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Fruit picking in Bosnia

Organic Fruit Picking in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Learn about organic fruit picking in Bosnia & Herzegovina, and discover the world of vast fields of wild blueberries at peaks of Mountain Perun.
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West Bosnia Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities of West Bosnia

Experience perfectly preserved and eco friendly enviroment of West Bosnia and indulge in plethora of amazing outdoor activities with Funky Tours.
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Perfect thing to do while in Stolac – meet the Rizvanbegovic Family

Discover one of the best preserved examples of the authentic Ottoman residential complexes - Begovina, and learn the story of Rizvanbegovic family.
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Almost 500 years old, Jewish Cemetery in Sarajevo is one of the largest Jewish cemeteries in South-East Europe.

Jewish Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Learn about Jewish presence in Bosnia which can be traced back from 1565. and find out why did the local Jews used to call Sarajevo as a "Small Jerusalem".
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must visit places in Herzegovina

THE STRONGEST KNOT MADE BY THE THREE MONOTHEISTIC RELIGIONS: Herzegovina’s rural spots of Islamic mysticism, Catholic and Jewish pilgrimages & Orthodox Monasteries

Discover the region of Herzegovina and its beautiful rural spots of Islamic mysticism, Catholic and Jewish pilgrimages & Orthodox Monasteries.
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Stolac: Makova Hiza as an Ode to the Past, Present and Future

Discover the unique micro-universe of Makova Hiza (Mak's House) and lose yourself in endless verses, photographs and art installations, while, at the same time finding your inner self in a beautiful and unconditional acceptance of the past, present and future.
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10 Reasons Why Stolac Should be Your Next Travel Destination

Discover Stolac, treasure trove of organic food, untouched nature, charming architecture and historical and cultural diversity way beyond Imagination.
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Pandemic Free Trips

Pandemic Free Trips with Funky Tours: Why Travel to Bosnia during the COVID-19

After 5 months of a lockdown, BiH has finally opened its borders. Funky Tours is committed to offering valuable and absolutely pandemic free trips.
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Janjske Otoke(Janj streams)

Janjske Otoke (Janj streams): Piece of Heaven in Vicinity of Jajce

Discover a Hidden Gem and Greenery Kingdom - Janj Streams (Janjske Otoke) only 30 km from the Royal and Medieval Town of Jajce.
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Local woman making home made sheep cheese, Prokosko Lake, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Regional Products of West Bosnia: Forgotten Oasis of Unique Manufacture

Funky Tours brings you the super tasty regional products of West Bosnia, pollution free zone and Mecca for production of organic food.
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