Dubrovnik to/from Split 3day Transfer Tour via Bosnia and Herzegovina (Mostar and Sarajevo)

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3 Days
Availability : Jan-Dec
Min Age : 0+
Max People : 8 persons
Tour Overview

3D2N Package is the best possible way to visit and explore the best of Bosnia and Herzegovina while traveling between Split (OR Zagreb) and Dubrovnik. It is created to offer an ultimate BiH experience in only three days  and ever so optimise your Balkans overall experience.

Best of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Split/Zagreb ⇄ Dubrovnik) in 3 days with two nights in Sarajevo, is created to offer an adventurous, historic and all embracing, yet very relaxing trip and to show you some of the most appealing places in our country and, one would dare to say, Europe as well.

This is a connecting door to door 2day tour which is covering the most amazing destinations in Central-West Bosnia and Herzegovina with 2 night stay in Sarajevo. Regardless of your start/end destination, we always do the full itinerary.


  • Spare your time and money on public transport by conveniently connecting Dubrovnik and Split or Zagreb.
  • Break away from your regular Croatian holiday and see the yet “unseen” pearls of Bosnia and Heregovina.
  • Delve into a hypnotising story telling, history puzzles and understand the origins of multiculturalism.
  • Dive into country of perfectly untouched nature, Olympic Mountains and incredible water abundance.
  • Explore Mostar along with 4 Herzegovinian pearls and soak up the atmosphere of “Duke’s Land”.
  • Spend 2 nights in Sarajevo and learn why is it called European Jerusalem.
  • Learn the story of war in Bosnia, Siege of Sarajevo, meet the local survivors and hear their story.
  • Enter the world of “Sevdah“, threat your buds with tasty home-cooked Bosnian dinner and live music.
  • Visit Central Bosnia region, learn about Travnik, Ivo Andric and dive into amazingness of royal town of Jajce, the only city in the world with a natural waterfall in its centre. 

What's Included


English speaking local-expert guide and driver.
Hotel in Sarajevo for 2 nights (Choose via Booking Form: 3*, 4* or 5* hotels).
Breakfast included.
All Transfers
This is connecting one-way tour/transfer connecting Dubrovnik and Split via Sarajevo and Central Bosnia.
All Entrance Fees, Taxes & Flexible Cancellation Policy
No hidden costs. VAT 17% included in the price. Cancel 14 days prior for full refund or change dates anytime.
Tour is available throughout the year.
Online Payments
Pay safely online with a credit card. We accept payments for all types of credit cards.


Travel insurance is not included. Please buy it at home country.
Guide Tipping
Tips are not included in the tour costs. If you receive excellent service, please consider tipping.
Shared Tour
All tours are shared, unless specifically booked as private.
Lunch & Dinner
Typical costs for great lunch or dinner are 10-12 EUR.

Starting Point


  • Regardless where you are departing from, Dubrovnik or Split, you can book your starting point by choosing the direction of the tour at our Booking Form.
  • Departure Time: 7.30 AM

Accommodation in Sarajevo

You can choose between 3/4/5* accommodation by booking this tour, or if you prefer, you can book accommodation on your own and we shall deduct the total tour price.


  • DAY 1: (Dubrovnik > Kravice Waterfalls > Počitelj > Blagaj > Mostar)
    • Stop 1: Kravice Waterfalls (1h)
Kravice Waterfalls in Herzegovina near Mostar
Kravice Waterfalls

Morning drive will take us through interesting areas of West Herzegovina before we hit the first stop at stunning waterfalls of Kravica.

Situated near Ljubuški, Trebižat river with its travertine sedimentations is today offering us unique and breathtaking attraction – Kravica waterfalls.

Height range from 26-28 meters and water amphitheater of 120 meters below, plus surrounding nature of Kravica waterfalls altogether fall into unique geological monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    • Stop 2: Počitelj
Pocitelj town overlooking Neretva river - Herzegovina
Pocitelj town overlooking Neretva river – Herzegovina

After departing from Kravice waterfalls we will very soon arrive to Počitelj (“Počivati” – Bos.”to rest in peace”).

Nested above Neretva river, this unique, medieval, Ottoman era glorified, present day Ottoman-Mediterranean style “architectured” fortress – town Počitelj, is one of the very few urban ensembles in Bosnia and Herzegovina preserved in their integrity to the present times.

We will take an easy uphill, one hour long walk, accompanied with a stories of town’s development and strategic importance during its 600+ year long written history and visit to most important sites such as Hajji Alija Mosque, Clock Tower and Gavrankapetanovic tower, IS A MUST, for anyone passing through or near Herzegovina region.

    • Stop 3: Blagaj Dervish House and Lunch Break
Blagaj River Spring and Dervish House
Blagaj River Spring and Dervish House

Then, we continue through some really amazing parts of Neretva river canyon, telling the unique stories of Herzegovina, before we arrive to our next stop at Blagaj.

Blagaj town is home to Buna river spring – Europe’s most beautiful, most powerful, clean and drinkable karst river spring, settled beneath few hundred meters high rock. Water comes out of quite large but stunningly deep cave, which springs amazing 43 cubic meters of water per second. Can you imagine this

Just next to the spring, under the rock, is home to Blagaj Tekke – Dervish house, dating most likely pre or early Ottoman era from late 15th century, as unique sacral-residential example of Islamic architecture in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Visiting this complex and learning more about Dervish life in Herzegovina as important part of our history is, MUST DO.

For Muslim travellers “Tekija” is place where prayers are hosted 5 times a day and can be attended if wanted.

After visit to “Blagajska Tekija” and “Izvor rijeke Bune” we stay there for bit longer. It is time for lunch. Due to famousness and cleanliness of Buna river the most important thing to taste in Blagaj today is local trout.

That is why we don’t leave the place before we offer our guests to try locally prepared trout on “Blagaj Way”, enjoying amazing scenery of Buna river spring and Dervish house next to it. Vegetarians don’t worry, we have solutions for you as well 🙂

    • Stop 4: Mostar Walking Tour
Mostar old bridge during the sunset
Mostar old bridge during the sunset

Once we finish with a visit to amazingly beautiful Blagaj, we will head towards Mostar.

Upon arrival, we’ll start our 2 hour walking tour which will cover most important sites and locations in this, truly unique, small town.

During the walking tour we will focus at Mostar Old Bridge, Old Bazaar and Old Town, but offer stories of Mostar uniqueness, in regard to historical and cultural diversity.

Tour will cover facts about the Old Bridge, it’s rise and fall, and how it had risen again. We learn about Siege of Mostar, its pre and post siege period. You get to know, about why it is called Mostar, about Mostarians. We recreate Mostar for you and with you.

    • Stop 5: Konjic
Konjic Old Bridge - Crossroad between Bosnia and Herzegovina
Konjic Old Bridge – Crossroad between Bosnia and Herzegovina

After an two hour of interesting drive through central Herzegovina regions and canyon of Neretva we will arrive to Konjic where we shall visit the Old Town and Old Bridge, before we arrive to Sarajevo where we will drop you of at your amazing, centrally located hotel to relax and have a free evening so you could gather impressions over dinner and get ready for the next day.

  • DAY 2: (Sarajevo)

Today you are lucky to wake up in one of the most historically interesting and varied cosmopolitan European capital. Sarajevo is a place where the people of the Roman Catholic west, Eastern Orthodox east and the Ottoman south coexist for centuries, and no matter on historical turbulence this city is a flare of hope for peace and tolerance through multi-cultural integration.

    • Stop 6: Sarajevo Walking Tour
Sarajevo old town Bascarsija coppersmith street - Kazandziluk
Sarajevo old town Bascarsija coppersmith street – Kazandziluk

After you finish your tasty homemade breakfast in hotel, we will pick you up and take you to our walking tour of Sarajevo which offers a great introduction to the city. It is a perfect opportunity to get the basic knowledge about our city, history, people, architecture, religion, culture, food etc.

We will start the tour on Baščaršija square and our first stop will be famous Sebilj Fountain, after we learn the story about Sebilj, we will continue along and go for a visit to Vijećnica (City Hall); Inat Kuća (Spite House);

White and Yellow Bastions; Šeher- ćehaja, Imperial and Latin Bridge; Imperial mosque, Gazi Husref Beys mosque complex (Mosque, Khanikah, Ezantash, Fountain, Clock Tower, Gazi Husrev beys bezistan, Madrassa, public bathroom, public kitchen etc); Jewish Museum; Old Temple; Cathedral; Orthodox Church; Morića Han etc.

Hopefully, at the end of the part 1 for this day, you will already be convinced Sarajevo truly is a delight to visit. After we are finished with first part of the day, we shall have a break, ideal for tasty Bosnian lunch where you can try variety of local dishes and try Bosnian coffee and some sweets.

  • Stop 7: Sarajevo Siege Tour
Sarajevo Olympic boblseigh and luge
Sarajevo Olympic boblseigh and luge

Second part of the day is reserved for the Sarajevo Total Siege tour and story related to Siege of Sarajevo from 92 until 95. We believe that the learning about the Siege of Sarajevo is one of the most important things to do if you decide to visit Sarajevo, and this is the tour which will really help you to understand the recent history of Sarajevo.

On the tour, you are going to have the opportunity to see many sites directly connected to the Siege of Sarajevo, like the War Tunnel Museum, Trebević Mountain, Sarajevo Bobsleigh and many other.

Sarajevo Total Siege Tour is guided by the people who actually survived siege of Sarajevo so, among visiting all the most important locations you will also be able to hear some interesting stories and personal experiences that will explain closer the survival of citizens of Sarajevo.

For a perfect closure of this exciting day we will make sure to make a dinner reservations in one of the best local restaurants where you will have a chance to try various types of the most “appetizing” Bosnian meals. Later evening is reserved for free time on your own.

Sarajevo War Tunnel was dug in July 1993 and used to be main supply route to Sarajevo during the Siege.

  • DAY 3: (Sarajevo > Visoko Pyramids > Travnik > Jajce > Split) 
    • Stop 8: (Visoko Pyramids)

We’ll depart Sarajevo quite early, at 8 AM. After some 45min we’ll arrive to Visoko and first stop of the day will be Bosnian Pyramid Complex.

One of the most intriguing recent stories, at global scale, is story of Bosnian Pyramids. For some only a “hoax”, but for others true evidence of ancient civilisations to have existed at present day European soil which have left us amazing structures, pyramids.

Visoko Pyramid
Visoko Pyramid

Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun (and 4 more: Pyramid of the Moon, Love, Dragon and Mother Earth) aged roughly 12.000 years, with perfect cardinal points and Northern orientation, where thermal inertia analysis reported to reveal faster heat loss than would occur with a plain hillside, interesting story of pyramidal tunnel complex and many more facts, are reasons good enough to see interesting story of Bosnian pyramids.

Once at the site we’ll have guided tour at the Pyramids Tunnel Complex where guests will get first hand stories from local experts directly involved into site explorations and tunnel excavations. Be prepared to hear some very interesting stories, as this story might be one of highlights of your Balkans travels.

    • Stop 9: Travnik
Travnik fort overlooking the Travnik old town - Central Bosnia
Travnik fort overlooking the Travnik old town – Central Bosnia

After finished at Visoko we move. We will pass some very beautiful regions of river Bosna, canyon of river Lašva before we reach Travnik.

Ottoman time vizier’s town, later Nobel prize winner birthplace with stunning Plava Voda spring, Coloured mosque and old Ottoman fortress are places definitely worth stopping by.

Travnik is also famous for tasty Ćevapi or Travnik white cheese, so why not making this stop not only interesting, but also tastily-interesting.

Doing a break at Plava Voda with some good Bosnian coffee is also a must.

    • Stop 10: Jajce
Jajce and Pliva waterfalls in Central Bosnia during the sunset
Jajce and Pliva waterfalls in Central Bosnia during the sunset

As soon as we finish in Travnik we continue, and after another hour of driving through amazing regions of Vrbas river we arrive to Jajce.

Once there, first thing we go and see is one of the World’s most beautiful waterfalls, and the only one in the World placed in the city centre, famous Pliva Waterfalls – spot where Pliva river ends its flow and meets Vrbas is simply breathtaking.

After we bless our eyes and soul we are good for a walking tour through Jajce. We will visit Jajce Citadel (Fortress), the Museum of the Second Session of the National Liberation Army of Yugoslavia (AVNOJ), Medvjed Kula, the Tower of St. Luke, famous Catacombs – underground church, one of the World’s very few mosques named after woman – Mosque of Esma Sultanija, and much more. All followed with interesting stories.

Jajce Citadel is amazingly interesting place giving us great opportunity to see whole area around us and Jajce itself.

    • Stop 11: Pliva Lakes & Pliva Mills – Lunch Break
Pliva Mills near Jajce
Pliva Mills near Jajce

After we have “tasted” Jajce for roughly 2.30 hours we go for the Lakes. In the vicinity of Jajce on Pliva river there are two lakes. Only five kilometres away we’ll check up out Large and Small Pliva lakes.

Very interesting part of the Pliva lakes story are Mills at small Pliva lake. Amongst people famously called “Mlinčići”, which once have been main promotional material for postcards and tourist potential of Great Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy. We will make a stop there too.

    • Stop 12: Arrival to Split

Arrival to Split is expected in the later afternoon.

What to Bring

What Do I Need to Bring?

  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Waterproof jacket in case of rains
  • Warm jacket (during the winter period)
  • Light-weight, breathable walking shirts and trousers
  • Warm hat and light gloves (during the winter period)
  • Sun protection (summer time)
  • Water bottle

Optional Extras

Single supplement: 

  • 50 EUR per person

Full Board: 

  • 60 EUR per person


This tour is flexible and instead of starting/ending in Split it can end in Zagreb too.


Trip Photos

Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo
Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo
Pliva Mills near Jajce
Pliva Mills near Jajce
Travnik fort overlooking the Travnik old town - Central Bosnia
Travnik fort overlooking the Travnik old town – Central Bosnia
Visoko Pyramid
Visoko Pyramid
Sarajevo Olympic boblseigh and luge
Sarajevo Olympic boblseigh and luge
Pocitelj town overlooking Neretva river - Herzegovina
Pocitelj town overlooking Neretva river – Herzegovina
Kravice Waterfalls in Herzegovina near Mostar
Kravice Waterfalls
Sarajevo art academy and bridge Festina Lente
Sarajevo art academy and bridge Festina Lente
Sarajevo old town Bascarsija coppersmith street - Kazandziluk
Sarajevo old town Bascarsija coppersmith street – Kazandziluk

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I book as solo traveller?
    Yes you can. Significant number of our fellow travellers are solo.
  2. What is the weather like?
    Bosnia and Herzegovina is country of extremely differentiated weather seasons, meaning in the winter we have deep minus temperature and during the summer high plus, so make sure to know what to expect before arrival.
  3. How much should I tip?
    Tips are not included in the tour costs, nor they are heavily expected in Bosnian culture. However when you receive excellent service, we recommend tipping.
  4. Can I start/end this trip elsewhere in Croatia or Bosnia?
    Yes, all of our tours and packages are customisable so do make sure to contact our team with any of your requests. 
  5. Can I book my own accommodation in Sarajevo? 
    Yes, you can. In case you prefer booking your own accommodation we will deduct the costs of hotel service from the overall price. 
  6. What is the currency I should use while in Bosnia and Croatia? 
    While some places do accept EUR make sure to have small amount of local currencies (BiH: BAM; Croatia: HRK)
  7. Can I book this tour in other than English language?
    Tours are possible to book in other than English languages in private option. Do contact our team for further information.
  8. How much in advance I need to book this tour?
    It is recommended to book at least 15 days in advance but our team will go above and beyond to confirm the trips even 24h before the supposed departure. 
10 Reviews
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Group Traveller

FunkyTour accompanied us during our 3-day visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We had an incredible time with the different guides and drivers. They gave us many information about the country, its customs, its religions, about the war and the siege of Sarajevo. They took the time to let us visit the places at our own pace, and adapted to our needs and requests (meal break, shopping, coffee, toilets, etc.).

The 3-day program was rich and very complete and we had the opportunity to discover both incredible cities and landscapes. I also particularly liked the support given throughout the booking process for this tour.

I highly recommend Funky Tour for their seriousness, their kindness and the quality of their visits. Many thanks to Edna, Enis, Tarik, Nadira and Ema for making this trip an incredible memory!

June 16, 2022

Hannah K

Group Traveller

Did a 3D/2N tour from Dubrovnik to Split via Sarajevo with Funky. They organized everything and made it easy to understand Bosnia’s long history and complicated present without worrying about the logistics since they were very responsive and took care of everything, even for our more complicated itinerary.

We did 1 day tour through Herzegovina to Sarajevo, 1 day in Sarajevo including a walking tour and Siege tour, then a 1 day tour to Split. The travel days were long but the driving time was made much richer by getting to interact so much with our amazing guides and ask them all of our questions in between the multiple stops. We also saw and learned about so much Bosnian history we would not have seen otherwise, plus got to see some beautiful parts of the country, including some amazing waterfalls and beautiful green hills.

The food was amazing-probably the best meals of a 2 week trip through the region. Funky Tours and our guides made the visit so much richer and I would highly recommend using them and visiting Bosnia.

July 30, 2021


Solo Traveller

Excellent Service and knowledgeable guides

I booked a three day tour from Dubrovnik to Split via Sarajevo. I was the only one booked so I had a driver and guide all to myself. The guides are all very knowledgeable. There is so much history to try and get your head around and I have to say, the team were very impartial to try and provide a idea of both sides of the story. I had 2 full days days of transfers and one full day in Sarajevo with fantastic tours along the way across all three days.

I would recommend this group and would travel with them again if I go to this part of the world. Good value for money.

October 20, 2019

Farzanah A

Solo Traveller

Dubrovnik to Sarajevo including Mostar & Srebrenica | 4 days

We toured Croatia on our own and joined SFT in Dubrovnik where they fetched us. Highly recommend this tour company. From initial interactions with Ema to our reception with Taib and Faris, we received professionalism, warmth, and consistent consideration despite numerous stops. We met Haris, then Adnan and Armina on subsequent days and while the standard of some of the tour venues in Sarajevo may have upgrading potential, the tour guides more than made up. Our accommodation in Mostar at Fortuna and Colors Inn in Sarajevo was also to an international standard. Taib carefully and measuredly answered a variety/levels of questions as the educated historian he is about the past, present and future of Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Serb Republic. Ema even checked on us each morning and evening & arranged birthday treats for one of our party members. Our days were full and educational. Keep up the good work. You’ve made our stay unforgettable. With love from South Africa ❤️✊

July 10, 2018

Kasey M

Solo Traveller

Pleasant Surprise
If you’re planning to come to Bosnia-Herzegovina (I hope you do), contact Funky Tours.

I booked my 3-day trip on a whim. Finding a tour agency was a bit tricky (wanted to see Mostar and a few other sites); however, I came across Funky Tours. The agency was EXTREMELY responsive and friendly. The actual tour guide was great. She did everything in her power to make sure we had a good time and saw what the group wanted to see. Very professional and kind hearted. I even saw my guide on a day on my own. She was happy to answer any questions I had and point me in the right direction.

Thanks very much, Funky Tours. I will be sure to recommend you and your beautiful country to others!

July 7, 2018
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