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Why Visit Kotor

The 7 BIG reasons why you should visit Kotor

Kotor is such a lovely Montenegrin town on the beautiful Adriatic coast, which you must not miss.

Located in the Bay of Kotor, which is considered the southernmost European fjord, Kotor with its striking history, famous city walls, red roofs, culinary offerings, affordable prices, offers a lot to anyone who decides to visit this city.

See our list of reasons why you should start planning a visit to Kotor and Montenegro immediately.

1. Unesco Heritage & Cultural Diversity

The Old Town of Kotor has been on the UNESCO list of protected cultural heritage since 1979. With 4 km long ramparts and its three entrances, the most famous of which is the Sea Gate, the history of Kotor dates back to the time before Homer, and today, the city still exudes the spirit of antiquity.

For a better understanding of the historical narrative of this 2000 years old town, we suggest a visit to the Kotor Fortress San Giovanni, Kotor Churches and Museums, Perast with its beautiful islets and Risan.

Kotor Church Towers - Montenegro

The Cathedral of St. Tryphon is one of the most striking symbols of Kotor. The Cathedral of St. Tryphon was built in 1166, although the people of Kotor like to say that the cathedral is much older, because today inside the Cathedral, are the remains of an old church, probably from the IX. century.

2. Beautiful Adriatic Sea

The Adriatic Sea belongs to the warm seas and being the one of the cleanest and clearest in the world, it is extremely rich in marine flora and fauna.

The Bay of Kotor is rich in hidden beaches, while some of the most beautiful ones are even walking distance from the old town. Famous beaches are: Bajova Kula, Orahovac, Risan, Perast and the main beach of Kotor, which starts from the center of Kotor.

Apart from the beautiful beaches, the Boka Kotorska region boasts some of the most beautiful islands such as those in the region of Perast (St. George and Our Lady of the Rocks), Mamula (ex prison island), and one of the most beautiful caves, the famous Blue Cave. Visiting these locations with a speed boat is one of the most recommended experiences when visiting Kotor.

St George and Our Lady of the Rocks islets in Kotor bay near Perast

In the middle of the 15th century when two brothers, one of whom was seriously ill, found an icon on a rocks (“škrpjela”) in the shallow water, as a sign of gratitude for healing, the locals of Perast, built an islet, by increasing the surface of the islet by pouring stones and sinking old sailing ships.

3. Kotor is a Stunning Base for Further Explorations of Montenegro, Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina

If you want to absorb the cultural diversity of the Kotor region and therefore decide to spend more days in Kotor itself, then day trips are the perfect choice for exploring the region.

Of course, the first choice is a trip that deeply explores the beautiful Montenegrin coast with a visit to Perast, Risan, Tivat, Budva, Sveti Stefan and Stari Bar. In this way you have the opportunity in one day to visit the best sights of the coastal part of Montenegro.

Of course, continental Montenegro is a must see on your Kotor holiday. A day trip to the village of Njeguši, ancient Cetinje, together with Lovćen and Skadar National Park is an ideal way to enhance your overall understanding of Montenegro history.

If you want to explore the beauties of the Adriatic Sea and locations such as the Blue Cave, the former prison on the island of Mamula, or the beautiful islands near Perst then a half day trip by speed boat is the best option.

Less than 2 hours drive from Kotor is Dubrovnik. The beautiful town on the Croatian Adriatic coast is an ideal day trip from Kotor.

The ideal day trip from Kotor is one of the most beautiful cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, beautiful Mostar. Just 3 hours drive from Kotor, visit Mostar, Kravice Waterfall, Vrelo Bune and Pocitelj.

4. Tasty Mediterranean Cuisine

Of course, a visit to a tourist location is never complete if you do not try the specialties of local cuisine.

The gastronomic identity of the Bay of Kotor was created from recipes of various origins, through contacts with different peoples and cultures, who came, went, stayed and assimilated with the local population.

From the time of the Greeks, Illyrians, Byzantium, the Ottoman Empire, the Venetian Republic, France, Russia, Austro-Hungary, to the present day, Boka cuisine receives various gastronomic influences, and permeates them with its domestic skills.

Kotor is primarily a Mediterranean city, so expect the best from such cuisine with a combination of traditional Montenegrin dishes. Especially since the Adriatic Sea offers a variety of seafood, and probably whatever you decide to try from local food, you will not go wrong.

In addition to typical Mediterranean dishes such as grilled fish and the like, we recommend you try the famous “Brodet from Boka”, “Lamb with peas”, “Carnival njokada” or “Spinach gnocchi”, “Rice stuffed calamari”, mussel balote, and so on.

Fish Brodet in Kotor, Montenegro

Bokeški brodet (Brodet from Boka) is one of the most popular dishes of Kotor Bay. It originated as a poor dish of fishermen. All those smaller fish, damaged or those fish that could not be sold were put in the broth, which today exist as one of the local specialties.

5. Montenegro Wine Experiences

If we know that there are over 100 registered wineries in Montenegro that produce over 50 types of wine, and if we know that the largest one-complex European vineyard is located in Montenegro, and if we know that this small country produces about 17 million liters of wine a year, of which about 30% is exported, then we know that good wine is produced and offered in Montenegro.

Historically, wine is one of the most important agricultural products in Montenegro, so the tasting of local wines such as Vranac, Kratošija, Krstač or Žižak is a must when visiting the region of Kotor and Montenegro.

It is very important to note that the magnificent Montenegrin wines are Italian in taste and very affordable.

Famous vineyards along the Crijevna river near Podgorica. The share of wine in the total export of agricultural products of Montenegro is 25.8 percent and is exported to over 40 countries.

6. The Best of the Best Nightlife

The coastal parts of Montenegro in the summer, when the days are hot and the nights are warm, are considered some of the best locations for nightlife in the entire Mediterranean.

In the first place Budva, then Tivat with its Marina Porto Montenegro and the heart of the old part of Kotor offer the best entertainment options whether you are looking for a light treat or dynamic outings.

The diverse offer of quality alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, along with good food, is quite affordable compared to other holiday destinations in Western Europe, and since alcohol itself can often be the basis of any good night out, you will surely not be disappointed in Montenegro.

In addition, Budva is considered the capital of nightlife on the Adriatic coast, and since it is only half an hour’s drive from Kotor, Budva is the best nightlife that Montenegro has to offer.

Kotor Old town evening buzz

The hidden squares and streets of Kotor offer many nightlife options – from small cozy restaurants with local food, unique cafes and bars, to clubs for great entertainment, this part of Montenegro is party gem.

7. Homemade Products

Montenegro, like the vast majority of Balkan countries, has managed to maintain a good ratio of domestic to industrial food production. Although the vast majority of food is generally imported, if you know where to look and what to try, domestic food and domestic products in the Boka Kotorska region are at every turn.

For example, the main city market in Kotor, located next to the Sea Gate, offers an excellent selection of homemade fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, honey, wine and brandy, and should be an unavoidable point of your visit to Kotor.

Local producers will be happy to offer you a tasting of their local products.

City market of local products at Kotor (Montenegro)

Kotor main city market stalls offering wide range of local products.

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