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Explore Bosnia and Herzegovina: A Journey of Cultural Depths and Outdoor Thrills (8 Days)

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8 Days
Availability : April-Oct
Min Age : 0+
Max People : 8

BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA: Sarajevo, Umoljani & Lukomir Village, Sutjeska National Park, Tjenitiste, Visegrad, Konjic, Jablanica, Kravica falls, Pocitelj, Blagaj & Mostar

WEST SERBIA: Mokra Gora, Drvengrad & Tara National Park

CITIES: 7 | VILLAGES: 5 | NATIONAL PARKS: 2 | EXPERIENCES: 12 | UNESCO SITES: 3 | TRIP EXTENSIONS: Sarajevo to / from Dubrovnik Transfer Tour; Sarajevo to / from Belgrade Transfer Tour; Sarajevo to / from Zagreb Transfer Tour; Sarajevo to/from Zagreb (Ljubljana) 2-Day Transfer Tour via Central and Northern Bosnia; The Grand Montenegro Tour.

Tour Overview

Passionate about discovering both the rugged landscapes and the vibrant culture of the country you are visiting?

Explore Bosnia and Herzegovina on A Journey of Cultural Depths and Outdoor Thrills with a dedicated team deeply rooted in the land and its traditions. This ultimate culture & nature adventure into the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a journey that marries adrenaline-packed activities with immersive cultural experiences.

Feel the rush of hiking through Bosnia’s pristine natural parks, where every path leads to breathtaking beauty. Get your heart racing on the wild Neretva river, rafting through landscapes that look like they’ve been painted by the hand of nature itself. 

But it’s not all about the adrenaline – you’ll also wander through hidden villages and interact with local communities, delving deep into the traditions and lifestyles that make Bosnia unique.

From the hushed beauty of remote trails to the vibrant pulse of Bosnia’s cities, this tour offers a mosaic of experiences. Wander ancient streets, uncover hidden urban treasures, and stand in awe of monumental landmarks. This journey is a treasure trove for both nature buffs and culture enthusiasts.

Designed for comfort and personalization, the package offers a choice between a complete hotel stay or a standalone tour experience. With a small-group setting, limited to 8 adventurers, we guarantee an intimate and profound exploration.

Your Adventure, Your Way: Want to tweak an activity or spend a day on your own? Let us know. We’re all about tailoring this journey to fit your dream. Just say the word, and we’ll fine-tune your adventure, ensuring your Bosnian escapade is as unique as you are.

Treskavica Hiking with Funky Tours - The Big Lake
Rafting at Neretva River


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What's Included

  • Optional: 4* Hotel in Sarajevo; 7 nights with breakfast and city tax.
  • English speaking local-expert guide.
  • Sarajevo airport transfer on arrival/departure any time it fits you and all transfers during the tour.
  • All Entrance Fees, Activities & Taxes.
  • Group Meals 2x: Lukomir and Srebrenica.
  • No hidden costs. VAT 17% included in the price.
  • Tour is available throughout the year.
  • Pay safely online with a credit card. We accept payments for all types of credit cards.
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  • All tours are shared, unless specifically booked as private.
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Getting There

  • SarajevoMost convenient arrival point is Sarajevo International Airport (SJJ). Also consider using Wizz Air as a cheaper option and fly into Tuzla International Airport (TZL).
  • Dubrovnik/Split/ZagrebIf you plan to arrive either from Dubrovnik / Split / Zagreb, please contact us for affordable private transfer or consider one of our connecting tours.
  • ArrivalYour arrival on Day 1 can be anytime. 
  • DepartureYour departure on Day 8 can be anytime.


DAY 1: Arrival to Sarajevo

Destination:Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Accommodation (Optional):Hotel Colors inn 4* or similar

Arrival Note:Upon your arrival at the airport, look for a welcoming face from our team, holding a sign with your name for easy recognition. While immediate hotel check-in might depend on your arrival time, rest assured, we’ve got your convenience in mind. Should you need to, securely store your luggage at the hotel reception or, alternatively, at our Funky Tours office. Your dedicated Funky Tours Host will be there right from the start, ensuring a smooth check-in process and helping you with all necessary details.

Morning/Afternoon:Relax during your 30-minute transfer from the airport and have a welcome drink with your host which will be a great opportunity to discuss the upcoming days, get personalised recommendations, and learn more about the adventures that await you in Bosnia. It’s also the perfect moment to ask any questions and get insider tips for your stay.

Post-briefing, dive into the heart of Sarajevo’s historic charm and energetic city center. Wander through vibrant squares, unwind in quaint cafes, and uncover treasures in local shops. The bustling markets offer a kaleidoscope of local culture, waiting for you to explore and immerse yourself in.

Dinner:For an authentic local dining experience, we suggest grabbing a special Bosnian pizza from bakery Mahir, a popular spot among locals. After picking up your pizza, head over to the Yellow Bastion, a historic viewpoint with panoramic views of Sarajevo. Enjoying Mahir’s delicious pizza while overlooking the city from this iconic spot offers a perfect blend of delightful cuisine and stunning scenery, embodying the vibrant spirit of Sarajevo.

Evening:Your evening in Sarajevo is a canvas of possibilities. Whether you’re looking to relax and acclimate to the local rhythm or eager to dive into the city’s vibrant nightlife, the Funky Tours team is on hand to recommend and organize a range of exciting evening activities.


During your time in Sarajevo, you will have some free time slots, during which you can opt for some interesting activities in Sarajevo. We recommend few of the following for independent explorations:

  • War Childhood Museum – The Winner of 2018 Council of Europe Museum Prize

Rising from the crowd-sourced book War Childhood and championing the principles and practices of social entrepreneurship, the independent, youth-led War Childhood Museum has garnered recognition as the world’s only museum focused exclusively on childhoods that have been affected by war.

How to get there: Museum is located in the old part of Sarajevo and is usually walking distance from all hotels we usually use in Sarajevo.
Hours: Mon – Sun: 11 AM to 7 PM.
Costs: 5 EUR per person.

  • Srebrenica Gallery and Srebrenica Genocide

Gallery 11/07/95 is the first memorial museum/gallery in Bosnia and Herzegovina – exhibition space aiming to preserve the memory on Srebrenica tragedy and 8372 persons who tragically lost their lives during the genocide.

How to get there: The Gallery is located in the old part of Sarajevo and is usually walking distance from all hotels we usually use in Sarajevo.
Hours: Mon – Sun: 10 AM to 8 PM.
Costs: 6 EUR per person.

  • Best Bosnian Pizza and Sunset view from the Yellow Bastion

The most famous Pizza place in Sarajevo is called “Pekara kod Mahira” and the most famous viewpoint above Sarajevo is the Yellow Bastion, a few min walking distance from the Baščaršija square. Pekara kod Mahira is a takeaway pizza place offering just one type of pizza. Pizza is made in the traditional style with Bosnian style ingredients such as smoked beef and kajmak (a type of butter) being in focus. If you are vegetarian, you are free to tell the pizza master to skip the smoked beef and you immediately have an amazing vegetarian option. Yellow bastion is just 10 min walking distance from the pizza place.

How to get there: Pekara kod Mahira is located in the old part of Sarajevo and is usually walking distance from all hotels we usually use in Sarajevo.
Hours: Mon – Sun: 6 AM to Midnight.
Costs: Regular pizza 3.5 EUR.

DAY 2: Sarajevo War Tour & Story of European Jerusalem

Destination:Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Accommodation(Optional):Hotel Colors inn 4* or similar
Meals Included:B

Siege of Sarajevo Illustration

Activity Note:Prepare for an enriching journey through Sarajevo’s storied streets today! Your experience will include navigating some uneven terrain as you explore the ruins on our Sarajevo Siege tour. Remember to bring water and check the weather forecast to ensure you’re comfortably prepared.

Morning:Starting at 10 AM, join us for a thrilling 2.5 to 3-hour walk through Sarajevo’s old town and city center. Our fantastic local guide will lead the way, revealing the city’s rich history and vibrant culture. From medieval times to the present day, every step is a story waiting to be told.

Discover the charm of Sarajevo’s Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian quarters, where lively markets, bazaars, and stunning religious sites paint a vivid cultural picture. Our guide will show you the well-known landmarks and take you off the beaten path to hidden alleys full of secrets and stories.

You won’t want to miss the Latin Bridge, where the echoes of WWI’s beginnings still resonate. Plus, get exclusive insights into the 1984 Winter Olympics and the remarkable tales of resilience during the Siege of Sarajevo.

In summary, get ready for intriguing stories, local tips, hidden gems, and a special chance to meet local craftsmen – unique experiences that only our knowledgeable guides can unveil.

Copper master at Coppersmith street in Sarajevo

Afternoon:Your afternoon session (starting at 2 PM) is fully reserved for the important story of Siege of Sarajevo, the story of the impossible survival and story of the worst Genocide in Europe since the WWII. Funky Tours Top Experiences aims to deliver a clear and unbiased understanding of the topics we consider important for better overall understanding of the Balkans.

Your host for the afternoon session will be local Sarajevan, an ex Bosnian army soldier who during the 1990ies was directly involved in the resistance organised by the local people of Sarajevo. When joint force of Yugoslavian National Army, Serbian Paramilitaries and local Bosnian Serbs initiated general attack on Bosnia and Herzegovina with goal of taking the control of Bosnian capital, only a few people “got their heads” together and started organising resistance. Resistance which later proved crucial for defending Bosnian independence and saving hundreds of thousands of lives.

Places in focus will be Sarajevo’s infamous Sniper Alley and Hotel Holiday Inn, Sarajevo War Tunnel, Sarajevo Olympic Bobsled and Olympic mountain of Trebević, Jewish cemetery and numerous other locations scattered throughout the Bosnian capital, today serving as the memory of the 1990ies bloody years.

Sarajevo Olympic Bobsled Track at Trebevic Mountain

This afternoon, immerse yourself in the profound narrative of the Siege of Sarajevo, a story of resilience and the most devastating genocide in Europe since WWII. Funky Tours Top Experiences is dedicated to providing a clear, unbiased understanding of these pivotal events in Balkan history.

Your guide, a local Sarajevan and former member of the Bosnian army, played a direct role in Sarajevo’s resistance during the 1990s. His firsthand account offers a unique perspective on the defense against the combined forces of the Yugoslavian National Army, Serbian Paramilitaries, and local Bosnian Serbs, a resistance pivotal in preserving Bosnia’s independence and saving countless lives.

The tour highlights key locations like the notorious Sniper Alley, Hotel Holiday Inn, the Sarajevo War Tunnel, and Trebević Mountain with its Olympic Bobsled track. You’ll also visit the Jewish cemetery and other significant sites across Sarajevo, each a testament to the city’s tumultuous past.

The narrative is enriched with firsthand experiences of siege survivors, supported by verdicts from the ICTY (International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia). Today, while the military conflicts in the Balkans have ceased, battles over denial and relativization of the genocide persist. Our mission is to ensure the accurate documentation and communication of these historical events, contributing to a deeper understanding of the Balkans’ recent history.

Dinner/Evening:On your own. Savor a delightful Bosnian dinner featuring classics like Begova Čorba, a hearty chicken and vegetable soup, and Bosanski Lonac, a traditional meat and vegetable stew slow-cooked to perfection. Complement your meal with a glass of Šljivovica, Bosnia’s renowned plum brandy, and taste the exquisite Herzegovinian wines—refreshing Žilavka white and robust Blatina red. Don’t miss out on Dolma, stuffed vegetables with a flavorful meat and rice filling, and end your meal with Tufahija, a sweet, walnut-stuffed poached apple.


  • Cafe Bar Zlatna Ribica

The moment you arrive at the front doors of this unique cafe bar, you will understand something is “wrong”. Once you are in, the world of vintage opens in front of you. While the interior is dominated by very strange objects from the past, with antique sewing machines, black and white paintings, old TVs, tapestries, mirrors and paintings, this place extremely intricately exudes dust-covered splendor of past times, which most Balkans people believe are long gone. To really feel the true nature of the past, visiting the cafe bar Ribica is a great way to do it.

  • City Pub

City Pub in Sarajevo is a hub for the youth, known for its dynamic and vibrant ambiance. It stands out for its emphasis on contemporary global music trends, making it a popular destination for those keen on exploring the latest in music. The pub regularly hosts live music performances, showcasing a range of musical styles and talents, from local bands to international acts.

  • Kino Bosna

Kino Bosna is a remarkable and unique establishment in Sarajevo, notable for its exclusive operation on Mondays. This distinctive scheduling adds to its allure, creating a sense of anticipation and exclusivity. It is celebrated for its lively and spirited atmosphere, which is a major draw for both the local residents and tourists visiting the city.
The heart of Kino Bosna’s appeal lies in its live sevdah music performances. Sevdah, a traditional genre of music in Bosnia, is known for its soulful and often melancholic melodies, deeply rooted in the cultural heritage of the region.

  • Jazzbina

Jazzbina in Sarajevo is a gem for jazz lovers, nestled in the historical charm of the old town area. This bar is a cozy retreat that offers a warm and intimate space, perfect for enjoying the soothing and expressive sounds of jazz. Its focus on jazz creates an inviting ambiance for patrons to unwind and immerse themselves in the diverse world of jazz music. From classic standards to contemporary interpretations, Jazzbina’s array of jazz tunes caters to a wide range of tastes, ensuring that every visitor finds something to enjoy.

  • Blind Tiger

Blind Tiger in Sarajevo is a popular cocktail bar and grill known for its excellent range of cocktails and gourmet burgers. It stands out for its high-quality service and diverse menu, which includes options like well-made vegan burgers. Centrally located, it’s a convenient and appealing choice for both locals and visitors to the city, offering a casual yet sophisticated dining and drinking experience.

DAY 3: Lukomir Nomad Village Hiking Tour

Destination:Lukomir, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Accommodation(Optional):Hotel Colors inn 4* or similar
Meals Included:B – L

Lukomir village sheep

Activity Note:This day is designed to be accessible and enjoyable for all ages, with a moderate level of demand. We make use of vehicles to transport you to the initial hiking point, ensuring a comfortable journey to the heart of our adventure.

Morning:Get ready for a scenic ride from Sarajevo, lasting 1.15 hours, that’ll take you right into the heart of Bjelašnica Olympic Mountain and the quaint village of Umoljani. Your guide, a true outdoor enthusiast with stories galore, will bring the beauty of Bjelašnica to life. Feel free to ask anything – from historical facts to personal anecdotes, your guide is an open book!

Umoljani village is a treasure trove of intriguing spots. You’ll check out the cool and refreshing Studeni Potok (Cold Creek) and the mysterious Stoned Dragon – Ažbaha, which sounds like something straight out of a legend. Don’t miss the Umoljani Mosque either, where you’ll hear the captivating tale of the Sarajevo Haggadah.

Ready to stretch your legs? The hike from Umoljani to Lukomir village is a 3.30-hour adventure, starting from an elevation of about 1275 meters and climbing up to the peak of Obalj at 1896 meters. The views? Absolutely Instagram-worthy! You’ll pass by the ancient Gradina settlement and soak in the panoramic beauty of Studeni Potok.

Reaching the top of Obalj is a ‘wow’ moment with the Rakitnica Canyon and the surrounding mountains unfolding before your eyes. After basking in the views and catching your breath, the journey down to Lukomir village at 1500 meters altitude offers fresh perspectives and more photo ops.

Lukomir Nomad Village

And here’s a fun twist – depending on the season, you might stumble upon nature’s little treats like blueberries, rose-hips, and mushrooms. It’s like a mini treasure hunt!

Once in Lukomir, we will step back in time. Village is known as the ‘harbour of peace’ to those who call it home and its roots stretch back over 600 years. It is the last bastion of semi-nomadic mountain life in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a living museum of traditions and customs.

Lunch:Get ready for a culinary highlight as soon as we reach Lukomir – a farm-to-table lunch like no other! Savour the flavours of Bosnia with dishes made from the freshest local ingredients, all lovingly prepared by the villagers. It’s an authentic feast for the senses and a rare chance to mingle with the locals over a cup of Bosnia’s famous coffee.

Our adventure in Lukomir goes beyond just tasting the local fare. We’ll explore the village mosque, wander past ancient Stećci tombstones, and scale the Vijenac peak for jaw-dropping views of the Rakitnica canyon, an 800-meter marvel of nature.

After a day filled with remarkable sights, sounds, and tastes in Lukomir, we’ll begin our hike back, carrying with us memories of a place where traditions thrive and every corner tells a story.

Lukomir Lunch

Afternoon:After our adventure in Lukomir village, the return journey is a pleasant 2.30-hour flat hike to Umoljani village, following the scenic path along the Canyon of Rakitnica river.

Rakitnica canyon is a hidden gem, often considered one of Europe’s most remote and unexplored canyons. Stretching over 26 kilometers, it divides the Bjelašnica and Visočica massifs, holding the title of the longest canyon in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Explored for the first time in 1956, it remains a seldom-trodden path, with only a handful of adventurers having ventured its full length. At some points, the canyon rises over 800 meters high while narrowing to a mere 1 meter in width, creating a challenging but awe-inspiring terrain.

Our trail will lead us along the upper edge of the canyon, offering a breathtaking perspective of this natural wonder. You’ll be able to witness the sheer grandeur of the landscape as we make our way back to Umoljani. Expect to arrive in Umoljani around 5 pm, with a return to Sarajevo by approximately 6.15 pm.

Evening:It’s the perfect time to wrap up an exciting day of exploration and enjoy some tasty dinner and vibrant streets of Sarajevo.

DAY 4: East Bosnia & West Serbia Off the Beaten Path Tour

Destination:East Bosnia, Bosnia & Herzegovina & West Serbia, Serbia
Accommodation (Optional):Hotel Colors inn 4* or similar
Meals Included:B

Belgrade to Sarajevo

Activity Note: The tour is adapted to all ages and is not physically demanding. Due to the distance of the locations, we use vehicles during the tour.

Morning:Prepare for an extraordinary journey that kicks off with a picturesque 45-minute drive from Sarajevo to Rogatica. Our first stop is the captivating Borak Stećci necropolis near Burati village, nestled in the misty forests of East Bosnia, recently recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Get ready for a bit of hiking as we delve into the unique history of the Medieval Bosnian Kingdom and explore scattered limestone blocks that dot the landscape.

Next, we’ll make our way to Višegrad, famous for its UNESCO-protected Ottoman bridge, a masterpiece constructed in 1577 by Grand Vizier Mehmed Pasa Sokolović. This bridge is renowned for its exceptional elegance and monumental architecture, playing a pivotal role in Nobel Prize-winning author Ivo Andrić’s novel ‘Bridge Over Drina’. To fully appreciate the region’s historical significance, we recommend reading the novel beforehand.

Upon reaching Višegrad, you’ll embark on a delightful river cruise along the vibrant green Drina River, followed by an exploration of the stone town of Andrićgrad. This modern settlement, dedicated to Ivo Andrić, offers insights into Yugoslavian cinematography through the lens of acclaimed local director Emir Kusturica.

Dobrun Monastery near Višegrad in Eastern Bosnia

Continuing our journey east towards the Bosnian-Serbian border, we’ll visit the Dobrun Monastery, a significant Serbian Orthodox monastery originally constructed in 1343. The well-preserved frescoes provide a glimpse into local history, all set amidst breathtaking natural beauty.

As we cross into Serbia, we enter the captivating “Šargan-Mokra Gora” nature park. Lunch awaits in the ethno village of Drvengrad, designed by movie director Emir Kusturica for his film “Life is Miracle.” Here, you’ll savor culinary delights in a unique setting that received the prestigious “Philippe Rotthier European Architecture Award.”

Afternoon:But the adventure doesn’t end there. Brace yourself for an extraordinary train ride—the famous “Šargan Eight.” This narrow gauge steam railway, originally constructed in 1925, features a track resembling the number 8 from above. Its remarkable engineering allowed it to ascend 300m over a short 3,500m distance, passing through 22 tunnels and 5 bridges. Today, it’s a must-visit for steam train enthusiasts and curious tourists alike.

Our journey continues with a stop in the awe-inspiring National Park Tara, established in 1981 and boasting extraordinary biodiversity. Here, you will enjoy stunning vistas, and explore hiking trails amidst unique Serbian spruce trees (Picea Omorica) while encountering diverse wildlife.

Belgrade to Sarajevo

Don’t miss the highlight of our adventure—the breathtaking “Banjska Stena” viewpoint. From here, you’ll be treated to a spectacular panorama of Perućac Lake on the Drina River, forming a natural border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

Evening:Return to Sarajevo is planned in the very late evening, around 8-9 PM.

DAY 5: Sutjeska National Park Hiking Tour

Destination:Sutjeska National Park
Accommodation (Optional):Hotel Colors inn 4* or similar
Meals Included:B

Activity Note:The tour is adapted to all ages and is not physically demanding. Due to the distance of the  locations, we use vehicles during the tour to get to the starting hiking point, but the rest of the tour is done on foot through beautiful wilderness of Sutjeska National Park.

Morning:Get ready for an exhilarating one-day adventure through the stunning landscapes of eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our journey begins as we leave Sarajevo behind and head towards the captivating regions of Foča and Tjentište, known for their breathtaking mountainous terrain.

After approximately two hours on the road, we’ll arrive in Tjentište, our gateway to the renowned Sutjeska National Park. Tjentište is not just a place but a living World War II memorial, holding deep historical significance in the story of Yugoslavia. This historical narrative will be a prominent theme throughout our one-day program, offering you a fascinating insight into Balkan history.

The final leg of our journey involves a thrilling 45-minute drive along a gravel road, spanning around 17 kilometers, deep into the heart of Sutjeska National Park—a sanctuary of untouched natural beauty. Our destination is Prijevor, situated at an elevation of 1668 meters above sea level. From here, prepare to be mesmerized by panoramic views that encompass the majestic Maglić, Zelengora, and Volujak mountains.

En route to Prijevor, we’ll make a brief stop at an incredible viewpoint where you can admire the Skakavac waterfall in the heart of the Perućica primeval forest. Did you know it is one of the last preserved primeval forests in Europe?

Sutjeska National Park

At Prijevor, our journey continues on foot with a medium-intensity hike lasting approximately 2.30 hours. Along the way, you’ll traverse some of the most picturesque areas of the national park, surrounded by awe-inspiring natural landscapes.

Our hike will culminate with a well-deserved picnic lunch, set against the backdrop of the Trnovačko Lake. This is your chance to relax and rejuvenate, and for those feeling adventurous, you can take a refreshing swim in the crystal-clear waters of the lake—a perfect way to cool off on a warm day.

Trnovačko Lake, nestled beneath the towering peak of Mount Maglić, which happens to be the highest point in Bosnia, straddles the border between Bosnia and Montenegro. While the lake itself is located in Montenegro, our adventure allows us to access it via a scenic hiking trail from the Bosnian side, traversing the pristine Sutjeska National Park.

Trnovacko Lake

Lunch:Our picnic lunch will be a delightful spread featuring farm products sourced locally from Bosnia, ensuring a delicious and authentic culinary experience. After indulging in a sumptuous meal, you’ll have ample free time to explore the lake’s beauty and enjoy a relaxing swim during the hot summer months.

Afterward, we’ll commence our hike back. After roughly three hours, we’ll return to Prijevor, where we’ll board our transportation for the journey back to Tjentište.

Afternoon: Before concluding our adventure and heading back to Sarajevo, we’ll make a significant stop at the “Battle of Sutjeska” WW2 memorial in Tjentište. This poignant monument commemorates the valiant fighters and fallen soldiers of the Battle of the Sutjeska, a pivotal conflict that raged from May 15th to June 16th, 1943.

Prepare to be immersed in the heroic stories of World War II and gain admiration for Tito’s partisans, who fought tirelessly to keep these Yugoslavian and Bosnian regions free from the occupation forces of the Nazis, Ustase, and Chetniks.

Tjentiste Memorial - Sutjeska National Park - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Evening: Return to Sarajevo is planned around 8.30 PM, after which you will have a free time to rest and get ready for new adventure.

DAY 6: Mostar and Herzegovina Tour

Destination:Herzegovina Region
Accommodation (Optional):Hotel Colors inn 4* or similar
Meals Included:B

FunkyPocitelj (1)

Morning:Morning drive takes us southwest towards Konjic, a charming town blessed with the beauty of the turquoise Neretva River and a historic Ottoman-era bridge. Nearby, we uncover one of Yugoslavia’s hidden treasures, Tito’s Bunker, a Cold War relic preserving Yugoslavia’s past. This unique site also houses globally significant modern art displays. While we won’t explore the bunker’s depths, we’ll share its intriguing stories with you.

Continuing our journey, we follow a picturesque route along Jablanica Lake through the Neretva River canyon, arriving in Jablanica town. Here, we delve into the WWII history of the Neretva battle, appreciating the stunning natural surroundings. Tito’s strategic brilliance during this battle, portrayed in an Oscar-nominated film, earned him the title of Marshal and the battle’s reputation as the ‘World’s most humane battle.

Our adventure continues through the mesmerising Neretva River canyon, leading us to our next stop, Počitelj. Perched above the Neretva River, this charming town invites you to explore its rich history. Wander its narrow streets and enjoy Funky Tours special treat, a refreshing homemade pomegranate juice that will invigorate your senses. It’s these authentic encounters that make our journey truly special.

Kravice Waterfalls near Ljubuski and Mostar in Herzegovina.jpg

Just 20 km from Počitelj, the Trebižat River creates the mesmerizing Kravice Waterfall, a 28 m-high arc, and a 120-meter-wide water amphitheater. These captivating waterfalls, surrounded by lush greenery, offer a perfect escape into nature.

For those who enjoy swimming or simply savoring the enchanting setting, Kravica Waterfall is a must-visit.

Lunch:We’ll reach Blagaj by lunchtime, where the pristine Buna river offers a taste of local trout. Try locally prepared trout on “Blagaj Way” while admiring the stunning Buna River spring and Dervish House. Vegetarian options are available.

Afternoon:Blagaj is home to Europe’s most beautiful and powerful karst river spring, nestled beneath a towering rock. The spring gushes an incredible 43 cubic meters of water per second. Nearby, the Blagaj Tekke – Dervish house, dating back to the early Ottoman era, provides insight into Dervish life in Herzegovina, a must-visit.

A short drive takes us to Mostar, the crown jewel of our ‘Herzegovina Necklace’ day trip. Our Mostar experience begins with a captivating walking tour that explores the city’s key attractions.

We’ll focus on Mostar’s Old Bridge, Old Bazaar, and Old Town, all while sharing stories that unveil the city’s rich historical and cultural tapestry. Our narrative explores the Old Bridge’s rise, fall, and triumphant resurrection, along with the Siege of Mostar. Together, we’ll bring Mostar’s history to life, creating an engaging journey through time.

Arriving in Mostar during the late afternoon allows us to enjoy the city’s intimate atmosphere, away from the crowds of other day tours. The perfect time to unwind, savor a refreshing drink, and witness the mesmerizing sunset is right after we conclude our day.

Evening:As we make our way back, we have one more treat in store for those with an appetite for adventure. We’ll make a stop for you to savor the famous roasted lamb in Jablanica. It’s a culinary delight that shouldn’t be missed.

Anticipate our return to Sarajevo around 7 pm. Keep in mind that our days can be quite eventful, so it’s wise not to plan too many activities for the evening. Instead, take the time to relax and reflect on the incredible experiences of the day.

DAY 7: Tito’s Bunker & Neretva White Water Rafting

Destination:Konjic, Herzegovina
Accommodation (Optional):Hotel Colors inn 4* or similar
Meals Included:B

Tito's Bunker

Morning:This morning we will continue with exploring Herzegovina and visit one of the most expensive Yugoslavian military projects ($4.7bln), Tito’s Nuclear Bunker followed with the amazingly relaxing Neretva white water rafting.

It took 26 years to build this 6500 m2 miracle of construction with the purpose of withstanding a possible nuclear war and providing shelter to over 350 Yugoslav leaders and army generals.

We will wander around this amazing structure and venue for a biennial of contemporary art while discovering the labyrinth of Yugoslavia mysteries, cold war fanaticism, and communist paranoia while discussing the possible reasons for the fall of Yugoslavia and its rigid consequences.

As a third most expensive JNA military project with spendings of cca. 4.6 billion USD, facility D-0, Tito’s atomic war command (ARK), was built to accept, accommodate and protect 350 people and enable successful management and command over the armed forces in case of nuclear warfare.

Neretva river white water rafting - Bosnia and Herzegovina

After we learn about Yugoslavia, we’ll gear up for an exciting rafting adventure as we make our way to the starting point, which is about a 45-minute uphill drive. Along the way, you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of Boračko Lake, the upper Neretva river, and its awe-inspiring canyon.

Once we’re on the water, get ready for pure exhilaration. The Neretva river will lead us through stunning slopes, pristine canyons, and crystal-clear, drinkable water. The untouched natural beauty of the surroundings will leave you in awe. You can look forward to relaxing on great beaches, spotting fish and birds, and much more.

For those seeking an adrenaline rush, there will be opportunities to dive from low, medium, and high rocks, as well as solo jumps into thrilling rapids—guaranteed to be the highlights of your rafting experience.

Lunch:Around midday, we’ll take a break for a special treat. We’ll head to an isolated beach where we’ll savor a mouthwatering barbecue feast. Picture this: you, your fellow adventurers, and a delicious barbecue meal served in the midst of untouched nature. You can choose from a variety of options, including vegetarian dishes if you let us know in advance. During this break, you can also enjoy activities like swimming, sunbathing, diving, or simply basking in the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Rafting at Neretva River

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the stunning Raktinica, a tributary of the Neretva river with its incredible delta. Our journey continues, filled with thrilling slopes, rock diving for the brave souls, canyons, pristine water, and fascinating twists and turns.

As the day draws to a close, we’ll wrap up our adventure with showers and a change of clothes. Then, we’ll hit the road back to Sarajevo, with an expected arrival time of around 7:00 pm. It’s been an action-packed day of fun and nature exploration that you won’t want to miss.

Dinner & Evening:On your own, you will have time to enjoy Sarajevo and try some of traditional Bosnian food that you haven’t tried yet.

DAY 8: Sarajevo Free Time & Airport Transfer

Destination:Sarajevo (alternatively Dubrovnik – Split – Zagreb)
Accommodation:Not included in package price
Meals Included:B

Activity Note: Free time in Sarajevo until airport transfer for your departure.

In case your transfer is in the later afternoon, we can combine it with some half day tours in Sarajevo and explore a little bit more. 

What to Bring

What Do I Need to Bring?

  • Comfortable hiking shoes
  • Waterproof jacket in case of rains
  • Warm jacket (during the winter period)
  • Light-weight, breathable walking shirts and trousers
  • Warm hat and light gloves (during the winter period)
  • Sun protection
  • Water bottle

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why should I book with Funky Tours?
    With over 20 years of experience, hundreds of verified reviews, and unique packages, tours, and experiences, we are the only Balkan-based and unbiased tour operator constantly striving to offer unique and life-changing experiences via service excellence. If this doesn’t convince you, your tour manager is happy to set up and meet over a video call and respond to any questions or concerns you might have. We love to learn about our guests and their preferences, so we strongly encourage each of you to contact our team!
  2. Is this trip for me?
    This tour requires an average fitness level and is doable for anyone with an average fitness level.
  3. Can I book as solo traveller?
    Yes you can. Significant number of our fellow travelers are solo.
  4. What is the weather like?
    Bosnia and Herzegovina is country of extremely differentiated weather seasons, meaning in the winter we have deep minus temperature and during the summer high plus, so make sure to know what to expect before arrival.
  5. Are the “last minute” bookings accepted?
    The tour sales officially close at least seven days before departure. However, if we do have available spots, we will be more than happy to take you with us.
  6. Can I join the group from a location other than the starting point location? 
    Yes, if you find a more convenient arrival destination, please get in touch with our team so we can find the best way for you to join our departure.
  7. How much should I tip?
    Tips are not included in the tour costs, nor are they heavily expected in Balkan culture. However, when you receive excellent service, we recommend tipping.
  8. What is the currency I should use while in Bosnia?
    While some places do accept EUR, please make sure to have local currency (BAM).
  9. Can I book this tour in other than English language?
    Tours are possible to book in other than English languages in private option. Do contact our team for further information.
  10. Can I book a private customized trip based on this one? 
    Yes, you can. Custom-tailored trips are our specialty. Please get in touch with our team with your preferences; we will be happy to work on it accordingly and suggest some fantastic options.
  11. How much pocket money should I have for personal expenses?
    In general, the Balkans are much more affordable than other European countries. Depending on the country, you should have between 20 and 50 EUR per day for personal expenses such as food and small shopping.
  12. How much in advance I need to book this tour?
    It is recommended to book at least 15 days in advance but our team will go above and beyond to confirm the trips even 24h before the supposed departure. 
8 Reviews
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Solo Traveller

Great 5-Day Trek through Bosnia & Herzegovina and Croatia

I spent 5 days in the Balkans as part of a 16-day trip to Europe in May.

It was a fast-paced visit that included 4 stops in 5 nights (Sarajevo, Lukomir [high altitude herding community], Mostar, Dubrovnik).

Ema with Funky Tours was very helpful in putting the trip together. She helped with coordinating guides, transportation, and special experiences like dinner with 3 generations of a Bosnian family in their home.

I was traveling with a 20-year-old, and she was also really good about pairing us with younger guides with whom the 20-year-old would be able to relate.

Working with Ema was a pleasure, and I would highly recommend Funky Tours for 2-3 hour tours, day trips, or more extended itineraries like mine.

We had a top-notch, stress-free experience in the Balkans, which is due in large part to Ema and Funky Tours.

August 3, 2023

Holly R

Couple Traveller

A Truly Great Vacation — thanks to Funky Tours

My husband and I spent a week in Bosnia in late June.

I worked directly with Ema, who heads the Funky Tours office, to put together a full week of activities. I knew very little about Bosnia other than it was part of the former Yugoslavia, and that it experienced a terrible genocidal war in the 1990’s.

We were interested in learning more about the war and the recovery, but we were also interested in outdoor activities. Ema put together a perfect itinerary for us.

I found Funky Tours on the internet. I knew we did not want to drive ourselves in Bosnia and I knew that we would learn a lot more if we had a mixture of free time and time with guides.

But it is a bit of a leap of faith to work with a company that you do not have previous experience with. Ema immediately put me at ease by setting up an initial Zoom call so that we could “meet” and talk about the different options. Ema was a joy to work with — responsive to all my questions, and attentive to the kind of trip we wanted to have.

Funky Tours provides some set itineraries for small groups, but they will also set up tours for individuals that encompass things that are not part of the group tours.

We had a combination of private tours and groups tours — but in the end all of our tours were private with our own driver and guide.

I can’t say enough about how fabulous all of the different guides were — different personalities, different skill sets, all of them interesting and knowledgeable — but also so engaged with what they were doing and all of them excellent at connecting with their guests.

I am very cynical about people who say things like “they seemed like friends” — but they really did. In a country where things don’t always go perfectly, our
trip went perfectly.

I also really appreciated that everyone was flexible. If there was something we decided to do that wasn’t on the itinerary they could and did accommodate us.

We have traveled a lot — and have done a wide variety of types of trips. Many planned by me, some by high-end travel companies, others through local contacts.

But this is a trip that I have come home from and was really excited about both the country and Funky Tours. They are truly doing something special in Bosnia.

Highlights from our trip was the Siege Tour in Sarajevo with Adnan. He was an officer in the Bosnian army during the war and gave us a very intimate and personal account of the siege and the toll on civilians during the war. While I know this was not the first time he has told this story he was compelling.

We also loved our day of hiking at Cvsnica and our morning on the Trebizat river. The Dervish House at Blagaj and the medieval city of Pocitelj and the 16th c. watermills at Jaycee were also exceptional — but there are too many things to mention! Most of all though we enjoyed the time we spent with all of the guides — learning from them, feeling at ease, and seeing the country through their experience.

I’d like to give a special shout out to Tarik and Stefan who spent the most time with us and who really made the whole trip both educational and fun.

Thank you Funky Tours.

July 4, 2023


Solo Traveller

Great tours, super knowledgable guides, amazing country!

With only a limited time in Bosnia, I chose to spend most of my time on tours and had been recommended Funky Tours by a friend who had visited a few years earlier and I was so glad I did!

I booked the tours by email and arranged to pay on arrival as that was easier, Edna and her team could not have been more accommodating if they tried. I did the siege tour on the Friday, Srebrenica on Saturday and the Mostar and Herzegovina 4 cities tour on the Sunday. I had Almir for the Friday and Saturday and I’ve never in my time travelling met somebody so knowledgeable and passionate about his country. No question was too much and the insights he was able to provide on Bosnia, especially the situation in the 90s, has left a lasting impression.

Travel destroys all prejudice and it’s so important that Bosnia’s story is not forgotten. I had Anis on the Sunday and as a similar age to myself, he was incredibly knowledgable and passionate and full of surprising facts and insights into a country he clearly loved and took pride in showing me about. I thoroughly enjoyed all 3 tours and geniuinely feel like I left Bosnia as friends, knowing so much more. Both Almir and Anis spoke excellent English, were willing and able to answer questions and drove safely in challenging weather conditions.

You must use Funky Tours when in Bosnia, I can’t wait to return!

January 31, 2023


Solo Traveller

Private 14 day tour across Bosnia & Herzegovina-Solo
Sarajevo Funky Tours is by far the best tour agency you can find. Impressed by their organized and detailed website, I requested a solo 14 day private tour across Bosnia & Herzegovina, specifically focusing on locations off the beaten path with Accommodations and Food included.

Ema and the Funky Tours team were able to create an amazing itinerary, which included stops in over 25 towns and cities! With the guidance of my amazing tour guides, Deni, Senad, and Adnan, I was able to explore the country’s larger towns like Sarajevo, Mostar, and Banja Luka, but also stop in smaller towns such as Prnjavor, Drvar, and Stolac! My guides even made a stop in my family’s hometown, Čapljina, so that I could visit relatives! The tour guides at Funky Tours have in-depth knowledge and expertise in the history and culture of Bosnia & Herzegovina, and were able to answer any questions I had about the country’s past.

From the moment I arrived in Sarajevo until the day I left, Funky Tours took care of everything, so that I didn’t need to worry once. If you consider visiting the Balkan region, I without a doubt recommend organizing your travels with Sarajevo Funky Tours.

Thank you again Sarajevo Funky Tours!

October 20, 2021


Group Traveller

Custom trips and personal service
If you enjoy independent style travel but like to experience a place through the eyes of local people I’d highly recommend Sarajevo Fumky Tours. We built a custom trip with Ema and did our trip with our guide and drivers Adnan and Haris who became more friends than guides within days. We packed a lot into the week visiting Sarajevo, learning about the war, Konjic, Mostar, Trebinje. Highly recommend Mostar for its beauty and history. Get up early to avoid the crowds! Lukomir day hike is spectacular and you must have lunch with the local family for a perfect experience. Tvrdos winery and monastery is great as are the cave tours on the way. Canoe River Trebizat. You will not be disappointed. Cycle the old railway trail alongside Neretva river. I came to Bosnia knowing little but the recent war and left with memories full of picturesque landscapes, amazing people passionate about their culture. Highly recommend 7 – 8 days.

August 4, 2018

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