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'' Animal Rescue Bosnia ” The First Step For a Better Life

Throughout Bosnia & Herzegovina there is the same problem, animal rescue, especially dog rescue. Therefore we must say that the A.R.B. (“Animal Rescue Bosnia”) is the first modern, fulfilled with love, organisation that is helping the dogs to find their new home. A.R.B. started its work in 2019. and today is proud of their modern dog rescue shelter. The idea was born by the family Runge that owns a huge grupation, EMKA. With the will and devotion of young people from Goražde, “EMKA Bosnia” decided to make a  modern dog shelter. Truly a once in a life time experience.


This story should be the future inspiration to all Bosnian – Herzegovinian cities, to do the same and to be humane first of all. The dogs are being kept in the dog shelter, while being prepared for their new home and family. In the modern dog shelter the street dogs are chipped, sterilized / castrated, while getting all other medical treatment they need. Of course that is not all, because the animal keepers pay attention to the social life of the dogs.

The animal keepers passed the professional dog training like in Germany, therefore they are totally prepared for all of their tasks. These young people got their job opportunity, while doing something they like. The training process was financed by “EMKA Bosnia” and it was a starting point to get professional trainers for the future dog rescue all over Bosnia & Herzegovina. 

This is not the end of their humanity, because A.R.B. offers all the mentioned help to the citizens of Goražde that have their own pets. Anyone that needs a treatment for his dog or other pet can come to the dog shelter. The veterinary station will do all what is necessary and everything free of charge. 

All of these beautiful animals are chipped, dewormed, vaccinated, parasite free and trained for their future homes and the worst part of visiting this place is leaving. These amazing creatures make you want to stay here for the rest of your life. 


How did Goražde get the first modern street dog shelter?

Everything started from the heart of the owner of the EMKA Group, Mr Friedhelm Runge, because he is a big animal lover. As someone who was visiting Goražde on his business journeys he found out about the street dog problems in Goražde and entire Bosnia & Herzegovina. Therefore Mr Friedhelm Runge decided to take actions and give his hand of solidarity to these beautiful creatures. 

The EMKA Group is the world leader for locking systems, hinges and sealings, which are used in cabinets and control cabinets for electronics and electrical engineering. In the areas of air conditioning technology and transport, EMKA Group is one of the leading manufacturers of locking technology. In the city of Goražde, EMKA Group has about 35000 m² of ground area and employs about 700 citizens. The EMKA Group was present in Goražde before the 90’s war. These connections stayed strong after the war, because Mr Friedhelm Runge decided to move the factory back to the postwar city of Goražde. To sum up, the move to open a fully equipped and modern dog shelter was just another honest way of help to the citizens of Goražde. We can say that after all these years, EMKA Group and the citizens of Goražde have special ties. 

To be sure that the task is operating on a high level the EMKA Group founded an organisation that runs the street dog shelter. The name of the organization is A.R.B. or “Animal Rescue Bosnia”. The main tasks of A.R.B. are to take the street dogs to the shelter, give them all the necessary help and train them. Finally, to find them a warm home in the countries of European Union. A.R.B. has the best possible personnel, administration, veterinarians and dog trainers, all of them working with love and devotion.

The shelter is planned to accommodate 108 dogs, also it is equipped with the modern veterinary station and administration building, 5 different dog huts and space for recreation (700 m²). The dog shelter is connected to the main water system of the city. The sanitary – faecal water is filtered and directed to the watertight septic tanks. 

It is important to say that the dog trainers passed the German dog training programme and all of them are licenced. There is also one veterinarian and a lady who takes care of the administration. The facility is built by the European standards and has separate sleeping dog huts with underfloor heating. To sum up, the facility offers the best possible standards for the street dogs. In that way is the best possible temporary shelter for the dogs. 

The main tasks of A.R.B. are to take the dogs from the streets, give them all the necessary medical help and train them in the facility. Final step is to find a warm home for the dogs. One of the main tasks is to teach the people about the main background problems of the street dogs. This is done by the main veterinarian, where he addresses the schools, public occasions and speaks about all the negative things that the dogs are running into. Another task is to cure all the street dogs in the Goražde region and chip them so in any time the team knows what is happening with the released dogs. Sterilization and castration is another important task that is being done for the purpose of reproduction stop. To be more humane the team also treats the dogs, which owners don’t have the money to pay for the necessary treatment. 

Animal Rescue Bosnia

The adoption process is taken very seriously, while only serious parties have the chance to adopt a dog. The A.R.B. team even checks the homes of the parties, speaks with them and in the end is making a final conclusion about adoption. To sum up, this is definitely a proof that A.R.B. is really loving their dogs and that they only want the best for them. 

There are now many dogs that were adopted in Luxemburg, Austria, England and especially Germany. Both sides are very happy now, the parties that found a best friend and the dogs that found the best possible home. These dogs are given to the parties in the best possible medical conditions. Of course, the lovely dogs are well trained as well.  These lovely animals are chipped, dewormed, vaccinated and parasite free. The veterinarian is also sterilizing and castrating all the dogs when they reach the appropriate age. The only thing the parties need to do is to provide love and happiness to these beautiful animals. 

Animal Rescue Bosnia

Honest opinions from the satisfied parties that adopted a dog:

Sarah – Germany: “Our vet was totally enthusiastic, he has rarely seen such a healthy and well – groomed dog from abroad. I’m totally thrilled.” 

Alina – Germany: “Lote has settled in super. She fits in perfectly with us and we were also super happy with the way things went.”

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