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Outdoor Activities of West Bosnia

Hidden gem of the Balkans

Outdoor Activities West Bosnia
Stunning views and challenging peaks of Cvrsnica Mt.

If you are an outdoor person and you like adrenalin and activities then West Bosnia is a perfect solution for you. West Bosnia was never an industrial zone, therefore it is completely preserved! It is a perfect destination for hiking, mountain biking, exploring caves, camping and swimming in crystal – clear lakes and rivers. Other activities that you can do are kayaking, fishing and quad driving.

  • The landscape of West Bosnia is characteristic for domed mountains, karst fields and lakes. Some of the well known mountains are Dinara, Kamešnica, Cincar, Tušnica, Vitorog, Šator and Čvrsnica.
  • There are 3 fields which will leave you speechless while you wonder if you are in Norway looking at fjords. Livno Field is the biggest karst field, situated 700 meters above sea level. After Livno Field, the second largest is Duvno Field that lies 900 meters above sea level. The smallest one, Glamoč Field, is also at pretty much the same elevation as Duvno Field.
  • Tranquil places and charming villages such as Zelenkovac, Janjske Otoke and river Sturba will leave you breathless and provide an incredibly serene refuges.
  • Most popular lake is Buško lake and it’s also the biggest one in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Buško lake and Mandek Lake in Livno are artificial lakes, so are the Hrast Lake and Busija Lake in Glamoč. Natural lakes are Lake Šator, Lake Blidinje and Kukavičko Lake.


Cvrsnica Mountain

Čvrsnica mountain is a part of  National Park Blidinje and it’s an amazing place to have some rest. You can rent the quad in Livno and get to Blidinje for an amazing adventure. Čvrsnica’s highest peak is Pločno at 2228 meters, third highest in the country. The magnificent glacial Lake Blidinje is not really suited for swimming, but it definitely is for more adventurous tourists. Hiking on mountain Čvrsnica is amazing and not so difficult. The hike can take from a few hours up to a whole day, depending on your preferences.

One of the main attractions is the geomorphological phenomenon called “Hajdučka vrata” (Eng. “Robbers Door”). Mountain biking is also a spectacular option. If you come to this place you shouldn’t skip the famous resting place “Hajdučke vrleti”. There you can rent rooms to stay, but also enjoy magnificent eco cuisine. Čvrsnia is part of the white Via Dinarica trail! Vilinac the mountain lodge of Čvrsnica is based on 1900 meters. There are many different hiking trails on Čvrsnica, suitable for experienced and casual hikers.  

West Bosnia Outdoor Activities
Hajdučka vrata (Eng. “Outlaws Gates”) as the entrance to a fairytale

Dinara Mountain

Dinara mountain is the border mountain between Bosnia & Herzegovina and Croatia. Highest peak of Dinara is Troglav and it’s on the Bosnian side with an elevation of 1913 meters. Dinara is a part of the “white” Via Dinarica trail. Troglav’s characteristic name is derived from its unique shape which looks like three heads (Bos. Troglav : Eng. Three Heads). On the west side of Dinara you can see the Adriatic Sea. On the east side you see the amazing Karst field Livno, Buško lake and mountain Cincar. Except hiking you can do mountain biking and quad drive. Speaking about the Bosnian side of Dinara Mountain – Brezovac the mountain lodge is based on the Croatian side.

Getting to Dinara’s highest peak from the Bosnian side offers some breathtaking views. You will enjoy a fabulous Dinara hike, while watching at Livno karst (largest in Europe!).   

Cincar Mountain

Cincar mountain is a specific mountain that is “resting” on 4 karst fields – the Southwest Livno karst field, the Southeast Duvno karst field, the Northwest Glamoč karst field and the Northeast Kupres karst field. The name of  the Cincar’s highest peak shares the same name as the mountain and it’s 2006 meters high. Cincar is also part of the “white” Via Dinarica trail. This mountain is also famous for the Krug plateau that stretches beneath Cincar on the southwest side. “Livno Cheese” was first made on Krug platou. Also, famous “Livno Feral Horses” are another tourist attraction and a reason for hiking Mt Cincar. But that’s not all, again the quad drive to Krug platou is possible as well. Mountain lodge is based on Krug platou, Cincar.  

The easiest way to get to Cincar’s highest peak is from Livno, about 4 hours of hike. There is also an option of a mountain biking trail that lasts for about 6 hours.

West Bosnia Outdoor
Foothills of mt. Cincar are home to hundreds of beautiful free-roaming feral horses.

Kamešnica Mountain

Mountain Kamešnica is a part of the “white” Via Dinarica trail as well. The Highest peak of Kamešnica is Konj (1856 meters). Kamešnica gives you astonishing views of Buško Lake, Adriatic Sea, Livno karst field, Mountain Cincar and Mountain Tušnica. There are beautiful forest areas for soul resting, and the mountain lodge is based on that place as well. There is also a crystal – clear spring, near the mountain lodge named Pešino Vrilo (Eng. Pešo spring)

A hiking trail from the village Podgradina to the highest peak Konj takes about 3 hours. The view points are stunning, Buško Lake, Livno field and Adriatic Sea will take your breath away. 

Tušnica Mountain

Tušnica mountain as a part of  the Via Dinarica “white” trail also deserves your attention. Highest peak of Tušnica is Vitrenik at an elevation of 1697 meters. There is a clear view from Tušnica on Buško lake, Mt Cincar, Mt Kamešnica, Mt Dinara, Mt Biokovo and Livno field. On the highest peak you will see a telecommunication repeater. Tušnica is also well known for the brown coal mine, which is not active anymore. If you like abandoned places it’s great to see!

You can take one of 3 hiking trails on Tušnica mountain: Tušnica – Vitrenik peak
Hajdučki trail via Tušnica Mountain 
Mountain Tušnica via Buško lake trail

Sator Mountain

Šator mountain, as another part of the puzzle of Via Dinarica “white” trail, provides another magnificent experience. The name of  the Šator’s highest peak shares the same name as the mountain and its 1875 m high. Just beneath the highest peak there is a glacial lake called Šator lake. It’s an amazing resting place after hiking, mountain biking or quad drive. Preodac village located  beneath the highest peak and Šator lake are fabulous camping spots. You have beautiful streams where river crabs live that you can catch and prepare a magnificent meal. 

If you prefer a longer mountain biking route then you can start from Cincar mountain lodge.If you need a place to stay for the night there is a charming “Etno village Nenadić”, halfway between Šator and Glamoč. If you decide to hike, “Etno village Nenadić” is again a perfect option. Ilija, the host, is a member of the mountain rescue team, with him you will be in safe hands. 

An interesting fact about this area is that Gavrilo Princip was born here, the guy that assassinated Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo. Therefore, he started WWI.


Etno village Nenadić

If you decide to go for a Šator expedition you can take a quad drive from Livno. You can travel by car to Preodac and then quad to Šator lake. Our recommendation would be a sleepover in Glamoč if you like the etno feeling. Your host would be Ilija Nenadić in his cute, charming etno village. He will prepare you a nice meal, anything you like from organic ingredients. Something that you shouldn’t miss to taste is the Bosnian pie. They prepare it in an old fashioned way. Bosnian pie with potatoes, spinach, cheese or meat, just say! Ilija is also a member of the Mountain Rescue Team of Livno Canton. You couldn’t get a better person to hike with!

His charming family’s devotion to guests will make you feel very welcome there. If you like fishing, Hrast lake is just 10 minutes away by foot. 

The price of a sleepover is only 15 euros, while you will need 10 euros for a served meal. If you travel with children, Etno village has a playground where they can have fun.

West Bosnia Outdoor Activities
Brilliantly blue and immense lake Hrast

Zelenkovac – Hidden Fairytale

Zelenkovac is an ecozone where you can experience the “throwback” to the most natural human lifestyle. If you are tired of fancy hotels, you want to feel natural power and simplicity, then “Zelenkovac” is a heaven for you. 

Everything began when the current owner’s father made a watermill, after which Boro started building more and more. This place combines nature with art in a fabulous way. “Zelenkovac” is organizing a yearly Jazz festival by the end of July. To summarize, Boro also has his impressionist art gallery inside the main object.
Zelenkovac offers some amazing eco food, do not miss it! Eco smoked meat, onion, tomato, garlic, bread dough, mushrooms, rakija and many others. There is a so-called “Beans War” every year at the end of August. Mostly people from  B&H, come to compete, who will make the best dish. To sum up, Zelenkovac is well known as one of the biggest mushrooms funds in Europe! Nearby is lake Balkana, if you like fishing, as a perfect combination.

Zelenkovac Eco Zone
Zelenkovac: Oasis of inner peace and tranquility, far away from everyday hustle and bustle

Janjske Otoke – Floating forest paradise

If you like water and good trout fish then you are at the right place. Restaurants will leave you speechless with their traditionally served trout fish. This place is full of handicrafts. Knitting materials are worth buying and they are mostly out of wool. Janjske Otoke is a perfect paradise for you if you are going with your family or with your better half. The peaceful sound of water, green beautiful forest and hospitality of local people will warm your hearts and charge your batteries. As well, Janjske Otoke is a good option for a sleepover if you decide to explore Jajce
If you like music then you should visit this place in mid July. During that period you can catch up Z.E.T. od Šipova music festival. Meaning of Z.E.T. is Za Ekologiju i Turizam (Eng. For Ecology and Tourism). The rock melodies will give you unforgettable memories while enjoying the open air in the middle of the forest.

Janj Streams-Janjske Otoke
Stunning Cascades, Streams, Islets, and Small Waterfalls


Quad adrenaline in Livno

“ATV Experience” Livno offers many quad routes and volcano adrenaline. If you like nature packed with adrenaline then you shouldn’t miss the quad drive in West Bosnia.

The quad routes:

Mountain Krug & Feral horses route
River Sturba, Mandek & Buško lake route
Mountain Šator & Šator lake route
Blidinje National Park route
Karst field Livno and Mountain Dinara route

Fabulous nature scenery will provide you the full package of adrenaline ! Any of the routes are fabulous and breathtaking.

Address of “ATV EXPERIENCE LIVNO” is Splitska b.b. and  it’s actually on the main road to Split. Livno is a small town so you shouldn’t have problems finding the location. “ATV EXPERIENCE LIVNO” has 5 quads and off course all the necessary safety equipment like helmets. Hygiene is on the highest level so helmets and undercaps for helmets are super clean. Quads have all necessary documentation so you can travel to Mars with them. They are in perfect condition and have all the paperwork of quadservice.

Mountain Krug – Horse traffic regulation on quads

“Kayak Sturba” –  water as a source of peace

“Kayak Sturba” offers many kayaking routes with different timing options. Kayaking on Mandek lake, Buško lake or Sturba river will reborn you. West Bosnia offers Eco food anywhere you go. Therefore, Sturba’s water mill is just another golden item where you can buy different types of cereals. River Sturba is peaceful and therefore it’s completely safe for your children. You have few small water slopes that are easy to manage. “Kayak Sturba” team will explain to you how to paddle and behave on the water. Ducks and grebes will fulfil your journey throughout the 6 km of Sturba River route. 

Also Buško Lake and Mandek Lake are options where to enjoy the magnificent water fun. Guys that offer this fabulous water adventure are open and easy going for many options, such as barbecue, resting spots and timing. They have fresh trout fish in a nearby pool made on Sturba river, eco cereals, eggs, cheese and many others. To sum up, after the water fun a magnificent lunch on Sturba river island is guaranteed with the “Kayak Sturba” team.

Kayaking in Bosnia
Paddling pays off: Incredible untouched nature offering completely serene moments

Kukavičko Lake

If you are on the way from Sarajevo to Split or opposite and you like to camp this is a perfect spot for you. You also have mountain biking and hiking trails. The most famous mountain biking trail is Malovan – Cincar trail. Camping is a perfect idea for Kukavičko lake! It’s a place for meditation. Janjske Otoke and Livno are about 40 minutes drive from here. Swimming in crystal clear lake is amazing and don’t forget a barbecue! 

Busko Lake

Buško Lake is the biggest artificial lake in Bosnia & Herzegovina, 55,8 km² big. Beach Marinovac is perfect for resting, sunbathing, volleyball and swimming. That’s not all! Kayaking on Buško lake is a fabulous option if you like water fun. “ATV Experience” has a quad route close to the lake, so why not stop and refresh yourself.

Buško lake is a cross road to the Adriatic Sea, therefore lots of tourists stop for fishing. Buško lake is most famous for catfish, but also for Prussian Carp, Carp and Maple.

Busko Lake is the largest artificial lake in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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