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Bosnia ⇄ Montenegro Private Transfers

Podgorica Montenegro
Sarajevo ⇄ Podgorica

Sarajevo ⇄ Podgorica

4.30 Hours
The best route to travel between Sarajevo and Podgorica is via Foča and Nikšić. Border crossing is Šćepan Polje.
Budva old town in Montenegro
Sarajevo ⇄ Budva

Sarajevo ⇄ Budva

5.15 Hours
Standard and shortest route we usually take between Sarajevo and Kotor is via Foča, Nikšić, Podgorica. Border crossing we usually do is Šćepan Polje.
Kotor in Montenegro
Sarajevo ⇄ Kotor

Sarajevo ⇄ Kotor

5 Hours
The most convenient route between Sarajevo and Kotor is via Mostar and Trebinje. However depending on the traffic conditions and tourist season we can opt for route via Foča and Bileća.

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