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Sarajevo to/from Zagreb (Ljubljana) Full Day Transfer Tour (via Central and North Bosnia)

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12 Hours
Availability : Every Day
Min Age : 0+
Max People : 8 persons
Tour Overview

For those charting a course between Sarajevo and Zagreb, our comprehensive “Total Bosnia Tour” offers a seamless day-long transfer tour that bridges these two captivating cities and immerses you in the heart of Bosnia’s Central and Northern regions.

Embark on a journey between Sarajevo and Zagreb or between Ljubljana and Sarajevo, filled with historical and natural wonders—Marvel at Jajce, the historical seat of Yugoslavia, boasting a unique urban waterfall. Traverse the heritage-rich streets of Travnik, gaze upon the crystal-clear Pliva Lakes, and experience the vibrant spirit of Banja Luka. The tour also includes a poignant visit to the Jasenovac WWII camp, offering insights into a sad history chapter.

This tour is a deep dive into the intricate triethnic tapestry of Bosnia and Herzegovina, uncovering centuries-old dynamics that have shaped this land. Join us for a day of exploration that promises a complete understanding of Bosnia’s complex social and cultural landscape.

Jasenovac Memorial to the victims of Independent State of Croatia WW2 Victims of Jasenovac Concentration and Extermination Camp - Croatia
Jajce and Pliva waterfalls in Central Bosnia during the sunset


PEACE OF MIND by Funky Tours

PEACE OF MIND by Funky Tours policy ensures 100% guest’ satisfaction and hassle-free experiences when booking and conducting tours and holidays with us. Learn more about our Peace of Mind policy.

  • We include all essential entrance fees in the tour costs. Our policy steadfastly avoids requiring travelers to pay essential entrance fees on-site, typically in cash, a practice often used deceitfully to show a lower advertised tour price. We are committed to transparency in pricing, ensuring our guests do not face the inconvenience of surprise additional costs for essential entrance fees. Funky Tours is all about transparency.
  • Online Payment by credit card. It is hassle-free; no cash is needed when doing tours with us.

What's Included

  • English speaking local-expert guide and driver.
  • Free of charge pickup.
  • All tour transfers are provided by Funky Tours.
  • Entrance fees and taxes included per itinerary: 
    • Travnik Fort: 2 EUR per person
    • Jajce Fort: 2.5 EUR per person
    • Jajce Catacombs: 2.5 EUR per person
    • AVNOJ Museum or Jajce Falls: 2 EUR per person
  • All government taxes & entrance fees. VAT 17% included in the price. 
  • Cancellation Flexibility.
  • Tour is available throughout the year.
  • Pay safely online with a credit card. We accept payments for all types of credit cards.
  • Personal travel insurance is not included. Please buy it at home country.
  • Tips are not included in the tour costs. If you receive excellent service, please consider tipping.
  • All tours are shared, unless specifically booked as private.
  • This tour does not include food or drinks. Typical costs for great lunch in Travnik or Jajce are 8-10 EUR per person.

Departure Times & Starting Points

Departure Times 7.45 AM
Pickup Locations This is door to door tour-transfer so we pick you up at your address. Regardless of where you are departing from, Sarajevo or Zagreb, you can book your starting point by choosing the direction of the tour at our Booking Form.


Activity Note: The tour is adapted to all ages and is not physically demanding. Due to the distance of the locations, we use brand new vehicles for the most enjoyable ride through unique Central and North Bosnia. Conduct this tour from Sarajevo to Zagreb/Ljubljana direction, or vice versa.

Meet & Greet

We will pick you up at your hotel right after breakfast and start with an exciting ride through Sarajevo suburbia and the region of Central Bosnia.  Our guide will introduce you to cultural and historical diversity, and he will make sure no questions remain unanswered, even of a personal nature, so don’t refrain from sharing your thoughts and opinions at any moment.


The drive will take us along the flows of clear rivers Bosna and Lašva that will navigate us to Travnik, the Ottoman viziers’ town and the birthplace of BiH Nobel-winning author Ivo Andric. We will visit the beautiful Travnik fortress, one of our country’s most beautiful and best-preserved medieval fortified buildings, and enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

After finishing at Visoko, we are moving on. We will pass some breathtaking regions of river Bosna and the canyon of river Lašva before we reach Travnik.

Ottoman time vizier’s town, later Nobel prize winner birthplace with stunning Plava Voda spring, Coloured mosque, and old Ottoman fortress are places worth stopping by.

Travnik is also famous for tasty Ćevapi or Travnik white cheese, so why not make this stop enjoyable and tastily interesting?

A break at Plava Voda with some good Bosnian coffee is also necessary.

reasons to visit sarajevo


As soon as we finished in Travnik, we continued, and after another hour of driving through unique regions of the Vrbas River, we arrived at Jajce.

Once there, the first thing we go and see is one of the World’s most beautiful waterfalls, and the only one in the World placed in the city center, the famous Pliva Waterfalls – the spot where Pliva river ends its flow and meets Vrbas is simply breathtaking.

After we bless our eyes and soul, we are ready for a walking tour through Jajce. We will visit Jajce Citadel (Fortress), the Museum of the Second Session of the National Liberation Army of Yugoslavia (AVNOJ), Medvjed Kula, the Tower of St. Luke, famous Catacombs – underground church, one of the World’s very few mosques named after a woman – Mosque of Esma Sultanija, and much more. All followed with exciting stories.

Jajce Citadel is an exciting place, allowing us to see the whole area around us and Jajce itself.

Sarajevo War Tunnel was dug in July 1993 and used to be main supply route to Sarajevo during the Siege

Pliva Lakes & Pliva Mills – Lunch Break

After ” tasting” Jajce for roughly 2.30 hours, we go for the Lakes. In the vicinity of Jajce on Pliva River, there are two lakes. We’ll check out large and small Pliva lakes only five kilometers away.

The exciting part of the Pliva Lakes story are Mills at small Pliva Lake. Amongst people, they are famously called “Mlinčići,” once the primary promotional material for postcards and the tourist potential of the Great Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy. We will make a stop there, too.

Sarajevo Cable Car

Banja Luka

After Jajce and surroundings, it is time to head towards Zagreb or Ljubljana. Still, we are not saying goodbye to Bosnia without visiting the second-largest city in the country – Banja Luka.

Until we reach Banjaluka, we will admire the fantastic beauty of Vrbas River Canyon, and once in Banjaluka, we will do a city walking tour. We will visit the glorious Ferhadija Mosque and Kastel, among other interesting spots in Banjaluka.

The city’s structure, split in two by the mighty river Vrbas, is just a perfect reflection of fascinating BiH diversity, complex history, and unbelievably beautiful nature that make the essence of a truly unique country.

Sarajevo Olympic Bobsled Track at Trebevic Mountain


As a last shortstop, which could be a highlight of today’s quite emotional trip, we are taking you to the notorious WWII extermination camp, Jasenovac.

Often referred to as The Auschwitz of the Balkans, the Jasenovac extermination camp was one of the largest concentration camps in Europe, which continued to operate even later in the SFR Yugoslavia.

It was a place of detention, forced labor, and murder of an enormous number of Serbs, Jews, and Croats who rebelled against the Ustaše regime. We will check out the camp from the outside (visits to the center, possible on request and with a customized itinerary) and remind ourselves how racial and national exclusivity policies can be devastating.

Please Note:

Jasenovac Memorial Centre Museum’s working hours are from 9 AM to 5 PM (March to November) and 10 AM to 4 PM (December to March), meaning that a visit to the Museum alone is not possible on the direction of the tour from Sarajevo to Zagreb, as arrival to Jasenovac Memorial Centre would be after 5 PM. Still, a publicly open part of the center is available for a visit.

Jewish Cemetery Sarajevo

What to Bring

What Do I Need to Bring?

  • Passport (this tour crosses Bosnian – Croatian national border)
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Sun protection (summer time)
  • Water bottle

Trip Photos

Travnik fort - Central Bosnia
Travnik fort – Central Bosnia
Banjaluka Castel (fort) and Vrbas river
Banjaluka Castel (fort) and Vrbas river
Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Banja Luka - Bosnia and Herzegovina
Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Banja Luka – Bosnia and Herzegovina
Ferhadija Mosque in Banjaluka
Ferhadija Mosque in Banjaluka
Jasenovac Memorial - Croatia
Jasenovac Memorial – Croatia
Jasenovac Memorial to the victims of Independent State of Croatia WW2 Victims of Jasenovac Concentration and Extermination Camp - Croatia
Jasenovac Memorial to the victims of Independent State of Croatia WW2 Victims of Jasenovac Concentration and Extermination Camp – Croatia
Travnik fort overlooking the Travnik old town - Central Bosnia
Travnik fort overlooking the Travnik old town – Central Bosnia
Pliva Mills near Jajce
Pliva Mills near Jajce
Rastoke, Slunj, Croatia, bridge over Korana river canyon and beautiful traditional village with old water mills
Rastoke, Slunj, Croatia, bridge over Korana river canyon and beautiful traditional village with old water mills
Travni colored mosque - Central Bosnia
Travni Colored mosque – Central Bosnia
Jajce Catacombs under Jajce fort - Bosnia and Herzegovina
Jajce Catacombs under Jajce fort – Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnian house architecture in Jajce - Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnian house architecture in Jajce – Bosnia and Herzegovina
Vrbas river near Banja Luka - Bosnia and Herzegovina
Vrbas river near Banja Luka – Bosnia and Herzegovina
Pliva Lake on Pliva river at Jajce - Bosnia and Herzegovina
Pliva Lake on Pliva river at Jajce – Bosnia and Herzegovina


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is this tour for me?
    This tour is suitable for anyone regardless of the age or fitness level.
  2. Can I end this tour elsewhere in Croatia instead of Zagreb?
    Yes, you can. Please contact our team for further assistance.
  3. Can I book as solo traveller?
    Yes you can. Significant number of our fellow travelers are solo.
  4. What is the weather like?
    Balkans are known for extremely differentiated weather seasons, meaning in the winter we have deep minus temperature and during the summer high plus, so make sure to know what to expect before arrival.
  5. How much should I tip?
    Tips are not included in the tour costs, nor they are heavily expected in Bosnian culture. However when you receive excellent service, we recommend tipping.
  6. What is the currency I should use while in Bosnia and Croatia? 
    While some places do accept EUR make sure to have small amount of local currencies (BiH: BAM; Croatia:HRK)
  7. Can I book this tour in other than English language?
    Tours are possible to book in other than English languages in private option. Do contact our team for further information.
  8. Is the prepayment necessary? 
    Prepayment is not obligatory. You can easily pay on a day of departure.
  9. Can I pay for the tour with credit card?
    Yes, we accept VISA and Maestro. Please note that, in case you would like to make a credit card payment, you will need to do it at our office or by prepayment via credit card authorisation form. Our guides can NOT accept credit cards. 
  10. Which currency is accepted for cash payment?
    We are fans of our local currency (BAM), but you can also pay in EUR, HRK, USD, GBP or even combined.
4 Reviews
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Amila Tiric

Group Traveller

I contacted Sarajevo Funky Tours when I had guests visiting from the US, and it was the best possible decision. They were extremely professional from that first call throughout the multiple tours we had the privilege to take with them.

The guides are not only very educated and well spoken, but also exceptionally pleasant, which made our whole experience absolutely fantastic! I would very much recommend this company to anyone and hope to use them in the future myself.

November 8, 2019


Couple Traveller

6 stars. A+. Love love. Tinder swipe right.

Never written a review, but it’s like I fell in love with Bosnia and SFT after the first date, and now I have to tell the world. Not sure if this is a review or a love letter or a plea for SFT to let me live in their office so I can drink their coffee and go on tours all day.

The five tours we went on were incredible, but what astonishes me most is how perfectly suited each (super awesome, amazing, and lovable) crew member was for his/her role. First, there’s professional road warrior Hadzi who will safely zip you across three countries and somehow still arrive on time despite your 500 food and toilet breaks. Then, there’s mental and vertical giant Taib who will awe you with the history of all the beauty that you’re seeing, and then patiently repeat it all when you forget five minutes later. (Sorry, Taib.. We can’t all be as smart as you. 😉 Real-life-Pocahontas-who-probably-has-a-name-for-every-rock-on-the-mountain Saud is the ideal person to inspire you and take you on an epic hike in Lukomir, or just supervise if you’re insanely lazy non-hikers who prefer to roll around in the grass, watch village grandma and grandpa spin wool and carve spoons, and plot your marriage to a local so you can stay in Bosnia forever. And then there’s Amela who has this impossibly great combination of city and foodie knowledge. You’ll scratch your head and wish you were as wise and cool as her when you were 20. Same for Nadina, who always has a smile for you, even if it’s 8 in the morning. Finally, we can’t forget soulful war vet Almir who will make you cry inside (and out) as you tour the war tunnel. You feel like you were there with him eating rotten green soldiers’ cookies, and that you’re a jerk for any day of your life that you were ungrateful.

After visiting 25 countries, Bosnia is at the top. It has this magical way of surprising, fascinating, and changing you. Endless love and thanks to everyone at SFT for opening our eyes, minds, and hearts.

October 20, 2019


Solo Traveller

Wonderful experience with Funky Tours for all 3 tours… and more!

Special thanks for Ema who is super friendly, responsive and helpful from our first email communication to even after our last tour! We are grateful for her help with our last-minute accommodation booking in Mostar and a car transfer. I left my sunglasses in the car after our last tour with drop off at Mostar, and Ema went the extra mile to coordinate with 2 guides to drop off the sunglasses at where I stayed in Mostar for me at 4am!!!

We joined three tours – Totally Bosnia tour (from Zagreb to Sarajevo), free walking tour and local food tasting in Sarajevo, and Mostar and Herzegovina 4 Cities tour (with drop-off at Mostar). All three tours went well and we enjoyed them all, especially the Herzegovina tour with the stunning scenery and ample time we had at every place we visited. We had a pleasant day with Saudin and Verna (I probably misspell it).

Thank you again to Sarajevo Funky Tours for making our trip a memorable one!

June 19, 2019

Ryan B

Group Traveller

Most Engaging and Knowledgable Tour Available

We did the Siege tour, Bosnia city tour, tour of Srebinica, and a trip to Zagreb which included several lovely stops along the way. I had 20 students in the Balkans, and Sarajevo Funky Tours and Skender specifically made the trip unforgettable for all of them and myself. Firsthand experience and true passion for his country made Skender one of the best tour guides I’ve ever had. His discussions were captivating, and he handles the details with a fine toothed comb. If you’re in Sarajevo, his tours are an absolute must. Thank you for the trip of a lifetime!

March 14, 2016

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