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Bosnia and Herzegovina Takes Center Stage at Japan Tourism Expo 2023 with Funky Tours

Osaka, Japan
October 2023.

Funky Tours have presented Bosnia and Herzegovina to Japanese Travel Market

In a historic moment for tourism, Bosnia and Herzegovina stepped into the limelight at the Japan Tourism Expo 2023, marking its inaugural presence at this prestigious event.

At the heart of this groundbreaking venture was Funky Tours (with other friends and partner), a trailblazing travel company dedicated to unraveling the hidden gems of this Balkan gem.

The expo served as a platform for introducing Bosnia and Herzegovina to Japanese travelers and laid the foundation for meaningful collaborations and partnerships.

For the first time, the captivating landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture of Bosnia and Herzegovina took center stage at the Japan Travel Fair. Funky Tours, known for its innovative approach to travel experiences, seized this opportunity to showcase the unparalleled beauty that awaits visitors in this often-overlooked destination.

One of the highlights of this endeavor was the opportunity to connect with local partners from Japan and the wider region. Engaging discussions unfolded as representatives from Funky Tours explored potential collaborations and sought common ground for cooperation between travel agencies from Bosnia and Japan.

Meeting with local partners at Japan Tourism Expo 2023

Participation in the Japan Tourism Expo also gave Funky Tours invaluable insights into Japan’s travel customs and traditions. Understanding the preferences and expectations of Japanese travelers is crucial for tailoring experiences that resonate with their unique tastes. This cultural exchange offered a reciprocal learning experience, enhancing Funky Tours’ ability to curate authentic and culturally immersive journeys for visitors from Japan.

❐  Together with other travel agencies and our partners, we presented Bosnia and Herzegovina to the Japanese travel market as The Most Exciting Destination in the World

Collaboration was a key theme throughout this endeavor, and Funky Tours partnered with Visit Sarajevo and the USAID Tourism project.

This strategic alliance aimed at collectively promoting Bosnia and Herzegovina to a wider market, leveraging the strengths of each entity to amplify the country’s allure on the global stage.

Together, they demonstrated the collaborative spirit that defines the tourism landscape in Bosnia and Herzegovina, showcasing the nation’s commitment to welcoming and engaging with international visitors.

❐  Getting to know the Japanese travel market was our most significant benefit. This experience will help us create amazing services, perfectly delivering great value for our guests.

❐  We made sure that everyone knew that Bosnia and Herzegovina needed to be placed on a greater Japanese market travel map

❐  Meeting with partners, listening to their needs and demands, will help us better understand Japanese travel market, and better position Bosnia and Herzegovina as a stunning destination.

❐  Working hard to exchange contacts and stay in touch with our potential partners after the fair

❐  At Funky Tours we are extremely thankful for being able to further elaborate and promote Bosnia and Herzegovina to Japanese travel audience

❐  Having a great time meeting the local partners

❐  Bosnia and Herzegovina stand was fully packed

❐  Together with our great partners and friend agencies from Bosnia and Herzegovina we did a great job in Japan

Among the myriad impressions gathered from this venture, Osaka stood out as a particularly beloved destination. Renowned for its dynamic cityscape, culinary delights, and vibrant street life, Osaka left an indelible mark on the Funky Tours team.

The experience in Osaka not only enriched their understanding of Japanese urban life but also inspired new ideas for crafting unforgettable travel experiences for Japanese visitors exploring Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Osaka, Japan

In conclusion, the Japan Tourism Expo 2023 marked a significant milestone in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s journey into the global tourism arena.

In collaboration with local partners, Funky Tours not only introduced the country’s wonders to Japanese travelers but also sowed the seeds for enduring partnerships. As the world opens up to new horizons, this endeavor is a testament to the boundless possibilities that arise when cultures converge and nations come together in the spirit of exploration and collaboration.

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