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Kayak and boat adrenaline fun on the Una river

The glittering green paradise hidden in the north - west of Bosnia & Herzegovina
Una River
Kayak adrenaline fun in one of the most beautiful rivers of Bosnia & Herzegovina

Una River - The “Unique One”

If you like something heavenly pleasing where you can enjoy nature, then the National Park Una is the perfect choice for you. The national park is located in the municipality of Bihać, which is actually the administrative center of Una – Sana Canton. National Park Una is about 5 hours drive from Sarajevo and about 3 hours and 30 minutes drive from Zagreb. As well, National Park Una is only 1 hour and 30 minutes from the National Park Plitvice in Croatia. If you are planning to visit some of these tourist destinations, then definitely a must do location is  the National Park Una.   

The National Park Una is one of the most fabulous nature areas of Bosnia & Herzegovina. The origin of the river name is latin and means the “unique one”. There are many activities in the National Park Una and any of them you choose are lifetime experiences. The national monument and nature sightseeing, swimming, kayaking, rafting, barbecuing, enjoying a boat restaurant or just chilling in nature  are some of the activities. Any type of a person will find his peace of heaven to charge his batteries. 

“Una Kayak Safari” is the perfect choice for the tourists that are more for nature activities. Kayaking, rafting, photo – safari and camping on the Una river, even hiking and camping on nearby mountains. These are the activities that all nature adrenaline lovers should do in the National Park Una. It is important to say that there are different routes, depending on how much adrenaline you prefer. 

Adaptation to the ordinary outside world is the only negative thing, after the Una nature fun. To sum up, there is no space for waiting! Book your flight to the Balkans and enjoy the beauty of the National Park Una.

Una River
National Park Una is surely one of the most unique European gems perfect for adrenaline and nature lovers.

“Una Kayak Safari” - A Lifetime Water Adrenaline Experience

Are you ready to fall in love with the most amazing river in the Balkans? Una river is the unique pearl of Bosnia & Herzegovina that will leave you speechless. Glittering green – blue Una river immersed into the mysterious canyon is waiting for you to explore her beauty.

“Una Kayak Safari” team knew about the potential that the Una river offers. Therefore, they decided to provide professional service and pleasure to the tourists that are visiting the National Park Una. Actually, everything began on the Zrmanja river in the Republic of Croatia. Amar Alagić started his part time job on the Zrmanja river while helping his father. After Amar got some experience in Croatia his father decided to open an agency in the city of Bihać. Amar is nowadays his right hand in the business. In 2016. two of them opened the “Una Kayak Safari”, after Amar passed the skipper exams. and by now as they say they keep having more tourists each year. The “Una Kayak Safari” has also a flattering title, being the first agency of this kind in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Europeans are the most common guests, mostly from Belgium, Netherlands, Italy and Germany. 

None of this would be possible if Amar, like his father, did not love nature. While Amar was helping his father on the Zrmanja river as an assistant, his passion towards nature was rising. Amar Alagić is nowadays an experienced and licenced hiking guide, skipper and runs his own facebook page “Amar Alagić Adventures”. Amar’s free soul combined with his positive vibes will assure you that you came to the right place. To sum up, you will be stunned by nature and you will feel safe in Amar’s hands.  

Una Kayaking
“Una Kayak Safari” in the wild - suitable for any age groups. The kids are enjoying with Amar while the adrenaline is circulating through their veins.

When Work meets the Pleasure

After the experience gained on the Zrmanja river, Croatia, Amar’s father decided to open his own business in Bihać.  As it’s already mentioned, the business started in 2016. and by now “Una Kayak Safari” employs 4 people plus 6 more during the season. Everything is being done on a high professional level, because safety is first. Nevermind safety is on the first place, with Amar you will always feel secure and free to swim and operate the kayak. Before the adventure starts, Amar explains everything about safety and how to operate the kayak or the boat. The last checking is at the bare start when he takes a short “exam” with the tourists to be sure everyone was listening. To sum up, with Amar and the other licenced skippers you are in the right hands. 

Nowadays, “Una Kayak Safari” has 16 kayaks for 32 people and one boat. There are different starting points, depending on how experienced the tourists are and how much adrenaline you like. After kayak adrenaline fun, the last stop is Grmuša, which is a terrific option you can do with “Una Kayak Safari”. In the camp Grmuša you will have a barbecue, nice party in nature and a nap in a tent. Your duty is just to call and arrange how you prefer. Amar is able to do rafting even through Strbački Buk, of course if you are more of an adrenaline type. Therefore, feel free to ask anything and remember, enjoy, it’s your vacation. 

If you want to spend more days in Bihać, then you can even do a hiking trip with Amar. He is a very experienced mountain hiker and he knows the trails very well. Amar Alagić is a member of the mountaineering society “Plješevica” Bihać, where he is a very active member. 

Una River
Natural landscape and an exceptional beauty of Una River. Typical karst spring of specific turquoise colour.

Adventures Options with “Una Kayak Safari”

“Una Kayak Safari” offers three different types of water fun, but that is not all. The agency offers hiking trips to the nearby mountains as well. The water fun options are divided into “kayak safari”, “Una river rafting” and “Una river kayak”. 

Una Kayak Safari

  • “Una Kayak Safari” safari city touris an option if you like a more calm kayak adventure. It is a city tour where you can see some interesting parts of the city. While enjoying the kayak ride, the waterfalls will whisper to your ears to stop and enjoy their beauty. 
  • “Una Kayak Safari” safari in the wild – also an option if you are not into an adventure, packed with adrenaline. Safari in the wild is calm kayak fun like the city tour, just with more nature panorama. During the tour there is the chance to swim, rest on the waterfalls and many others. 


Una River Rafting 

  • “Una Rafting” Kostela to Grmušathis option is a bit more wild than the other previous two. Still it is for all age groups and anyone can manage this tour. It is just an option for the tourists that are little bit more for adrenaline fun. 
  • “Una Rafting” Štrbački Buk to Lohovo – the option is more for adrenaline lovers and definitely this is a paradise for adrenaline packed veins. The waterfall “Štrbački Buk” is one of the most beautiful parts of the National Park Una. The waterfall is made out of few more other waterfalls, but the highest one is 20 meters.
  • Una River Kayak this is the newest option that “Una Kayak Safari” is offering. This option is great if you like camping in nature. After the unforgettable kayak fun, the last point is the camp where you can rest, eat, drink and enjoy. Why not to meet nature in the best possible way, of course through camping. 
Una River
If you choose “Una Kayak Safari” city tour you can see Bihać city center and the Catholic church of St. Anthony of Padua.
Una River
And if you are more adrenaline lovers you can choose “Una Rafting” Štrbački Buk to Lohovo as your option and have a great fun.


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