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Why Visit Biogradska Gora National Park

The 5 BIG reasons why you should visit Biogradska Gora

You can’t go wrong deciding to visit Biogradska Gora National Park.

Part of it being under the protection of UNESCO, while majority being centennial old forests, green valleys, clear streams, high peaks and numerous glacial lakes, Biogradska Gora National Park offers something for everyone who is in love with nature.

Here we are delighted to list you several most important reasons on why you should visit Biogradska Gora right now.

1. Biogradska Gora is simply a paradise for outdoor activities

Since Bjelasica mountain is of volcanic origin, it does not have too many sharp peaks, but a large number of green, mild and grassy areas, which offer every nature lover ideal conditions for a variety of hiking and trail-running experiences.

If you love hiking of various lengths and difficulty levels, then countless trails on Mount Bjelasica are simply breath-taking. A hike to the peaks of Zekova Glava (2117m) and Crna Glava (2139m), while exploring Pešića Jezero (1838m) and Ursulovačko Jezero (eng. lakes) are unavoidable trails one must experience. Additionally a visit to Biograd Lake (1094m), together with one of the last three remaining virgin forests in Europe is an unmissable adventure.

Zekova Glava peak view (left in the distance) from the Pesica lake

Pešića Lake is one of the 6 beautiful glacial lakes on the mountain Bjelasica and it is located at the foot of the peaks Crna glava and Zekova glava at 1,838 m above sea level. The maximum depth of the lake is 8.5 meters, and with length of 290 meters and a width of 160 meters, rich in water throughout the year, this the second largest lake in the mountain Bjelasica.

The old mountain roads, which cross over high mountain passes, are top adrenaline-fueled SUV experiences. We suggest an SUV panorama experience starting from Kolašin to Biograd lake via Vranjak and Svatovsko Groblje.

Alternatively this trail can be accessed with pure mountain biking experience.

2. At Biogradska Gora it is easy to understand the life of a true Montenegrin highlanders?

Summer pastures, or known by the local people as “katuni”, are an excellent insight into the history of life on the mountain Bjelasica.

Katun was created and is based on the tradition and life of Montenegrin highlanders centuries ago and all the way to the present day. In these places, centuries-old techniques of survival and coexistence with nature have given contours to modern life today.

Today, traditional katuns genuinely farm and produce exclusively organic food that they serve to visitors, who have the opportunity not only to try this food but also to get directly involved in the method of preparation.

Katuni are an excellent window into the past, and offer a great opportunity to easily understand local tradition and culture of Bjelasica Mountain and Biograd National Park.

Located at an altitude of 1800m Katun Vranjak is the starting point of many hiking trails on the Bjelasica mountain. At Katun Vranjak you have the opportunity to taste the life of past times. You can organize great accommodation, try homemade food, ride horses, hear the sound of owls, ride bicycles, chop wood, milk cows, etc., meaning totally distance yourself from the material world of today and go into the past times, somewhat simpler times.

3. Biogradska Gora is year-round destination

Considering that in the wider region of the National Park there is an excellent ski resort in the immediate vicinity of the town of Kolašin, Biogradska Gora thus becomes an excellent year-round destination.

In spring, summer and autumn you can enjoy 54 square kilometers of green pastures, countless hiking trails, glacial lakes, while in winter you can enjoy tens of kilometers of first class skiing or snowboarding fun.

Named after the altitude at which it was built, Kolasin 1600 is one of the most modern ski centers in Montenegro. It opened in 2019.

4. Traditional food at Biogradska Gora is best of the best

Healthy, homemade food is synonymous with the highlands of the Balkans. Therefore, when you are visiting Biogradska Gora National Park or its wider region, it is almost impossible not to get the opportunity to try some of the best local specialties.

Local restaurants, traditional katuns and other types of catering facilities will offer a wide range of local cuisine dishes. Cuisine often based on red meat, locally made cheese, homemade bread, honey, variety of local jams, porridge, and so much more.

We definitely suggest you try some of the following dishes: “kolašinski kačamak” (eng. Kolasin porridge), “cicvara” (eng. corn porridge), “jagnjetina ispod sača” (eng. lamb baked under the bell), “jagnjetina na pari i na varenici” (eng. steamed or milk boiled lamb), jagnje na ražnju (eng. spit roasted lamb), “krompir ispod sača” (eng. potato baked under the bell), “kuhani krompir u kotlu na verigama” (eng. boiled potatoes in a cauldron on chains), “domaći hljeb ispod sača” (eng.homemade bread baked under the bell), “domaća roštiljska kobasica” (eng.​​homemade barbecue sausage), “sir” (eng.cheese), “kajmak” (eng.cheese cream), “kisjelo mlijeko” (eng.sour milk), etc.

Traditional Montenegrin food is often prepared under the bell (loc. ispod saca)

Meat prepared under the sač, homemade bread, variety of vegetables, pie or anything you can imagine, taste the best when baked under the metal bell and fire.

5. Stargazing Experience at Biogradska Gora is simply stunning

Since the mountain Bjelasica and thus Biogradska Gora National Park does not “suffer” from excessive light pollution, this region is an ideal destination for an amazing stargazing adventure.

Overnight in Katun Vranjak with an evening experience of observing the crystal clear sky and countless stars is one of the most beautiful experiences you can have.

Stargazing experiences are becoming very popular thing today. High mountain ranges, traditionally not polluted by the artificial lightning offer some of the best stargazing adventures. Montenegro mountains offer some of the best potential for stargazing.

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