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The 5 Best Hiking Trails in Durmitor National Park

Explore the most amazing hiking opportunities at Durmitor National Park

Wherever one starts to describe Durmitor, it will always be reduced to nature, nature and even more beautiful nature. With almost 50, more precisely 48 peaks over 2000 m above sea level, the Durmitor massif awakens imagination, since it is the best of the best in the Dinaric mountain range.

Unlike the coastal part of Montenegro, Durmitor is not flooded with tourists at all and it is very easy to spend a few days in almost totally isolated parts of this grandiose massif.

A visit to Durmitor is never complete unless you spend a day or two hiking on its peaks and touring its glacial lakes.

It is impossible to choose the best hiking tours on Durmitor, because that mountain is so breathtaking that it is totally ungrateful, and on the other hand it is a matter of personal taste.

So, according to our personal and professional choice, these are the 5 best and most attractive hiking tours on Durmitor.

1. Climbing to the top of Prutaš peak at 2393m

Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 8 km round trip (4/5hrs)

Prutas famous rock formations - Durmitor National Park

Prutaš peak – Durmitor National Park

Probably the best ratio of effort vs feeling of beauty once we conquered it, when we talk about hiking on Durmitor, makes the climb to the top of Prutaš peak at an altitude of 2393m.

This natural formation of rocks in the form of branches – rods, after which the peak itself is named, combined with its grassy slopes, incredibly inspiring views of other valleys and peaks of Durmitor and beautiful Škrčka lakes, will be one of those moments when one realizes that life is beautiful after all.

Access to the top is possible from two sides, from Todorov Do (heavier) and Šarban (easier). The most beautiful, easiest, and a less risky ascent to the top that we prefer starts from the Šarban (Dobri Do) and through the Škrčko ždrijelo (eng. gorge) it reaches the very top of Prutaš peak.

This trail is about 4km long with a vertical ascent of 686m, and as such is considered moderately difficult. If you are in good shape, the option of starting from the location Todorov Do, over the top of Prutaš, to Škrčka Lakes and back to Šarban is the best of hiking trails this region has to offer.

2. Bobotov Kuk – the King of all Durmitor peaks

Difficulty: Challenging
Length: 11.4 km roundtrip (6/7hrs)

Peak of Bobotov Kuk with Panorama to Skrcka Lakes

Bobotov Kuk peak – Durmitor National Park

The highest, most challenging and most fascinating peak of them all. The peak that has long been considered the highest peak in Montenegro, and the pride of all Durmitor highlanders, is the legendary Bobotov Kuk.

With a height of 2525m and a demanding climb from whichever side you approach it, it is the biggest challenge for any mountaineer visiting Durmitor National Park.

Access from the Sedlo pass, which starts at 1908 m above sea level, through the Surutka valley and Zeleni Vir is considered the most recommended access to Bobotov Kuk.

The last ascent via the right side of Bobotov Kuk rock, the last 20 minutes, is demanding, but with the use of cables and hands you will certainly have no problem winning your biggest reward – self-esteem boost because you managed to climb Bobotov Kuk.

We should not waste too many words trying to conjure up beautiful views that you will have the opportunity to enjoy at the very top. Try this hiking and you will see for yourself what it is all about. Simply stunning.

The ascent to Bobotov Kuk from Sedlo is considered challenging, and is recommended for people with a solid mountaineering experience.

The total length of the trail in one direction is about 5.6 km, which will take you between 3 and 4 hours, depending on how well prepared you are and how fast you move.

The descent itself is easy except for the first 20 minutes of descent where you have to use the cables.

The direction of the return, which instead of going to the Saddle pass, goes towards the Black Lake, prolongs the return for an additional two hours, but passes by the beautiful Ice Cave and ends at the Black Lake itself.

This option is recommended for hikers who are in top shape.

3. Black Lake and Zminje Lake Combo Hike

Difficulty: Easy
Length: 4 km loop around the Black Lake (1.30hrs hike);

  • Extension to Zminje Lake roundtrip: 6km (2hrs hike)
Hiking around Black Lake - Durmitor National Park

Black Lake – Durmitor National Park

Our third recommendation is a lighter tour, and probably the one most people will do when visiting Žabljak and Durmitor National Park.

It is a tour that combines a visit to Black and Zminje (eng. Snake) Lake.

Since Black Lake is located some 3 km from the center of the highest urban area in Southeast Europe, the town of Žabljak, access to the lake itself is very easy. You can approach it by car and park in front of the entrance ramp, or just walk on foot.

After you have paid the ticket and reached the Black Lake, the trail that leads around the lake is about 4 km long, on flat terrain and is a pure one-hour delight. 

Of course, since the lake is very close to Žabljak, you can expect a large number of visitors during the season, but if you go earlier in the morning or later in the afternoon, that number is usually much lower.

Zminje Lake - Durmitor National Park

Zminje (eng. Snake) Lake – Durmitor National Park

If you have more time and want to totally stand out from the crowds on Black Lake and enjoy the smell and beauty of coniferous forests, an additional one-hour walk along a visible and clearly marked path to Zminje Jezero (eng. Snake Lake) is a top addition.

The lake is surrounded by forest, benches and a couple of springs with drinkable water, so the stay on the lake is more than pleasant. 

In summer it is possible to swim, but only for more experienced swimmers due to access to the lake, while in winter the lake often knows how to freeze, so walking on a frozen lake is an attraction in itself.

This combination of walks that connects the two lakes is generally considered an easy tour and is recommended for everyone, especially families with children.

4. Ćurevac hiking and views of Tara river canyon

Difficulty: Easy
Length: 2 km roundtrip (2hrs hike)

View of Tara river canyon from Ćurevac peak – Durmitor National Park

In the northern part of the Durmitor National Park, there is the canyon of the river Tara, the so-called “Tear of Europe”.

It is the most beautiful canyon of Montenegro, and the second deepest in the world after the canyon of the Colorado River in the USA.

The best way to explore this canyon is of course by rafting on the Tara River. But, if you do not have the opportunity to go rafting and would like to experience the grandeur of this beautiful canyon, we suggest a Jeep Safari activity that includes a visit to the lookout Ćurevac, or an isolated solo visit to this location.

The starting point of this trail is about a 30 minutes drive from Žabljak. Once you get to the starting point and leave your car, the total duration of the circular tour to the Ćurevac viewpoint is about 1.30 to 2 hours.

The road mostly goes through rocky terrain, with a couple of smaller ascents, but hiking on Ćurevac is considered an easy activity.

We definitely suggest that you do this hiking in the morning, because then the sun is behind you and in that way it gives you great views and good photos.

5. Škrka – The Paradise Valley

Skrcka Lakes - Durmitor National Park

Škrčka Lakes – Durmitor National Park

Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 10.4 km roundtrip (6hrs hike)

Two Škrka lakes, large and small, located at the foot of the peaks of Bobotov kuk, Prutaš, Soa and Šareni pasovi at an altitude of 1711m (Small) and 1686m (Large) are not accessible by any mode of modern transport, except the best one, your feet.

Access to the lakes is possible from several sides, but we warmly recommend the one from the side of Sedlo, via Škrčko Ždrijelo. The total length of this round trip is some 10.4km and is usually covered in the range of 6 to 6.30 hours.

The Škrčka valley is practically the center of the Durmitor massif, so a visit to these areas is an unforgettable mountaineering experience!

If you are a camping fan, one night under the stars near Škrčka Lakes will be an amazing camping experience.

For an even better hiking experience, we recommend a combination of a visit to Škrčka Jezera and the Prutaš peak.

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