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Funky Tours' Exciting Journey at the Utrecht Vakantibeurs 2024 (Netherlands Travel Fair)

Amsterdam, Netherlands
January, 2024.

January 2024 marked an exciting chapter for Funky Tours as we participated in the much-anticipated Utrecht Travel Fair. This event was a great moment for us to showcase our passion for the Balkans and engage with a global audience eager to explore this culturally rich and diverse region.

Arrival at Jaarbeurs

Spotlight on Balkan Gems: Albania, Montenegro, and Bosnia & Herzegovina

Capturing Hearts with the Balkans

Our presentation of Albania, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina captured the hearts of many at the fair. We were thrilled to witness the overwhelming interest in these beautiful destinations, each boasting unique cultures, landscapes, and histories. Our stand became a beacon for those intrigued by the allure of the Balkans

Travel Trade Day

Camping Craze in the Balkans

Embracing Nature’s Call

Many visitors were keenly interested in camping and outdoor opportunities in the Balkans. The prospect of camping amidst the stunning natural backdrops of Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina resonated strongly with outdoor enthusiasts.

We were delighted to promote these fantastic destinations, highlighting our diverse outdoor tours.

Presenting the Balkans Travel itineraries to our future guests

Commitment to Sustainable Tourism

Shaping a Greener Future

Sustainable tourism emerged as a major point of interest among the attendees. We proudly shared Funky Tours’ initiatives and practices aimed at promoting sustainable tourism. Our commitment to environmental stewardship and responsible travel practices underlined our vision for a more sustainable and conscientious travel future.

Leaving the stand unattended for a while 🙂

Making a Mark in the Dutch Travel Market

A Step Forward for Regional Tourism

With over 70,000 visitors at Vakantibeurs in Jaarbeurs, Utrecht, Funky Tours played a significant role in promoting Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the wider region, to the Dutch travel market. Our participation not only showcased our offerings but also highlighted the growing appeal of the Balkans as a prime travel destination.

❐ Creating meaningful friendships in the travel network

Strategic Partnership with Visit Sarajevo

Uniting for Tourism Growth

At the fair, we forged a strategic partnership with the Visit Sarajevo tourism board. This collaboration aimed to place Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina firmly on the travel map. Our joint efforts at the fair signified a united front in promoting the cultural and historical richness of this enchanting region.

Partnering with Visit Sarajevo Tourism Board

A Step Towards New Horizons

Our journey at the Utrecht Travel Fair 2024 was a testament to Funky Tours’ dedication to revealing the hidden wonders of the Balkans. It was an opportunity to engage, inspire, and connect with a community of travelers seeking authentic experiences. As we continue our mission, we invite you to join us in exploring these captivating destinations and creating unforgettable memories.

Happy to share common passion for the Balkan travels

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