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Utopia of Tito’s Yugoslavia, Tito’s Bunker & Siege of Sarajevo – Full Day Tour

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10 Hours
Availability : Every Day
Min Age : 0+
Max People : 8 persons
Tour Overview

Get a firsthand account of the atmosphere of Yugoslavian social-communism by visiting Tito’s Nuclear Bunker in the nearby town Konjic, highlights of the Yugoslavian golden age and its downfall with the story of the Siege of Sarajevo from a guide who survived it.

Travel to Konjic town, and visit the Tito’s Nuclear Bunker, explore the Olympic Village and a War Tunnel Museum in an air-conditioned minivan with a small group and learn about „soft communism“ golden era of Yugoslavia, the breakup of Yugoslavia and the years-long siege of Sarajevo.

See the Igman Mt. and explore famous sights of Olympic Ski Jumps and Hotel Igman followed by a visit Trebevic Mountain and famous Olympic Bobsled and before the end visit Jewish Cemetery, site heavily interesting from perspective of Jewish history in the Balkans and story of Siege of Sarajevo.


  • Save your money and time while maximising the experience and joining a full day tour which will cover the story of Yugoslavia, War in Bosnia and Siege of Sarajevo. 
  • Delve into the Yugoslavia mysteries, cold war fanaticism and communists paranoia while discussing the possible reasons of fall of Yugoslavia and it’s rigid consequences.
  • Discover the secrets of Tito’s bunker – the nuclear shelter which was built as part of a Cold War defence system and meant to sustain a direct 20 kiloton nuclear blast. Its secrecy was so important that workers were blind folded before being brought to the worksite. 
  • Visit the Olympic Mt. Igman and Trebevic, learn the story of Sarajevo Winter Olympic Games from 1984.
  • Enjoy a tour that will be guided by a local survivor and get the best of story telling there is. 
  • Explore the War Tunnel Museum along with the other sites crucial for understanding the story of siege of Sarajevo.

What's Included


English speaking local-expert guide and driver. Guide in different language available on request.
Free pickup on request
If you are staying in the old town of Sarajevo meet us at our office. If you are bit away from us, please let us know and we can organise advance pickup.
All Transfers
All tour transfers are provided by Funky Tours.
Entrance Fees, Taxes & Flexible Cancellation Policy
Tito’s Bunker (20 BAM ~ 10 EUR) and Sarajevo War Tunnel (10 BAM ~ 5 EUR) ticket included. No hidden costs. VAT 17% included in the price. Cancel 1 day prior for full refund or change dates anytime.
Tour is available throughout the year.
Group Discounts
For bigger group bookings, discounts are available.
Online Payments
Pay safely online with a credit card. We accept payments for all types of credit cards.


Travel insurance is not included. Please buy it at home country.
Guide Tipping
Tips are not included in the tour costs. If you receive excellent service, please consider tipping.
Private Tour
All tours are shared, unless specifically booked as private.
Lunch break is planned at Igman or Bjelasnica mountain, and food costs are paid at the spot directly to the restaurant. Typical lunch cost is around 8-10 EUR per person.

Starting Point & Departure Times


  • Tour departs from Funky Tours office. If you need pickup please let us know in advance.
  • Departure Times: Daily at 8 AM.


Meet your guide at our office, or be picked up directly at your address in the morning hours. Your guide is experienced, knowledgeable and open-minded person who is a direct siege survivor so, along the way, be sure you will hear some intriguing stories and personal experiences while involving some mind provoking and interesting debate with a small group of like-minded people. 

  • STOP 1: Konjic Old Town (30min) 

On the way to Tito’s Nuclear Bunker in nearby town of Konjic, we will observe the Markale Massacre sites, the Bosnian Presidency building, Sniper Alley, Marshall Tito Barracks, the Bosnian Parliament and some other sites crucial for understanding the irreversible crash of Yugoslavia and Sarajevo under the siege.

Drive will continue the ride through suburbs of Sarajevo and areas of central Bosnia until we pass Ivan Mt. and enter the region of Herzegovina. As soon as in Herzegovina, we’ll start descending as region of Herzegovina is generally on lower altitudes and is totally different climate, so you’ll notice dramatic natural, environmental and usually climate change.

First stop of the day is a short visit to old part of unique, prehistorically inhabited Konjic, town famous for its 17th century 6-arch Old Bridge, looming over turquoise Neretva river, usually very sunny place and a home to one of the most expensive Yugoslavian projects – Tito’s Nuclear Bunker, or also called: Facility D-0, Atomic War Command (ARK).

We pass by:

  • Markale Markets (largest massacre sites in Sarajevo during the 1992-1995)
  • Eternal Flame (memorial dedicated to the victims of the WW2)
  • Children Memorial (memorial dedicated to 1601 killed child in Sarajevo during the 1992-1995)
  • Presidency (Bosnian Presidency house)
  • Parliament (Bosnian Parliament building)
  • Holiday Inn Hotel (Built for the 1984 Olympics, and used by journalists and reporters during the Siege)
  • National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Home to famous  for Sarajevo Haggadah among other exhibits)
  • US Embassy
  • Ex Marshall Tito Military Barracks (Home to JNA troops at the beginning of the Siege)
  • Neighbourhoods of Pofalići, Grbavica, Nedžarići, Alipašino Polje, Stup, Ilidža  and Butmir
    Suburbs of Sarajevo such as Hadžići, Pazarić, Tarćin and Bradina
Konjic town in Herzegovina region
Konjic town in Herzegovina region
  • STOP 2: Tito’s Nuclear Bunker (1.30h)

It took 26 years to build this 6500 m2 miracle of construction with a purpose of withstanding a possible nuclear war and providing a shelter to over 350 Yugoslav leaders and army generals. 
We will wander around this amazing structure and venue for a biennial of contemporary art while discovering the labyrinth of Yugoslavia mysteries, cold war fanaticism and communists paranoia while discussing the possible reasons of fall of Yugoslavia and it’s rigid consequences.

As a third most expensive JNA military project with spendings of cca. 4.6 billion USD, facility D-0, Tito’s atomic war command (ARK), was built to accept, accommodate and protect 350 people and enable successful management and command over the armed forces in case of nuclear warfare.

Titos Bunker - Konjic, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Titos Bunker – Konjic, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • STOP 3: Igman Olympic Mountain with Ski Jumps and Igman Hotel (1.30h)

Later we will head towards Sarajevo and follow up the story of besieged city and harsh position its citizens went through in a barbaric bargain for life. Initial visit will be Igman Olympic mountain and its Olympic heritage in shape of Olympic Ski Jumps. Take photos at Olympic podium or climb the ski jumps and imagine the atmosphere from 1984 Olympics.

Also structure we can not miss at Igman mountain is, Igman Olympic hotel. As Yahoo Travel wrote: “Built in a spirit of optimism, unity, and teamwork for the 1984 Sarajevo Winter Olympics, the 162-room Igman Hotel was a showplace for mountain luxury but was brutally torn apart, along with the rest of the city, during the Balkan War and siege of Sarajevo in the 1990s.”

Surely place not to miss.

Ski Jumps at Igman Mountain
Ski Jumps at Igman Mountain
  • STOP 4: Sarajevo War Tunnel Museum (1.30h)

Later we will visit the Sarajevo War Tunnel where we will explore the museum exhibition and see many interesting exhibits directly associated with Siege of Sarajevo, watch a short movie about the urgent need for building this essential underpass, followed by going through the Tunnel itself.

Sarajevo War Tunnel was dug in July 1993 and used to be main supply route to Sarajevo during the Siege
Sarajevo War Tunnel
  • STOP 5: Trebević Mountain & Olympic Bobsled (1.30h)
After the Tunnel museum, we will head towards the famous Olympic Mt. Trebevic while passing through the Olympic Village Dobrinja. We will hear additional stories about 1984 Sarajevo Winter Olympic Games and visit Olympic Village Dobrinja with its Olympic story and its painful but heroic war story. Learn about besieged neighbourhood in a besieged city.
Our next location will be Trebević, Olympic Mt. which by vast majority of its length was a first line during the Siege and place of many battles on many battlefields.
At the site we have the opportunity to see where the real destruction appeared such as Zlatište, Osmice, Sarajevo Bobsleigh from the period of 1984 Winter Olympics (today featured at the top of the Worlds most beautiful abandoned places lists), Trebević Vidikovac and many other destroyed facilities and sites.
We shall see the remains of bunkers, minefields, tank caterpillar traces, tranches, bullet and grenade shrapnel and many many other interesting sites of destruction, which today, at the present time, haven’t yet being repaired or restored. They just stand there like the 22 years after the war haven’t even passed already.
Sarajevo Olympic Bobsled Graffiti
Sarajevo Olympic Bobsled Graffiti – famous 5th corner
The tour is very much enriched with great panorama views, especially from the very top of Trebević mountain where you get the real feeling what the great mice and cats game had been played, and how the Republic of Srpska forces (VRS) with such a great advantage never got the real chance to take over Sarajevo city.
Upon return to the city last stop of the day will be Jewish Cemetery, known for its historical importance as it is one of the largest Jewish cemeteries in Europe, but during the Siege of Sarajevo was the main front line and sniper nest of the Republic of Srpska army.
Drop off at any place in Sarajevo you want with a high recommendation of having a cold beer or warm coffee at famous Tito caffe.

Important Notice

If you only plan to visit Tito’s Nuclear Bunker at Konjic, without other stops in our itinerary, that is fine and we can easily modify this tour for you.

However, most of the tour offer on the market does cover Tito’s Bunker, but usually as solo visit from and back to Sarajevo. Funky Tours alternatively, offers several other stops which are on the way, and which crucially maximise your time, understanding of the topic and your money.

Why visiting Sarajevo War Tunnel, Olympic Bobsled, Igman hotel, Olympic ski jumps or Tito’s Nuclear Bunker in two or even three different days, when you can put everything easily into one day, and still get much more.

We believe that mix of stories covering utopia and breakup of Yugoslavia, in combination with Siege of Sarajevo chronology is the best way to spend a day.

What to Bring

What Do I Need to Bring?

  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Water bottle

History Timeline


  • Utopia of Yugoslavia
  • Understand Tito’s Yugoslavia. Who Tito was, Hero or a Dictator? Communism or Socialism? Golden Era of Yugoslavia.

February 1984

  • 1984 Winter Olympic Games in Sarajevo
  • The brightest moment of history of Sarajevo and pride of Yugoslavia


  • Downfall of Yugoslavia. Death of Tito, economic breakdown, nationalism and Milošević ideas of Greater Serbia. Wars in Slovenia and Croatia.


  • Siege of Sarajevo & Bosnian War
  • Learn first-hand detailed story about Siege of Sarajevo & understand Bosnian War


  • End of Bosnian War and Dayton Peace Accord
  • Srebrenica Genocide, NATO bombings and role of US / International Community

1996 – Present

  • Balkans and Bosnia Today
  • Aftermath of wars and life today

Learn more among our carefully chosen articles about Yugoslavia and story of Siege of Sarajevo.


Trip Photos

Konjic town in Herzegovina region
Konjic town in Herzegovina region
Ski Jumps at Igman Mountain
Ski Jumps at Igman Mountain
Ski Jumps at Igman Olympic Mountain - Bosnia and Herzegovina
Ski Jumps at Igman Olympic Mountain – Bosnia and Herzegovina
Hotel Igman at Igman Olympic Mountain
Hotel Igman at Igman Olympic Mountain
Konjic Old Bridge - Crossroad between Bosnia and Herzegovina
Konjic Old Bridge – Crossroad between Bosnia and Herzegovina
Titos Bunker - Konjic, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Titos Bunker – Konjic, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Titos Buner in Konjic - Bosnia and Herzegovina
Titos Buner in Konjic – Bosnia and Herzegovina
Igman Ski Jumps near Sarajevo
Igman Ski Jumps


Sarajevo War Tunnel was dug in July 1993 and used to be main supply route to Sarajevo during the Siege
Sarajevo War Tunnel
Sarajevo Olympic Bobsled Graffiti
Sarajevo Olympic Bobsled Graffiti

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does this tour include entrance fee to Titos Bunker and Sarajevo War Tunnel?
    Yes, the tour covers the costs of the entrance fees.
  2. Can I start this tour from some other point rather than Sarajevo? 
    Yes, in case you are staying somewhere else besides Sarajevo please contact out team and we will go above and beyond to find a convenient option.
  3. Can I book as solo traveller?
    Yes you can. Significant number of our fellow travelers are solo.
  4. How much should I tip?
    Tips are not included in the tour costs, nor they are heavily expected in Balkan culture. However when you receive excellent service, we recommend tipping.
  5. Can I book a private customised trip based on this one? 
    Yes, you can. Custom-tailored trips are our speciality. Please contact our team with your preferences and we will be happy to work on it accordingly and suggest some amazing options. 
  6. Can I book this tour in other than English language?
    Tours are possible to book in other than English languages in private option. Do contact our team for further information.
  7. How much in advance I need to book this tour?
    It is recommended to book at least 15 days in advance but our team will go above and beyond to confirm the trips even 24 hrs before the supposed departure. 
  8. Is the prepayment necessary? 
    Prepayment is not obligatory. You can easily pay on a day of departure.
  9. Can I pay for the tour with credit card?
    Yes, we accept VISA and Maestro. Please note that, in case you would like to make a credit card payment, you will need to do it at our office or by prepayment via credit card authorisation form. Our guides can NOT accept credit cards. 
  10. Which currency is accepted for cash payment?
    We are fans of our local currency (BAM), but you can also pay in EUR, HRK, USD, GBP or even combined.
20 Reviews
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Kaushik Keshava Ramanuja

Family Traveller

What we expected to be a recreational visit was also very informative about the history of Bosnia as a part of Yugoslavia. I have an image of the picturesque country in my head for every experience and story we heard about Bosnia.

August 25, 2021


Solo Traveller

One of the best tours ever!

This tour was a really interesting tour where you get to see a variety of sites from different periods in Sarajevo’s history – the Bridge at Konjic, Tito’s bunker, abandoned sites from the 84 Winter Olympics, the panorama from Trebevic and the Jewish Ceremony. It is difficult to pick a best bit because it was all so good.

What made this tour really great was the guide. He spoke fluent English, was friendly, had a great sense of humour and spoke about Bosnia’s history and his experiences in Bosnia during the war.

I would highly recommend doing this tour.

March 27, 2020


Solo Traveller

Great value for money tour

I thought this tour was really good. We saw a lot but most of it was able to be done at your own pace. My guide was excellent and I felt I got a good understanding of the some of the history of the area, the culture & people, and the issues the region faces today.

It was really fascinating to hear my tour guides perspective on it all, as he is about my age (mid/late twenties). I would definitely recommend this company.

January 16, 2020


Solo Traveller

Book it! Affordable amazing tour with Taib

Book with them!

I did the full day tour of Tito bunker and the tunnel with our tour guide Taib who I adore. He’s so genuine, friendly, great sense of humor, and informative. The driver was so nice too.

Funky Tours as an agency is simply excellent. I found their tours to be much more affordable what other agencies were quoting for similar itineraries. Their staff whether in person or over email were always so friendly, responsive and helpful.

December 21, 2019


Solo Traveller


I remember looking at this company on Tripadvisor and thinking, “can they really be that good?”. In short, absolutely! I did three group tours with the company: the Mostar day tour, the Tito Bunker tour and the Jajce tour. They were all outstanding.

You get to see parts of the country you simply wouldn’t get to see if you tried to do this on your own and the guides are so knowledgable! I did two of the three tours with the guide Ana who was amazing! They are passionate about what they do and genuinely care about showing visitors the country.

I want to go back to Sarajevo and will definitely book again with Funky Tours!

December 6, 2019
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