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Inholland University Explores the Beauty of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Collaboration with Funky Tours

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
November 2023.

In a unique blend of education and exploration, Inholland University of Applied Sciences recently conducted a transformative study visit to Sarajevo, Bosnia, and Herzegovina. Partnering with Funky Tours, this endeavor aimed to provide students with valuable insights for their tourism studies and create a strategic marketing approach for promoting Sarajevo as a destination.

The students, with a passion for tourism and marketing, delved into the history and beauty of Bosnia and Herzegovina through a captivating history walking tour with Funky Tours. From Sarajevo’s cultural tapestry to Mostar’s iconic landmarks, the students immersed themselves in the rich heritage and diversity that defines this Balkan gem.

Meeting with students at Sarajevo School of Business – University of Sarajevo

The collaborative effort extended beyond exploration as the students were divided into groups, each tasked with developing innovative marketing strategies. Their objective was to position Sarajevo as a prominent destination, with a special focus on targeting Generation Z through social media campaigns and other contemporary channels.

Introduction to the lecture by group leader Robin Löke

Working in tandem with Visit Sarajevo and the School of Business and Economics from the University of Sarajevo, the project aimed to not only provide students with a hands-on learning experience but also contribute to the promotion of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the global stage.

The partnership with Funky Tours allowed the students to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios, understanding the intricacies of destination marketing and the importance of cultural sensitivity in their campaigns.

Lecture by Funky Tours founder, Skender Hatibovic

As the students embark on their projects, we eagerly anticipate the creative ideas and innovative approaches they will bring to the table. The synergy between academia, tourism professionals, and students is a testament to the power of collaborative learning and cross-cultural understanding.

Inholland University, known for its commitment to experiential education, and Funky Tours are proud to be part of this enriching journey. We extend our best wishes to the students for success in their projects and hope that the experiences gained in Bosnia and Herzegovina will become a cornerstone in their academic and professional endeavors.

❐  Historic walking tour of Sarajevo

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