

Visiting Tito’s cave and understanding the importance of this region for the post-WW2 events and creation of Yugoslavian state, is an essential add-on for better understanding of the overall history of the Balkans.

Titos Cave at Drvar (entrance)
> The Drvar cave itself was used as Tito’s hideout and today serves as a Museum of the historiographical framework of the Seventh Enemy Offensive during WW2.

Lunch: Source of river Pliva at Šipovo is a fly fishing paradise and one of the most beautiful destinations located on the edge of Krajina and Central Bosnian regions.

A Relaxing hike to the spring of Pliva river, followed by local lunch with one of the local families at the banks of Pliva river is an unmissable part of the day.

Pliva River source
> Pliva river source at Šipovo, the paradise for fly fishing and relaxed walks

Late Afternoon:In the later afternoon of our 2nd day the road takes us to Jajce, the medieval capital of Bosnian Kingdom.

The first thing to do is to explore the Pliva lakes and unique Pliva mills, famously called Mlinčići. Pliva lakes are a great opportunity to take summer time swims and chills.

Pliva mills during the autumn - Jajce
> Pliva mills at Pliva lakes near Jajce

Jajce town with its beautiful Pliva waterfall as the World’s only town with a natural waterfall in the city centre is a must see spot. The spot where Pliva river meets Vrbas river is simply breathtaking.

Later we shall take a walking tour through Jajce and visit Jajce medieval fortress which was the capital of medieval Bosnian Kingdom, explore the Museum of the Second Session of the National Liberation Army of Yugoslavia (AVNOJ) as a birthplace of Yugoslavian state, Medvjed Kula, the Church of St. Luke which at one point of time served as a mosque, famous Catacombs – underground church and one of the World’s very few mosques named after women – Mosque of Esma Sultanija.

Famously known as the “Museum under the open sky”, Jajce with all of its historical and natural richness is the very best of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Jajce and Pliva waterfalls in Central Bosnia during the sunset
> Jajce old town with medieval Bosnian Kingdom fort at the very top

Evening:Final part of the journey back to Banja Luka is via stunning Vrbas river canyon and visit to “Krupa na Vrbasu” set of mills and waterfalls.

Return to Banja Luka is planned in the later afternoon hours.

Krupa na Vrbasu and famous Krupa mills
> Krupa na Vrbasu and famous Krupa mills, which are still today used for their original purpose – grinding the various sorts of cereals

What to Bring

What Do I Need to Bring?

  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Sun protection (summer time)
  • Waterproof jacket in case of rains
  • Warm jacket (during the winter period)
  • Light-weight, breathable walking shirts and trousers
  • Warm hat and light gloves (during the winter period)
  • Swimming suit (summer time)
  • Water bottle


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is this tour for me?
    This tour requires normal level of fitness and is doable for anyone of normal level of fitness.
  2. Are Balkans safe off the beaten path travels?
    The best destinations in Bosnia are totally off the beaten path and surely it is safe to explore them.
  3. Can I book as solo traveller?
    Yes you can. Significant number of our fellow travelers are solo.
  4. What is the weather like?
    Balkans are known for extremely differentiated weather seasons, meaning in the winter we have deep minus temperature and during the summer high plus, so make sure to know what to expect before arrival.
  5. How much should I tip?
    Tips are not included in the tour costs, nor they are heavily expected in Bosnian culture. However when you receive excellent service, we recommend tipping.
  6. How can I book a trip as a connecting tour from/to Sarajevo or Zagreb?
    Please feel free to contact our team with your requires and we will be happy to make the necessary arrangements. 
  7. Can I book my own accommodation?
    Yes, you can. In case you prefer booking your own accommodation we will deduct the costs of hotel service from the overall price. 
  8. What is the currency I should use while in Bosnia and Croatia? 
    While some places do accept EUR make sure to have small amount of local currencies (BiH: BAM; Croatia: HRK)
  9. Can I book this tour in other than English language?
    Tours are possible to book in other than English languages in private option. Do contact our team for further information.
  10. How much in advance I need to book this tour?
    It is recommended to book at least 15 days in advance but our team will go above and beyond to confirm the trips even 24h before the supposed departure. 
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