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Treskavica Mountain: Wonderland of Flawless Natural Diversity

Treskavica Mountain

Wonderland of Flawless Natural Diversity

There are 263 hikes to choose from in BiH and most of these will take you through amazing forested mountains, plethora of wildlife, abundant vegetation and jaw-dropping sceneries. This time we chose hiking on Treskavica Mountain trails. This Mt. is one of the most amazing BiH Mountains that provide unique opportunities for all of you mountaineering fans.

One of the great things about BiH is that there is always something to discover. Just when you think you are done and you should move on, the country stands up with another surprise. Its unbelievable variety of the non touristy places are within easy reach no matter where you are stationed. If you give it a chance, you will discover that BiH is the perfect European gem for true nature lovers and individuals.

BiH is a country where you can get the best of it at any time of your journey. Therefore, regardless of the period you choose to spend here, the fact is that you will be able to explore the cultural / historical heritage and, on the other hand, engage in plethora of challenges, sports activities and exploring a perfectly intact nature while meeting a local communities. BiH offers a remarkable opportunity to never again having to compromise during your trip. Only 30 km from the capital you have the opportunity to witness and enjoy spectacular natural wonders of Treskavica Mountain. 

Highest Mountain of Sarajevo

Treskavica Mountain is one of the most beautiful mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is located in the southern part of Sarajevo, in the municipality of Trnovo and belongs to the range of the Dinaric Alps. Distance between the Mountain and Sarajevo is around 30 km. 

Major part of the mountain is located in Republika Srpska while the western part is located in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Unless you are traveling with car, the easiest way from Sarajevo is by taking public transport. Take a tram to Ilidza and, from there, simply catch a bus no.47 from the bus terminal. The bus will take you directly to village Turovi from where you can easily start with  your hike.  While trams are very frequent, you should be aware that local bus that connects Ilidza and Turovi village has only a few daily departures. You can check the bus schedule on the official site and you can read more on public transportation in Sarajevo on our blog here.

Natural diversity at its best

Only 30km from Sarajevo- centre of cultural diversity, you will have a chance to witness one of the most amazing natural diversities you will ever have a chance to walk through.

Treskavica Mountain is located in a zone with strong seismic movements and got its name as result of continuous small earthquakes which are quite common at the area (Bos. “tresti”: Eng. “to shake). 

Unique things about this mountain are sharp and characteristic differences between the lush vegetation on the north side, and complete bareness and karst on the southern slopes. In other words, this mountain is ideal for any type of mountain sports or activities including hiking, climbing, mountain biking etc.  

A special addition to this unusual scenery is the abundance of water and springs that lie below the highest peaks. At almost every step you can find crystal clear drinking water which sets Treskavica apart from the many other mountains. According to legend, Treskavica has as many as 365 springs, including the sources of five large rivers, Zeljeznica, Bistrica, Ljuta, Bijela and Rakitnica.

Treskavica Hiking Trail
Treskavica Hiking Trail

Nature has endowed this mountain with a large number of lakes that feed from glaciers, springs and streams. Most lakes cannot be reached by car and are protected from any human activity. The most famous Lakes of Treskavica are the Great, Black, White and Small Lake. These lakes represent the best trace of the period of ice age at this mountain.

The Great Lake is the largest and favourite spot to have some rest. It is 220 m long, 185 m wide, 6 m deep and located at an altitude of 1548 m. The crystal clear lake water and pristine surroundings offer unforgettable experiences including spiritual moments and reconnecting with pure, untouched nature.

Treskavica: where winter meets summer

Due to the specific mountain climate in Treskavica, it is possible to experience four seasons within only one day. This is the mountain where the southern, Mediterranean, and northern currents collide which causes frequent weather changes. If you come to this mountain in the spring, you will have the opportunity to witness the high summer temperatures, the crystal clear and pristine snow slopes and the heaps of bushy leaves that will remind you of the classy red autumn. At some point you will be absolutely uncoordinated when it comes to the seasons. You will feel as though there is a secret passage for Narnia lurking in every corner.

The mountain is known among nature lovers as a place of beautiful peaks, vast pastures, crystal clear lakes and stunning views. On a sunny summer day, the amazing view is stretching all the way to Montenegro and Adriatic sea. Something truly spectacular to experience.

Treskavica Mountain
When seasons collide: Soak up as much of the atmosphere as possible and enjoy the moment of complete inner peace.

The scene of many battles between 92-95

Treskavica is enfolded with large and dense coniferous and deciduous forests, as well as numerous glades with lush grass adorned with beautiful field flowers and herbs. 

It is a sad fact that this beautiful treasure trove of untouched nature was a part of the frontline between 1992-95. Treskavica Mountain was a main centre of some heavy fights and combats between Serbs and Bosniaks. Due to contamination with landmines and unexploded ordnance that are left behind, this mountain is unfortunately one of the most neglected in the hiking circles. However, nature lovers have managed to arrange and mark safe trails for all of the mountain enthusiasts. As long as you follow the marked path, there is no danger.  The myriad of opportunities and absolutely safe hiking routes will give you a once in a lifetime experience.

Treskavica Mountain
Comply with nature. Slow down and respect the boundaries.

Moving along the vast expanse of the forest and stones, you will very often come across the remains of dug trenches. This will easily remind you of the savage history and meaningless war which forcefully made the nature of its accomplice. 

Incredible and diverse nature will seem to be untouched by human hand for decades. On the other hand, an unwilling partaking in war that managed to leave scars to this magnificent titan will create an incredibly exceptional and powerful image. This image though will not cause negative emotions in you. It will cause an awe for nature and a force that has the power to be one of man’s greatest partners and his strongest enemy. Depending on the merit. Nature is never biased.

Peaks and roofs of Treskavica

The highest peak of Treskavica is 2,088 meters above the sea level and it has three different names among the locals. The name Paklijas refers to an inaccessible and harsh terrain area. Peak also got a name Djokin Toranj after a mountaineer who gave an idea of metal structure that was built there as a shelter. The facility did not withstand war and weather conditions. Therefore, today, you can see only metal doors remain on the top of the building. The name Mala Caba (Eng. Small Kaaba) is more historically related. Villagers at the foot of Treskavica were visiting the peak for religious reasons.

In addition to Paklijas, other attractive peaks for mountaineers are Pasina Planina(2070m), Barice (2062m), Djevigrad (2034m), Mali Treskac (1969m) and Oblik (1876m).

Treskavica hike does not always have to include the goal of conquering one of the peaks. The experience will be absolutely amazing even if you decide to visit just one or two of the lakes and enjoy the harmony of untouched nature, pure fresh air and spectacular views. In the summer, swimming in the Great and Black Lakes is also possible. Whatever side or marked path we decide to take Treskavica is always a new experience.

Treskavica Mountain
Somewhere in the middle of the way. It is impossible to be physically exhausted when you are fulfilled with incredible energy and maximum serenity.

Hike your way to inner peace

The most convenient path to the mountain is by starting from the village of Turovi, four kilometers away from Trnovo. Turovi was once one of the most developed villages in Bosnia and Herzegovina, before the war. A village where a plethora of series and documentary shows were filmed in the prewar period. The infrastructure of the village was very developed and connected to many other settlements in the vicinity of Sarajevo. For the most part, the hosts provided life for themselves and their children through their means and manpower. Today, it is a returnee village in Trnovo municipality, with very little infrastructure investment. However, this is a charming place to start your hike. Have a small talk with villagers and learn more about local community that is close to the capital yet very remotely connected to it.  

Treskavica Mountain
Abundance of crystal clear drinkable water at almost every corner will simply amaze you.

Above the village there is a place where two creeks meet and create together the Željeznica river.  Not far from its origin the river deepened its bed and made a limestone beam- a cauldron through which water foams and boil. For this reason and its unusual appearance, people called this place “Kazani” (Eng. Cauldrons). The beauty of water exhibitions provides a captivating image that makes this place an eponymous site marvelled by any visitor. 

The road from the village Turovi is marked and it is safest to follow the trail that leads to the Sustavac. The house is open on weekends and in other periods you can spend a night but with the announcement. It is managed by the Treskavica Mountaineering Society and spending a night usually costs around 5 EUR (10 BAM).

Reaching the Lakes of Treskavica Mountain

The road from Sustavac leads to the  Great Lake and slowly becomes harder and narrower. It takes about an hour and a half to reach the Great Lake located at 1,675 meters above sea level. 

Once you reach the Great Lake the main task is to become one with nature. The breathtaking views and amazingly fresh air will provide the perfect calm and coordination of mind and body. At the top you will find a hut “house of salvation”. This log cabin on the Great Lake is built and ready to accommodate all of you who found themselves in any way at Treskavica Mountain, in need of shelter.

Kuca spasa” (Eng. Rescue House) is open type. Therefore, you can spend the night here and continue your hike the next day. The log cabin was built by members of the EPD “Treskavica Lakes” and, consequently its open character, it is necessary to behave in a family manner and in accordance with the mountain codes.

Uphill walk to the northwest will take you to Black Lake which lies at an altitude of 1675 meters. The length of the lake is about 150 meters with the width of cca 100 meters. The name of the lake came came as a result of the black moss that covered the bottom of the lake. 

Take a return by following a marked path which leads east all the way to the area of Glibovac. From Glibovac you will take the same path you came from Turovi village. 

The beauty of this mountain and its resilience will leave deeply an emotional effect, which will, at the very least, inspire admiration. 

Treskavica Mt.
Peace and love from Funky Tours team. We always strive to above and beyond the ordinary, making the trips into essential life journeys.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Treskavica Mountain free of landmines?

Although there are still some areas affected by landmines, marked hiking trails are absolutely safe and as long as you are following markers you will actually be a far, far away from the landmines.

How long does a hike at Treskavica take?

A hike from village Turovi to Great and Black lakes usually involves about 3.5 -4h one-way hiking.

How demanding is the hike?

Although this is a medium-demanding hike, be prepared for many narrow climbs. In case you are beginner you might consider first taking some of the less demanding routes.

Is it recommendable doing a guided hiking tour to Treskavica Mountain?

For the first time visitors, we recommend professional hiking guides. However, you can also dear on to the self-guided trip as long as you follow the markings.

Is this route recommendable for solo hikers?

Like none, Treskavica hike is not recommended for solo hikers and is recommendable to have at least one more person besides you.

What should I bring along?

We recommend sports hiking pants or tights, short and long sleeve T-shirts, raincoats, spare T-shirts and socks and hiking boots. Since the terrain is occasionally slippery in the ups and downs hiking poles will do very well.

Will i be able to use a mobile phone at the mountain?

Although there are some spots with absolutely no mobile network coverage, for most of the part you will be able to use your phone.

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