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The mystic’s dream retreat of Herzegovina

Blagaj Dervish House and Buna River Spring
Blagaj Dervish House and Buna River Spring
  • Blagaj is a perfect starting point for exploring Herzegovina! Mostar is only 13 km away, Počitelj the charming Ottoman pearl is only 23 km away, city of Stolac, the crossroad of civilisations, is only 30 km away and Kravice waterfalls only 44 km away. Therefore, Ruba’s charming home is a perfect startpoint and a place for relaxation.
  • Ruba’s accommodation is a piece of heaven, if you are a nature lover, mysticism seeker or a person of meditation. It is also a unique choice for people that travel in smaller groups or families.
  • Ruba’s cooking skills combined with her warm heart will make sure that you never forget the Bosnian cuisine. You can try Bosnian pies with meat, spinach or cheese, sarma, trout fish, fig cake, pomegranate juice and many others. The food is organic and with the combination of Ruba’s devotion and passion is a lifetime experience.
  • The source of river Buna is one of the most abundant sources of Europe. The river is full of trout fish and it’s crystal clear, therefore you will have the most fresh trout you ever ate. History in Blagaj is very diverse and rich

Ruba’s Home as a  peace of Heaven

Ruba’s peace of heaven is made out of two houses, one big yard with fig and pomegranate trees, a cave for barbecue and a pool for kids. Her home is right next to river Buna, so feel free to take a swim in the crystal clear river. 

Ruba’s peace of heaven is made out of two houses, one big yard with fig and pomegranate trees, a cave for barbecue and a pool for kids. Her home is right next to river Buna, so feel free to take a swim in the crystal clear river. 

First house has two bedrooms. First bedroom has 1 double bed and the second one has two double beds and 1 sofa bed. There is as well the kitchen and the toilet, fully equipped. In the house you have even toys for kids and books as well. The second house has a room for zikir (glorification of God) and meditation. This house is more for people that would like to learn about traditional ways of living. Maximum 6 guests can sleep in the second house. It’s fully traditional, except the air conditioner and TV. The tekke in the old house is still active and sufis  from all around the world still come to practice zikir. There is also the possibility to do meditation if someone prefers that. 

Where to stay in Herzegovina
Crystal clear Buna River is an absolute enjoyment for anyone looking for some tranquil moments during the trip through Herzegovina.

Ruba’s family is living in Blagaj from the 18th century and her family has the dervish tradition. Her father is a dervish and he is performing the zikir in the old house with other sufis from Bosnia & Herzegovina. That is probably the mystical mark that Ruba has in her soul combined with her warm heart.

 Trout fish from the Buna river prepared in Ruba’s tiny cave on a barbecue is a jaw dropping experience. You can cool down in the garden pool or take a swim in the Buna river. 

Where to stay in Herzegovina
Enjoy some relaxing moments in the front yard and experience the captivating energy of stunning Buna river.
Where to stay in Herzegovina
In front of the two houses is a beautiful garden with grassland, fig trees, pomegranate trees and Buna river.

Perfect Starting Point for Herzegovina Sightseeing 

Ruba’s home is literally in the middle of everything and it’s the best startpoint for Herzegovina sightseeing. The most visited locations of Herzegovina are a maximum 1 hour driving from her cozy home. The famous “Blagaj Tekke” (“Dervish house”) is only 15 minutes far away by foot. After you visit the “The Blagaj Tekke” you can start the sightseeing of the surrounding area that is the most interesting part of Herzegovina. There is also the medieval castle of Herceg Vukšić Kosača, where you can take a nice hike to catch a beautiful view on Mostar.

Mostar is only 13 km far away and it’s really convenient to visit Mostar from Ruba’s home. If you are with the car it is a 15 minutes drive. If not, then you can catch regular bus lines and Ruba will help you with the bus schedule. 

The charming Medieval town, Ottoman village and, nowadays an art colony, is only 24km from Ruba’s home.
Besides for its fascinating history and amazing sceneries, Pocitelj is known as a place with stunning
and always open local gardens.

The medieval town of Počitelj is just 24 km far away from Ruba’s home and if you like to go alone you can take a taxi. Just 17 km away from Počitelj is an amazing Nature Park “Hutovo Blato”.  As well, a perfect oasis for swimming and sunbathing are Kravice waterfalls, just 44 km far away from Blagaj.

On the way to eastern Herzegovina is Stolac, a charming town with amazing Ottoman architecture. But that is not all, Stolac is the crossroad of the civilisations, therefore you will see the famous “Radimlja stećci” (Eng.  Radimlja tombstones) from the 14. century, Ilirian city of Daorson from 3. century b.c. Istup near Stolac is a perfect option for you if you like nature and canyoning 

Ruba is a professional tour guide and why not to visit these locations with her! She will be your history professor, guide and friend. 

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