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2023 Donation campaign for helping children and schools of Srebrenica

Every year, Funky Tours organizes the distribution of New Year’s packages for children from all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina. For this upcoming 2023 New Year’s holidays, we are focusing on the broader region of Srebrenica and Eastern Bosnia, the area that survived the Genocide in July 1995.

Many families in this region are affected by a tremendous unemployment rate, and therefore the children of those families also go through impossible problems in obtaining basic school supplies.

This year, we have decided to organize as many gift packages as possible for children from the Srebrenica region at the end of December 2023.

In cooperation with local schools and our dear donor guests, this year, we are collecting funds for packages and essential food items for the children of the Srebrenica region.

Funky Tours campaign for collecting donations for supporting children of the Srebrenica region

Why are we donating and helping in the Srebrenica region this year?

Eastern Bosnia was one of the worst affected regions during the aggression against Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1992 to 1995, which resulted in the Genocide in July 1995. As a socially responsible organization, Funky Tours actively participates in many projects of sustainable return and restoration of life in this Genocide-affected part of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Who are we helping?

Considering that the unemployment rate in this part of Bosnia and Herzegovina is over 80%, many families struggle to survive. Very often, the most affected categories are children, who often do not have necessities and textbooks for education. In cooperation with local schools and their teachers, we identify the most affected families and children during the year and direct our work toward them.

When do we donate?

We usually make donations during the New Year holidays, usually in the last week of December or the first week of January.

How do I know that my donation went into the right hands?

Funky Tours transparently sends all donors all the details about the humanitarian action: the total amount of money donated, the individual value of each package for children, and the number of children who received the packages. In the end, we shall deliver the total financial-realization report.

How does Funky Tours participate?

Funky Tours participates by matching, i.e. doubling the total amount of all donations, and logistically organizes the entire process from idea to realization, free of charge.

Past Activities

In 2021/2022 we organized a Balkan study tour for California State University, where part of the tour was creating personalized packages for the children of Srebrenica. More about our actions see at Giving Back.

How to donate?

Just use our Stripe donation form and donate the amount you feel comfortable with. There is no minimum or maximum amount, feel free to contribute as much as you feel is right.

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